(Closed) January 2014 Babies – Part 7

posted 7 years ago in Pregnancy
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    To all Jan mamas who are not first time moms, if you breastfed/pumped, did you buy a pump, or did you rent a hospital grade pump?

    To all you first time mamas, will you be buying a pump (or having your insurance pay for one) or will you be renting a hospital grade pump?  I’veread that the hospital grade pumps are so much more better and efficient than any of the ones you could just buy in thes stores, and I’m trying to determine if it’s better to rent from a hospital, or just purchase one of those double electric pumps. My insurance doesn’t cover pumps, by the way, because they grandfathered me in to a previous plan pre-Obama care when pumps weren’t covered.

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    @MrsEagleEye:  My Darling Husband is 6ft 5. He’s admitted he’ll never use any strollers we buy. If anything, I’ll just get him one of those bicycle kid carrier attachments & have him pull it when he goes for a jog. I think he’d like that!

    @lroetheli:  I finally got everything out this morning; it was frightening. I had 3 doses of metamucil & a dozen prunes last night to relieve myself. If it hadn’t come out I was heading to get heavy duty laxitives – my belly was distended like if I was 4-5 months pregnant! I think it’s funny that our husbands can be so over-protective: We’re pregnant, not disabled!

    @keepsmiling19:  LOL! That’s a totally legitimate thing to cry over. It’s a lot of emotion going on! I’ve been crying at ridiculous things like The American Baking Competition!

    @MrsClem27:  I’ve been thinking a lot about breast pumps since I plan to breast feed exclusively. I don’t think I’ll be pumping early on unless there’s some disaster (sick baby or mama) so I’m going to talk to my midwives & see if there’s an option to borrow one short term if these circumstances arise.

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    Sorry I’ve not been posting this weekend. Trying to catch up but I’m too tired Zzzzz…

    Hope you all had a great weekend!

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    @MrsClem27:  I know NOTHING about pumps! At all! That’s one more thing to add to my “mmmmmmmaybe you should learn something about this part” list.

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    This thread moves so fast! i was so ill this weekend :/ and we had more lovely family drama *sigh* it never ends!

    In regards to mamas considering capsules vs convertible seats, for us a convertible seat was much better. Our daughter was born at 56cm long so a capsule definitely would not of lasted very long, she’s still using her convertible car seat at almost 21 months :). So if you have a tall DP i would suggest that maybe you skip a capsule, I’m 169cm and my dp is very tall so i like to think we both contributed to her height lol.

    I bf’d for 4 months until i couldn’t bf anymore due to lack of supply issues (i tried everything :(), I bought a hand pump and that was seriously so tiring it wasn’t funny so i bought an electric one which helped immensely :).

    It’s definitely safe to dye your hair while pregnant, the only problem you’ll have is that you might feel nauseous from the fumes (speaking from experience lol!).

    I forgot to say! at 9 weeks 6 days i found baby’s heartbeat on my hi bebe doppler that i hired for reasurrance :), i listen to yoshi’s heartbeat twice a week (normally the beginning and the end of the week) hearing that lovely sound really makes me feel so calm and relaxed <3. I also have my nuchal scan next week! wish me luck 😀

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    How far along are you? What’s your EDD?

    13 weeks and 3 days; EDD = January 7, 2014

    Do you have names picked? If so, would you care to share them?

    Not yet but appreciate all suggestions!  

    What gender do you think you’re having? Will you find out? 

    I have pimples galore so predictions point to boy but who knows; Absolutely.

    Will you be revealing your gender to family and friends? And, if so, how?

    Yes. No special reveal. 

    What have you purchased so far? 

    Nothing yet.  Does borrowing anti-nausea seabands from my sister-in-law count? 

    Where are you/will you register?

    Don’t know yet.  Babies R Us maybe?  

    What are you researching right now?

    Was researching nuchal translucency stuff; before that, why I have backwards symptoms (getting more nauseous at the *end* of the first trimester)!  

    What are you loving about your pregnancy?

    That there is hopefully a beautiful baby on its way!

    What are you NOT loving about your pregnancy?

    Getting tired easily, feeling like a teenager again (pimples, pudge, achy breasts)… 

    Any worries – irrational or not?

    Tons and mostly irrational…

    Do you have a birth plan figured out yet? If so, what is it?


