(Closed) January 2013 Babies: Part 2!

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@mrsSonthebeach: Thanks for starting a second thread! In regards to your survey, I’m so excited for you and all of the other early January due dates out there! It’s getting so close!

I feel you on the living off of Tums thing. My heartburn has been terrible lately as well. That’s pretty normal for this stage though, I guess.

Finally, I love the name you’ve selected for if it’s a girl. Virginia is a lovely name and the meaning behind it is beautiful.

Anyway, I’ll go ahead and repost my survey answers (with some questions updated now) from the last thread and add in that extra question. πŸ™‚

Estimated Due Date?: January 26th, 2013.

How far along?: 32 weeks, 1 day.

Next Appointment?: On December 5th. 

Team?:  Pink!

How are you feeling?: I’m feeling alright. I’m definitely starting to get a bit more uncomfortable and have been having trouble finding a good position to sleep in at night. However, I’m so excited for the baby that I’m not really letting it bother me too much. Plus, my husband has been great about giving me back massages and that helps make me feel much better. πŸ™‚

Is the third trimester what you expected?: For the most part! I had always heard that things start to get more uncomfortable at this stage and that is definitely the case so far. I feel like my belly has expanded a lot more in the past few weeks than it had previously which was a little surprising to me.

What are you researching?: I’ve been doing more research into natural childbirth and different techniques that I can use when I try for that. I’ve also been researching the doula program that is offered at my hospital.

What do you have left to buy?: We still need: a pack n’ play, a second car seat, baby safe bath stuff, and a breast pump. We still want: a boppy (well, I still want this), more receiving blankets/sleeping gowns for the baby (I hear that you can never have enough of these), and a baby carrier.

Do you have a name picked out: Yes! We decided on Jennifer LuAnn (after our mothers).

looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore: Being able to find a comfy sleeping position, no more back/hip pain, and (most important of all) finally being able to meet our baby girl! πŸ™‚

Is your hospital bag packed?  Nope. I imagine I’ll get started on that towards the end of December/early January.

Have you had your baby shower?: Yep! It was wonderful! πŸ™‚

How is your pregnancy affecting holiday/New Year’s Plans? The pregnancy isn’t really affecting our plans as of yet since I’m due towards the end of January. Since I won’t be considered full term until January 5th, we figure it’s okay to do some traveling for the holidays. However, our close family members are all within an hour or so of where we live now (and our hospital) so the distance isn’t bad or anything. Now, if there are signs of early labor or any issues like that, we will definitely reconsider traveling. Right now though, everything is on board for a normal holiday season!

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I’m also reposting my answers for the survey from the other post…

Estimated Due Date?: January 4th, 2013.

How far along?: 35 weeks and 3 days – I hit 35 and 35 on Friday!

Next Appointment?: December 4th

Team?:  Green!

How are you feeling?: Tired.  So very, very tired.  I know it’s nothing compared to how I’ll feel when the little one arrives, but I honestly can’t remember the last time that I slept more than three hours straight per night.  Also, my feet are always hurting – even first thing in the morning.  Other than that, I really can’t complain. 

Is the third trimester what you expected?:  Nope.  I always thought that I’d be huge, and thus be super unconformtable, and while I do have some discomfort, it’s in no way unbearable. 

What are you researching?: Breastfeeding and pediatricians

What do you have left to buy?:  A glider for the nursery

Do you have a name picked out: One each, but we’re not finalizing our choice until we meet the baby. 

looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore: Not having to pee every time I take a sip of water.  It’s really hard as a teacher, since I can’t just run to the washroom every time that I have to go.  I’ve had to enlist the help of another teacher friend who works in Resource to come and spot me off so I can run to the washroom during class!

Is your hospital bag packed?  No, but I did just buy some toiletries for it this morning. 

Have you had your baby shower?: Yes, and it was a lovely day, but also overwhelming. 

How is your pregnancy affecting holiday/New Year’s Plans?  For Christmas, our plans are not really being affected (unless Baby decides to come early, which I’m dearly hoping they don’t!).  We had already planned on having both sides of the family at our place on Christmas starting this year, so we don’t have to choose sides and split up Christmas like every other year.  DH is going to help me with the dinner, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem. New Year’s is another story.  DH and I usually have a party on New Year’s Eve, but considering our due date is four days later, we decided it might not be wise this year.  We might still have a low key games night if I’m feeling up to it with some of our closest friends, since New Year’s Eve is a big night for us – it’s the night we first met!

