January 2019 POAS

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Your age/partner’s age: 30/33

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: cd17

Ovulation Date: today. +opk yesterday

POAS Date: I’ll probably start testing from 10 dpo, so the 20th

Usual Cycle Length: anywhere between 29 and 33 days, this month is a short one 

Cycles Trying: umm, 10? Had a break of a few months due to things coming up this year

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): more or less smep, bbt charting, opks, pregnacare, coq10 and fish oil daily for me and the hubby

Trying anything new this month? The switch to pregnacare and getting him on the supplement bandwagon finally

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What are you most looking forward to in 2019?  Norwegian fjord cruise in June!

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pinkgold2018 :  I’d probably go with the first one even though you were mouth breathing. I find when I re-temp, I notice that my body warms up quite a bit.

tommywantwingy :  it is strange that they are so low, but I’d still guess you O’ed based on your temps.

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The clear blue ovulation monitor is so confusing for me. It’s shown a “high” result the last 5 days and never a peak. I read online that it will show “high” until there’s a peak, which imo is silly. I’m thinking I should just stop testing it this month?

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I can’t believe it…I’m on CD 40 and I’ve taken a few tests and they’ve been negative so I thought I was out. I took one this morning because I have no self control and there was not one but TWO lines on the test.

My husband is in California, so I sent him these two pics and called him about 100 times until he answered (its 4am there). I am so happy, excited, and nervous all at once. Calling my doctor to confirm it today!!

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Long time lurker here…thought I might as well join, I love seeing all the BFPs…huuuuuge congrats!


Your age/partner’s age: 30/30 

Baby #: 1

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD22 

Ovulation Date: 6th according to Glow but should’ve been 8th. Got high reading on OPK on 5th?

POAS Date: maybe around 19th

Usual Cycle Length: anything from 28-36, last two have been 28/29 after long haul travel

Cycles Trying: 5

BFP Plan (BD timing, charting, prenatals, supplements, etc.): BD timing, OPKs, Glow app instead of Flo

Trying anything new this month? First cycle using OPKs…I’ve prbs done it all wrong though!

Link to your chart if charting: 

For fun: What are you most looking forward to in 2019? Not planning a wedding! 

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Congrats to all those with new BFP! So great!! I’m officially out, AF here with a vengeance. Looks like my tests easily give Evap lines 🙁 or I easily see things!! Not testing till I’m late for next cycle. Goodluck everyone!! 

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onion2803 :  lol not planning a wedding. I couldn’t agree more – what a relief! Welcome 🙂


noleita :  Congratulations!!!!

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I seem to be O’ing early the past two months (even earlier this cycle than last) I got a postive OPK this morning on CD 10 which means O will probably happen on CD 11 (unless this was a false surge) How short is too short for the follicular phase? I know anything below 10 days for LP phase it too short and mine has been 12 days so I think I’m good there. But I’m not sure about the follicular phase. 


Congrats to all the BFP the last few days! 

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Thank you so much everyone <3

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noleita :  congrats!!!!!!!!!


5DPO here and already itching to POAS, even though I know it’s impossible! Trying to make it to 9DPO, since that was my first positive with #1, but I need to be realistic, I’ll obviously start testing 7DPO 😂

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