    How has your DH/DW/Partner been handling your pregnancy so far?

    He thinks that he’s pregnant too!  

    (Pregnant Me:  I feel nauseous; Nonpregnant Darling Husband: Me too

     Pregnant Me:  Look at all these pimples; Nonpregnant Darling Husband: I have pimples too)

    How, where, and when did you meet your DH/DW/Partner?

    At a post-college party, we’ve been together for a loooong time. 

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    @MrsRugbee:  I figured I’d try to pump a bit early on just so that there’s some milk around if I don’t feel like getting up to breast feed one night or something, my husband can take over. I’ve read so many times that bfing can be very difficult and that some babies never end up latching or they prefer the bottle s oI’m sure hoping that we are successful at it. 

    @glimmeringone:  :). It feels like there are soooo many things we need to research. 

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    @MrsClem27:  one of my good friends just bought a new double pump last January when she had her daughter, so she said I could borrow hers so I didn’t have to buy one.  I plan on just getting new tubing from the hospital and using hers.  I should call our insurance though because if they cover one, and it’s actually a good one, might as well go brand new if it’s free!

    I think we’re going to FB announce today!  FINALLY!  I don’t have a cute picture or announcement planned like I wanted, so I’ll likely just update my status to something like “Kevin and I decided to upgrade the Jeep to a family car because WE’RE HAVING A BABY!  Baby L is due Jan 2014”. 

    Darling Husband has a Jeep Wrangler, and he LOVES it, however, I’ve been saying before we even got pregnant, that it’s not practical for loading in a car seat.  I’m thinking a work friend must have told him the same thing because now he wants something different, but he’ll never admit that to me.  He’ll let me keep thinking he decided this on his own! lol  The plan was to keep his jeep and my trailblazer for now, but Darling Husband just sold a project truck he completed last week, so now he has a bug to get rid of both of our vehicles and get something different, so…..the Jeep is being traded in on an 09 Pontiac G8 GT tonight!  I wanted a new Ford Fusion, but Darling Husband has a thing against new cars for some reason.  He’s been saying that he wants something practical with 4drs so we can go to the city and not pay so much in gas and get the baby in and out of easier.  Our current vehicles only average 16mph on the highway, and the new car should average 25mph, BIG improvement!

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    @MrsRugbee:  At one point, I was laughing because I was crying so hard. It was the oddest thing! It hasn’t happened since, but it was so crazy.

    @lroetheli:  We’ll go without talking about the baby, but sometimes he’ll ask me to do something that I can’t do right now. Yesterday, it was asking me to help him move some piece of furniture. I told him I couldn’t, and then it clicked. Whoops! 🙂 Also, congratulations on the FB announcement!! I saw that a friend of a friend posted their announcement today, and they’re due January 2014. Things just became a bit more real, seeing one of those!! I think Darling Husband and I are going to post next week. We have our Mizzou onesie picked out. I think we are going to lay out a MU shirt of his, mine, and the baby’s onesie in between. I’m trying to think of some cute phrase…maybe something like, “Our New Year’s Resolution is to expand our family! Ringing in January 2014 with Baby K!”.


    I must say…I am so jealous of all of you, posting your dog pics! I grew up with dogs and LOVE them. DH’s family doesn’t like dogs. I’ve heard his dad (who, 99% of the time, is positive, happy, upbeat) actually cuss one out (which did not sit well with me). Anyway, Darling Husband has come around a bit more. We were going to get a dog as soon as we moved into the new house and had our fence put up. However, with the baby coming and everything else going on, I suggested that we could wait until the start of next summer. I’m kind of wishing I wouldn’t have suggested that, but with the new house, new job, and new baby…it’s probably best not to add puppy training to that list :-).

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    After stalking this thread since I got my BFP back in May, I’m very happy to finally join this group! I was hesitant to join earlier because of my previous miscarriages. Today at 10 weeks 2 days I had an ultrasound and saw a very active looking baby. I feel so relieved that I’ve reached this milestone!

    How far along are you? What’s your EDD?  10+2. Jan 26, 2014

    Do you have names picked? If so, would you care to share them?  We haven’t really talked about names yet.

    What gender do you think you’re having? Will you find out?  Right now I think it’s a boy but I keep changing my mind. I would be very happy with a girl too though!