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hey ladies! how was everyones weekend? i went out and got a few odds and ends for my hospital bag this weekend… i figured id get started on collecting stuff so i can get that packed in the next few weeks πŸ™‚ what are you putting in your hospital bag??


so far i have

-mini shampoo/ conditioner/ toothepaste/ deodorant/ etc for personal hygiene

-2 nursing gowns and a cute robe (from etsy) to change into after the baby is born

-slippers with grippys on the bottom

-going home outfit for me (stretchy black pants/ comfy top/ ugg boots)

– going home outfit for baby (carters layette set)

-snacks (granola bars, fruit cups, etc) – just in case πŸ™‚

– charged camera and charger/ cell phone charger

i also plan on packing my hospital paperwork/ birth plan, my kindle, my granny panties, a nursing bra, change of clothes for the hubby, blow dryer, straightener, and a small makeup case… i know… but i wanna feel pretty πŸ™‚


what else?!


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@mrsSonthebeach: Yeah. It’s definitely pretty tough to get comfy these days. But we don’t have too much longer to go!

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@stephanie63087: I had a great weekend! On Saturday, my husband and my family all went to a luminary walk that is held in my hometown every year together and ended up having a really nice time. It’s a tradition for my family and my husband to go now and it was neat imagining bringing our little girl to the event next year. πŸ™‚ We had a lazy day on Sunday and pretty much stayed in most of the day (which is always nice).

I haven’t started a hospital bag yet but it looks like you have a good amount of things in there for sure! Luckily, my hospital is only about ten minutes away from where we live so if we end up forgetting anything, I’m sure I can send my husband (or some other family member) to go after it for me. πŸ™‚

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35 weeks today! 5 more to go and I’m pretty sure he is head down as I usually feel hiccups really really low. I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday so hopefully they will confirm! I also have to be swabbed for strep b which I’m not really looking foward to lol. I can’t believe its sneaking up on me already!

@stephanie63087:  I thnk you covered almost everything! I really need to get a hospital bag packed too.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  We did Thanksgiving at his parents house knowing that we probably wouldn’t make it down for xmas. They are only an hour and half away but I know I’m not going to want to sit in the car and risk being over an hour from our hosptial. Luckily my parents are only 15 minutes from our house so we will spend christmas with them πŸ™‚ We have absolutely no plans for New Years and I’m ok with that. I will be 39 weeks and exactly 1 week from my due date. I’m sure I’ll have no desire to do much of anything…I doubt I’ll even make it to midnight! i’ve been so so tired lately. More tired than any other point in pregnancy. I could sleep for hours and hours.

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  1. Estimated Due Date? 
    January 7th
  2. How far along? — 35 weeks 1 day
  3. Next appointment?  — December 6th
  4. Team?   Pink
  5. How are you feeling?  Lots of reflux, Hip pain and trouble sleeping
  6. Is the third trimester what you expected? Pretty much. reflux worse than I thought
  7. What are you researching?  Breastfeeding, C-Sections and Daycare
  8. What do you have left to buy? Carseat, baby carrier, diapers, more clothes
  9. Do you have a name picked out? yes
  10. What are you looking forward to about not being pregnant?
    sleeping on my tummy.
  11. Is your hospital bag packed? 
  12. Have you had your baby shower?  one of them, one more on Sunday.

I’m going to add one more: How is your pregnancy affecting holiday/New Year’s Plans?  Yes. it’s made them a mess. It was my family’s turn for Christmas in WV, we had to do Thanksgiving there instead.  New Year’s is shot as I’m scheduled for a New’s Year’s Eve C-section unless this baby flips. My husband’s 40th is January 1st so he’s a bit bummed, so no big to do can be scheduled, but he’s really exicted about the baby.

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@mrsSonthebeach:  I thought the same thing! I told my husband they are on our timeline lol. They got married a few months after us and pregnant a few months after us (well more than a few but who is counting haha). I’ll be curious to see what they are having and the name they pick! so exciting!

