January 2020 Babies!

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stillnothing :  Super exciting! We’re going to take them both to dinner together and give them their Mothers Day gifts which will be these cute onesies that say “The best parents get promoted to grandparents”. Can’t wait for their reactions!

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stillnothing :  Thank-you! I have always found it complicated πŸ™‚ 4 weeks…wow

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Kristen89 :  OMG they’re going to be so excited!!! 

swissbride :  I know it seems so silly to count weeks that you’re not actually pregnant. It is so confusing. Super exciting either way!! πŸ˜€ 

I downloaded the app What to Expect When You’re Expecting and it is very informative and gives you weekly updates of how big your baby is and the changes your body if going through. 

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Hi Guys! I have not been active on Weddingbee in a couple years (since ttc my first in 2017), but this weekend I just found out we are expecting #2! It was a huge surprise and I am in shock but getting excited. The facebook mom’s group I joined when I was pregnant with my first turned out to be the best thing ever — sooooo essential and supportive in the early days and even still we are all very active and close. I would love to join the June 2020 group!

congrats to all!! Here is my roll-call

How old are you and DH? 32 & 37

How far along are you? I think about 5 weeks?

Estimated Due Date? Jan 4, 2020

What baby # is this? #2

How many cycles trying? We were not trying although we had not been as careful as we normally are. We were planning to start trying later this summer.

When did you get your BFP? yesterday. I randomly realized I was 2 days late for AF so I tested mostly just for fun…sure enough. Shock of a lifetime!

Who have you told? just my husband and our daughter but she is 2 and doesnt get it

When do you plan to tell other people? probably start telling those closest to us after the first ultrasound….i think thats usually around 8 weeks. Will wait to tell everyone else after 12 weeks.

How did you tell your partner? came out of the bathroom ghost white and was like “come here”. LOL. Always imagined I’d put Dear Daughter in a big sis shirt or some other cute way but I was in such disbelief I couldn’t even think

Any symptoms? nope. Had no idea

What are you most excited about? to be honest….getting to that 1st birthday!! The first year is brutal in my opinion…toddlerhood is when the REAL fun begins.

When is your first appointment? I haven’t even called yet

When are you planning on finding out the sex? Last time the ultrasound tech guessed (accuratley) at our NT scan around 12 weeks. Hoping for the same!






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Kristen89 :  We’re definitely not waiting that long! I called my parents the morning I got my BFP. We’re going to tell DH’s family next weekend when we see them all together, and we’re going to tell our close friends the week after that! There’s no way we’d be able to hide this for longer than that πŸ˜€ 

swissbride :  So glad to see you here! πŸ˜€

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Roll Call!

How old are you and DH? 34/29

How far along are you? 4weeks 5 days i guess

Estimated Due Date? Jan 9

What baby # is this? 2

How many cycles trying? 3

When did you get your BFP? a week ago

Who have you told? I told my 2 yr old daughter first, and then my husband.  (I didn’t think my daughter would understand, but her response was to hug me and say “Awww I love baby” so maybe she did.  Either way, totally melted.)

When do you plan to tell other people? I dunno.  My SIL just had her baby shower this week and I figured I would let her have her moment for a while.  (Although 2 other people announced pregnancies at her baby shower, so who knows…) Plus I have miscarried before, so I would really like to see a heartbeat before I get everyone excited.  I guess I will see what feels right.

How did you tell your partner? I told him in the drive thru line at Panera.  I’m clearly not good at these things, and cute surprises feel like they might jinx it to me.

Any symptoms? sore breasts and being tired all the time

What are you most excited about? We really want our daughter to have a sibling.  I think she would be a great sister.  Also, we plan to stop after 2, so it will be great being able to make future plans not having to wonder when I will be pregnant or not.

When is your first appointment? I went in once already, but the real appointment will be May 28.

When are you planning on finding out the sex? Yes, I want to know! Asap! (My doctor told me last time I wasn’t allowed to get NIPT until I was 35, but then I got it anyway because my daughter screened positive for down syndrome, which she did not end up having.  I am only 34.5 right now but I am going to beg.  If I am willing to pay for it, they should say yes, right?)

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Washingtonian :  I’ve told 4 friends too already! And my parents and a co-worker. It’s hard to keep it in! When I had my early loss the first time, I ended up talking about it to all of my friends, even the ones that didn’t know I was pregnant. I liked having the support from them, to be honest. It was easier for me to just be open about it. We’re actually going to wait a bit longer to tell most of our friends, but that’s only because they’re all coming over for a BBQ at the end of the month and it’ll be fun to tell them in person πŸ˜€ I’ll still only be 7w, though!

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