    Will you be revealing your gender to family and friends? And, if so, how?  We will find out the gender for sure and let everyone know. I’m not sure how we’ll announce it yet.

    What have you purchased so far?   I’ve been buying baby things ever since we started TTC but mostly small stuff like onesies and shoes (I’m obsessed with baby shoes!). We probably won’t buy any of the bigger items until the fall.

    Where are you/will you register?  I think we’ll register at Babies R Us and maybe Sears because it’s close to where we live.

    What are you researching right now?  I’ve just been keeping up with the weekly updates for the pregnancy online, seeing how big the baby is each week, etc.

    What are you loving about your pregnancy?  Knowing that there’s a little baby growing inside of me is an amazing feeling. I can’t wait to be a mom and Darling Husband is so eager and ready  to be a father.

    What are you NOT loving about your pregnancy?  Feeling exhausted all the time.

    Any worries – irrational or not?  After having three miscarriages before this pregnancy, I’ve certainly had my share of worries. I have to keep reminding myself that every pregnancy is different and there’s no reason why this one can’t be successful.

    Do you have a birth plan figured out yet? If so, what is it?   Not really. Before our losses Darling Husband and I had decided to use a midwife but now that I’ve had previous complications I feel more comfortable with my Ob/gyn.

    How has your DH/DW/Partner been handling your pregnancy so far?  He’s really excited to be a dad. He can’t wait to announce the pregnancy to family and friends.

    How, where, and when did you meet your DH/DW/Partner?  We met in 2010 on a dating website. The funny thing is, after going on a few dates we discovered that we lived around the corner from each other.


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    @keepsmiling19:  I know what you mean!  we have hardwood floors and big heavy reclining couches.  Dog hair settles under them so bad, but I don’t feel comfortable sliding them across the floor by myself, so that doesn’t get done unless he’s home. If he is there, he’ll see me just vacuum around them, then finally figure it out and come move them for me.  I also have a huge tote of clothes to take the resale shop and last week he wanted me to help carry it out of the middle of the room, but yesterday, he wouldn’t let me help load it in the car.  He always wakes me up in the mornings when he’s leaving for work, and this morning he whispered to my belly “alien baby, be nice to your mama today,” then gave it a kiss.  I teared up after he walked out of the room because he’s never done that before!!  Even thinking about announcing on FB makes it feel more real!  A friend of mine just had her baby in May (almost 2 weeks overdue, yikes!!), but her and husband both went to Mizzou also and used tshirts and a onesie to announce.  They hung them all on the clothes line and captioned something like “Mizzou is getting another fan, coming April 2013.”  it was so cute!!  can’t wait to see/hear what you decide!

    we already have 2 dogs, but Darling Husband and I want to add another Pit bull rescue to our mix.  We know we don’t want a puppy because those get rescued so much faster.  Tucker was 1 when we got him, but even still a 3rd dog is not the smartest decision for us since we don’t have a fence right now.  The dogs know their boundaries, but still, we have to go outside with them every time, even in the rain and snow!

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    @As_You_Wish:  aww yay!  I’m so happy to see you’ve decided to join us!!  I’ve been waiting to see if you would, and I understand your hesitation, but I’m glad you feel more comfortable after your awesome appointment today! 

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    @MrsClem27:  I’d be very careful with that strategy for a number of reasons. First, those nighttime feeds are critical to maintaining good supply. If you skip them, you could find yourself in an uphill battle to produce enough milk. Second, bottle feeding can lead to nipple confusion, which is where the baby refuses to latch to the breast, further affecting supply.  Bottle nipples are also easier to suck from so it allows for the mouth muscles to atrophy, making the baby tire at the breast. Eventually they’ll grow to favour the bottle. You might end up in a vicious cycle of bottle feeding.

    @keepsmiling19:  I feel you, Darling Husband & his whole family is allergic & aren’t really pet people anyway. I love pets but if we got an animal we’d be out 2+ babysitters

    @As_You_Wish:  Yay! I’m so glad you’re finally here. I had been thinking about you for a couple of weeks but didn’t want to peer pressure :D!!!

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    @lroetheli:  That’s nice you won’t have to buy a pump. Whohoo! Exciting!

    You guys are going to save a lot on gas, that’s for sure.

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