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Hey ladies!! I promise I’ll come back to read everyone’s updates. On my phone right now, but wanted to pop in n say hi! I had my bi-weekly apt. today. I am still measuring bigger than I should be. Finally got the courage to ask how much bigger n my midwife told me about 3-4 wks bigger. I haven’t been a saint on the diet front but I haven’t gained a lot each apt, I’m gaining at a normal rate, passed my glucose tests earlier on, and don’t have extra fluid, so baby just seems to keep getting bigger n not slowing down I guess. I have to get blood drawn to check my sugar again. And my midwife said most likely she will schedule me for another growth ultrasound at 36 wks, which means we get to see our baby boy for Christmas :). I’m not too nervous about him being a big baby, just praying they will still let me try for a water birth cuz if he iestimated to be too big I won’t be able to deliver in the water. But just praying he is healthy, that’s what matters most. I also had my maternity tour yesterday, which went fantastic. Really does make it a bit more real!!! Handed in my preregistration papers as well. I still feel like I may go early but we shall see. 7 more wks left til my edd!! πŸ™‚

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@kayakgirl73: I also hope your baby flips! I’ve heard stories of Moms going in for their c-sections and getting an ultrasound beforehand and finding out their baby flippped literally the day of so it’s totally possible! Either way, best of luck to you!

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@mrsSonthebeach: I’m kind of excited about that too! It’s pretty neat!

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@MamaHusky3: I hope you can get the water birth that you want. And I hope all of your upcoming tests come back well for you too. Either way, if your baby is early, you get to see him that much sooner. I’m starting to get impatient and (for some odd reason) have a funny feeling my baby might end up being late. But we’ll see! πŸ™‚

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i am with you all on the uncomfortableness/sleeping positions/etc front…and the heartburn! ugh. i’ve been on prevacid this whole pregnancy but lately it just doesnt seem to be working anymore…i keep a bottle of tums in my car! lol

@Erika_Meep:  glad u had a great weekend…i’m hoping this roadtrip weekend will be somewhat relaxing for me and DH as well! we’ll see tho lol  it definitely is kind of nerve-wrecking/wierd/crazy to think LO could come this month! really its a possibility for all of us, anything is possible! πŸ™‚

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@kayakgirl73:  hope ur baby flips! there’s still time yet, crossing my fingers for u….sry bout ur DH being a bit bummed about his birthday, but maybe you can surprise him with a late 40th bday party later in the year!? 

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@mrsSonthebeach:  is she due in Jan? did not know that….i’m a slacker when it comes to keeping uptodate with the outside world lol 

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@stephanie63087:  i compiled a list from multiple sources for my hospital bag – though i might not end up putting all of it in there…lol  here’s the list:

General Stuff

  • Insurance card, ID, any consent forms previously given  
  • Laptop loaded with relaxing music and perhaps a DVD or two 
  • Camera 
  • Video Camera 
  • Cell phone & charger 
  • Snacks
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, paste, hairbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, body and face lotion, deodorant, mini loofah)
  • Nice comfy towel (if you prefer your own vs hospital towels)
  • Junky undergarments  
  • Snacks 
  • chapstick
  • Pediatrician info 
  • folder for new paperwork
  • Pen and paper (if you are in the early stages, you are a list maker, journal writing, or well anyways, just in case) 
  • extra bag for extra things you’ll get (gifts from visitors, stuff from hospital, etc)

For Labor

  • Warm socks
  • Loose underwear (hospital may give you underwear, ask for extras to take home) 
  • Hair band or tie
  • Pillow (From home with not so good pillow case, not white so it doesnt get mistaken for hospital pillow) 
  • talismans (picture of someone or something you love, anything you find reassuring)

For your partner

  • Change of clothes (especially if they plan on staying the night)
  • Pillow/blanket 
  • mints/gum/mouthwash – other toiletries, etc
  • snacks

For after delivery

  • nightgown (with openings in front if you plan on breastfeeding)
  • Spare nightgowns you don’t mind ruining (in case you leak) 
  • Nursing bra (if planning to breastfeed) 
  • Nursing pads (even if you plan to bottle feed as you may still leak) 
  • A going home outfit for mom 
  • Nursing-appropriate PJ / tank
  • Lanolin cream (if you plan on breastfeeding) 
  • Bathrobe (for the trips to the nursery) 
  • Baby Book (for all the vitals and getting the feet and hands stamped…or plain notebook may work and then transfer to baby book later)
  • Boppy nursing pillow 
  • Dermoplast/Proctofoam: for numbing your sensitive parts 

For Baby

  • Going home outfit for baby (several in different sizes in case one doesnt fit)
  • hat/cap (babies lose so much heat thru their heads) 
  • receiving blanket 
  • sock/booties 
  • CAR SEAT!!!!!!!  
  • Towels (again, if you don’t want to use hospital towels)

if anything is repeated, i apologize… i’m hoping to start putting everything together after our roadtrip this weekend…it seems like a lot but i’m a over-packer in general lol i’d rather have more than enough than not have something when i want it…. πŸ™‚

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