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Try a pinch collar (not a choke collar).  Much more effective, less potentially harmful to the dog’s airway if they’re constantly pulling against it (since it doesn’t constrict all the way around, just at specific points), and not painful (seriously, put it around your own arm and pull on it – it doesn’t hurt).  It’s a correction tool.

Mor than that, though, try either enrolling in a behavior class or (if that’s too expensive) watching some videos online about how to properly correct a dog on-leash and teach a dog to walk loose-leash.  It makes a BIG difference.  Behavior class is better, but videos that teach you what to do can help.

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DiamondnLovey:  How old is she? Learning to walk properly on a lead takes a LOT of practice. If you haven’t taken her to obedience class yet, that’s a good first step. A good instructor can advise you on the best harnesses and training methods for your dog. 

We give our pup lots of treats whenever he walks alongside us with a loose lead. When he pulls, we say “easy,” stop walking, and praise/treat him when he turns around to look at us. It’s a hard thing to teach, but it will improve your dog’s quality of life so much when she is able to go anywhere with you because she’s well-behaved on leash. 

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Use a dual clip lead, on the harness and the collar. Do not use a pinch collar, those are cruel and dangerous. Tighten up on the leash, leaving only enough slack so the dog it at your heel. Practice walking a few steps, turning, then walk, then turn. Walk briskly enough that the dog has to pay attention to you. Also play the “eye contact” game. Say the dogs name, wait for it to look you in the eye then say “YES” and give her/him a treat. When this is learned, you can build almost anything on to it. In terms of walking, it will teach the dog to check in with you. When you turn, you can say his/her name and turn. 

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DiamondnLovey:  i too have a pinch collar for my misbihaving little guy it works well for pulling, barking, running up to ppl on the street. However i second the behavior classes we had a total turn around with my dog after five sessions in a group class totally worth it if you want a well behaved dog.

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This trick has worked on all dogs I’ve tried it on, which is only 5, but still!  It involves you looking like a crazy person, so beware!

Take your dog out on his leash.  Start walking, the second he steps ahead of you, turn around and start walking in the other direction (with a light jerk of the leash).  At first, this will literally mean you can only take one step before you turn around.  He’ll eventually learn that he is to walk beside you/behind you.  The first time, with most of the dogs it on, we did this for about 10-15 minutes before we were doing anything that resembled walking.  After that, we walked and every once in awhile, they would step ahead and *jerk*, I would turn around and head in the other direction.  

One time, it only took the dog about 3 jerks before he learned what to do.  This dog wasn’t mine, and didn’t know me, which might have been why it was so successful.  

For the first couple of walks, the beginning of the walk will be the same, but you’ll have to turn around less and less each time.  One key part of this is you have to make sure you are turning as soon as he gets in front off you, don’t wait until he starts pulling.  

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CHOKE chains are dangerous. PINCH collars are not. More often than not they’re called Martingale collars and only have a small section of choke chain.<br /><br />My lab is a puller and that’s what we use. It works for us. I’d also enroll in a behavioral class for dogs, you’ll learn a lot from them.

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ISIS639:  I use the same method and it is effective. 

Treating while she walks at heel will also show her exactly where you want her to walk.  It does take a while, but if you structure the walk and don’t let her dictate where you go, she’ll pick up loose leash walking quickly.  I also use a 4 foot lead because I find it easier for control.

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I recommend a Halti collar and then plenty of training. You need to do the stop, wait and carry on approach every time she pulls. It can make for a dull sort of stop/start walk but it is effective. Never use a choke collar. They aren’t kind and rarely seem to be effective either!


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I would recommend the easy walk harness that will pull her around when she pulls. I’d also recommend an obedience class.

For the record, a prong/pinch collar, a choke collar and a martingale are 3 separate things. I would only recommend a martingale personally, as they are adjusted so they cannot injure the dog.


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I completely second ISIS639. I haven’t tried it myself, but I watched a show on dog training a while back that broke down the psychology behind the behavior. The dog pulls because he wants to lead, similar to the alpha in a pack. By turning around every time he pulls, you drive home the message that he is not the leader while making him realize that pulling is not how he gets to where he wants to go. It also firmly establishes you as the pack leader, and that’s critical in having a well-mannered dog. Dogs thrive on pack structure and relax once they know their place in the pecking order. As long as they feel confident that you are the alpha and have established your position as the leader, the dog is happy to relax, follow you, and feel safe ^_^

Oh, and I’ve worked with captive gray wolves, if that helps lend any credibility to my advice. I find them so fascinating!

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I would also recommend the Easy Walk Harness.  I started my dog on that and now we are down to a martingale collar.  THe Easy Walk Harness was a complete 180 the first time I put it on her.  

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