(Closed) January POAS Part I ~ New year, new pee sticks!

posted 6 years ago in TTC
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    I’m in, on my iPhone so I will do my role call tomorrow! 

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    i’m in!

    Current Cycle Day: CD6

    Ovulation Date: Between December 22-24

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: January 10

    Cycles trying: This is our 2nd! 

    BD timing: It will be hard to do around the Holiday since we’ll be at my DH’s families house for 5 days, but hopefully at least every other day from December 20-27

    Favorite Moment from 2012: Our one year anniversary trip to Sedona, Arizona! So romantic.

    Resolutions for POAS:  To not get crazy about it! 

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    Yay! January will be my first POAS! πŸ˜€

    Current Cycle Day: CD11

    Ovulation Date: Between December 27-31

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Mid Jan, cycle is usually 32-36 days.

    Cycles trying: First!

    BD timing: Will be on honeymoon on Wednesday which will slightly overlap into my fertile window. So BD everyday until I O!

    Link to Chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3b4907/

    Favorite Moment from 2012: June 30th, 2012, my wedding! πŸ™‚

    Resolutions for POAS: That I will stick to dollar store sticks and only use my expensive ones to confirm!

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    Current Cycle Day: CD38

    Ovulation Date:  I originally thought it was CD17 but now I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be tomorrow or the next day….been getting positive OPKs for the last two days πŸ™‚

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: I have only been off BCP for a few months. First cycle was 33 days, the next was 46 days. When I thought I O’d on CD17, I went a little crazy with the pee sticks lol…this time I’m viewing it as a second chance this cycle and I really want to wait till the new year to POAS. Hoping to just enjoy the holidays without worrying about it! 

    Cycles trying: One!

    BD timing: Every other day

    Favorite Moment from 2012:  Definitely my wedding!

    Resolutions for POAS: I will NOT POAS until the new year!


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    @glittermoon:  Thanks for creating a January board! πŸ™‚ 

    Current Cycle Day: CD6

    Ovulation Date: Between December 25-28th

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Going to try SO hard to wait it out until the actual day I am supposed to get AF, my last 2 cycles have been 27 days, so that would put me at January 7 for POAS date. 

    Cycles trying: 2nd actively trying, but I am calling it 3 because I was trying the first..even though Darling Husband was a little unaware lol πŸ˜›

    BD timing: We are going to try the “Sperm Meets Egg Plan” thing this month and try to do at least EOD starting CD 8 and 3 days in a row once I get positive OPK, skip a day, and do one more.  We will probably BD every day of fertile CM though, but last month I don’t even think I had EWCM. Booooo. 

    Link to Chart:   http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/cowgirlace

    Favorite Moment from 2012: Marrying the man of my dreams πŸ™‚

    Resolutions for POAS: I am going to try to expect AF instead of a BFP to try to counteract the disappointment (ha…wishful thinking).  I am also going to try to be more relaxed about everything and not analyze every single thing my body does and freak out about it. Ohhhh, and not POAS early because in the 2 cycles of no goalie I have already invested too much anxiety and $$ into tests. 

    This is my first month taking VitB complex, so I am hoping it will help extend my luteal phase.  Excited to get to know you all better and see some more people graduate POAS boards, even if it’s not me! πŸ™‚

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    Current Cycle Day: CD3

    Ovulation Date: Dec 28-30th

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Jan 9th/24 days

    Cycles trying: 4

    BD timing: We do it every day, this time I think we’ll do it O-2 and O if we can.

    Favorite Moment from 2012: Our wedding <3

    Resolutions for POAS:  I have absolutely no hope this month so I’m just going to see how long my cycle lasts and hope it’s longer this month.

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    Ahhh I wish I weren’t one of the last December gals. I want to join! 

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    @MrsMaskatoBe:  I hope you don’t have to! (Although we’d miss you!)

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    Current Cycle Day: CD7

    Ovulation Date: Between December 23-26 (last month my first positive OPK came on CD 15)

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: Exactly 29 days the last two months, so I’ll POAS around January 6th (depending on when I ovulate)

    Cycles trying: this is our third

    BD timing: EOD until I see the smiley face OPK, and then every day for a few days

    Favorite Moment from 2012: My wedding day πŸ™‚

    Resolutions for POAS: That I will not POAS until January 6!

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    Well, I was on the December list but decided to step out since an end of August EDD was not good for us AND I didn’t want to spend the Holidays coming up with fake reasons why I’m not having a glass of wine…

    So I’m back for January! December was our first cycle, so I guess since we’re starting over…

    Current Cycle Day: Not done with my December cycle. Period is due tomorrow; so if this is right, December 18 would be CD1

    Ovulation Date: Around Jan. 2

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: November was my second period since I gave birth last December… My cycle was 29 days. I am expecting my period tomorrow if I am regular on a 29 days cycle. We’ll see.. If this is correct, I would be POAS on Jan. 16 (probably a few days before since I become a POAS addict once I start).

    Cycles trying: After “trying” before I got my period back, and our December false start, this will be our first official cycle

    BD timing: Keeping it regular, whether in the fertile window or not. My sex drive tends to go through the roof around ovulation anyway so it will be impossible to miss. Will still keep an eye on the fertility calendar 

    Favorite Moment from 2012: Lots of them, most have to do with my son who turns one on Thursday. Most recently, he started walking, which is so exciting!

    Resolutions for POAS: There’s no point in taking resolutions of not POAS too often.. I’m a lost cause.


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    YAY I am in! Thanks for starting this.

    Current Cycle Day: CD11

    Ovulation Date: Somewhere between the 20th-27th. I O’d earlier than usual last month so I will have to wait and see.  

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length: 28-36 days.  LP is 14 days so I’ll have to wait and see when I O

    Cycles trying: 3

    BD timing: Trying for Every other day when I hit my high day on my CBEFM and every day during my peak and 1 day after O this month.

    Link to Chart: = don’t temp

    Favorite Moment from 2012: My wedding

    Resolutions for POAS: That I will wait until 12 DPO  to POAS instead of the 10 I have been doing. 


    Still rooting for the December girls left!

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    Thanks for starting this! I’m in!

    Current Cycle Day: CD9

    Ovulation Date: Between December 21-23rd

    POAS date/Usual Cycle Length:  It was 28 days, then went to 26 last month.  POAS around  1/1

    Cycles trying: 5th

    BD timing: ED

    Favorite Moment from 2012: My wedding day πŸ™‚

    Resolutions for POAS: not to obsess about the TWW and no symptom spotting

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