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    Ovulation Date/fertile window: Looks like my FW will be from December 30 to January 7.

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: My usual cycle is 32-34 days, and my O date changes, so I’m going to estimate my POAS date to be 1/16.

    Cycles Trying: This begins cycle 3. Hoping for third time’s a charm!

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Prenatals for about six months now, charting, OPKs, using maca and evening primrose oil for better EWCM, pre-seed, occasional soft cups, and planning to BD EOD in the fertile window. Might try SMEP this month too!

    Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/MrsH1030/

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution? I definitely have to work off the holiday pounds, haha! Otherwise maybe I’ll cook more. My entire YEAR resolution is to get pregnant πŸ™‚




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    Oh why not πŸ™‚ I can’t promise I’ll be around a lot for a little while anyway but I’ll try pop by πŸ™‚



    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD1 (and ok with it for once)

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: 26 Dec – 2 Jan is the window FF is predicting – it’s so big because I’ve had crazy cycles the last few months – normally I O on CD11-13 thou (in a normal month)

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Jan 12 – that’s CD27 the day I USUALLY get AF

    Cycles Trying: this is 12! Wow a whole freaking year of being on uterus watch YAY! :S 

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): we are on Hols as of Xmas Eve so hoping being on a holiday from work together during FW we can be more active – I wanna aim for ED because then hopefully we’ll be at least EOD. Supplements wise: me~ prenatal, CoQ10, Royal Jelly, DH~ menevit. We also have some Maybe Baby (sperm friendly/helper) lube which I wanna try again this month (like preseed) – tried it once in July but haven’t got around to using it again since, figured it can’t hurt. 

    Link to Chart, if any: not exciting at the moment being CD1 but here it is: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ShellVee/?full=1

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution??: I have a few:

    1) get back to the gym daily (I’ve slacked in the last few months, I used to be really good)

    2) try to relax more and do things for me, for fun! Stress less!!

    3) not to let TTC take over my life as much in 2014

    4) catch up with friends more often.


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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD4

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: Dec 25-Dec 29

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Jan. 8/ ~25-26 days

    Cycles Trying:  2

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.):  BD every day during FW, this time we will BD O+1, Prenatals, Preseed, DH is taking multi-v, OPK, temp

    Link to Chart, if any

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution??:

    I plan to take better care of my hair this year and maximize my saving.

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    @ShellVee:  good luck this month! By the way, I love seeing the Aussie Bees — I spent a semester abroad (ten years ago) in NSW!

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    @BellaDee:  Thanks for starting this!


    Current Cycle Day/DPO: Currently on CD7.

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: I’ve figured out over the last few months that I’m very regular, so I’m fairly certain that my O date will be Christmas day. We’re both off work for a lot of that week and we aren’t hosting guests, so I think our timing will be great!

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Usual cycle is 27-28 days. POAS date is 7 January (13DPO)

    Cycles Trying: This will be #3.

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Just Mucinex and BD every day during my FW and observing CM. No OPKs or charting.

    Link to Chart, if any: N/A

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution??:

    To get more organized! I’m generally a very organized person, but I have lots of ideas I really want to incorporate in 2014. A fridge calendar (so DH can’t say I didn’t tell him about plans!), meal planning to save on grocery costs, finally organizing our guest and spare bedroom. Fingers crossed one of them will be turned into a nursery soon!

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    Current Cycle Day/DPO: currently on CD7

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: will most like ovulate xmas eve or xmas day!

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: IF I can hold out long enough, POAS date will be Jan 6th. Cycles are around 26 days.

    Cycles Trying: this is #2!

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): charting, switched to a sperm-friendly lube… Last cycle I used OPKs but they made me too anxious so I’m trying to tone it down this time.

    Link to Chart, if anyhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/pickledplum

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution??: I haven’t thought of a good one yet!




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    Hooray for a January thread! πŸ™‚


    Current Cycle Day/DPO:  CD9

    Ovulation Date/fertile window: FW should be around December 21-27, depending on O (on Christmas Day??).. Not sure what my cycle will do this month, it’s my second cycle off BC.

    POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: I think I will POAS on January 4 – my sister will be in town until the 5th, and I so badly want to be able to send the happy secret back out of state with her if it happens for us this month! It might be too early, but I probably won’t be able to wait!

    Cycles Trying: First cycle really truly going ‘all out’ with temping and such – second cycle overall

    BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): Have been taking prenatals since October’ish, working out, and am planning to BD EOD (or ED!) anywhere close to a potential FW.. πŸ™‚ Will also be temping/charting CM.

    Link to Chart, if anyhttp://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/ELynne615

    and for fun –

    What is your New Years Resolution??:

    1) Keep my house more organized – get rid of clutter!

    2) Cook more often.

    3) Spend more time with friends. 

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    Hi ladies! I know I said I wasn’t going to roll call for January– but I’ve calmed down a bit since then, and so I decided I will roll call afterall…. but first I need some advice. (Sorry, this is a bit long)…

    When I had my little breakdown upon the arrival of AF (which was right on schedule ending my last cycle of 28 days), I was surprised at how heavy my flow was. That was on Dec. 8th. Usually my period lasts from 5-7 days, starting out light, then getting super heavy with cramps around day 4, and tapering off till days 6-7…. but as I said, Day 1 was so heavy– heavier even than my usual day 4, except without cramps.

    Okay so after that heavy Day 1… it tapered off really abruptly and was completely gone by day 4!! But then yesterday, on Day 9 (Dec. 16th) she came full force again!! Very heavy with my normal period cramps and all. Today, is still pretty heavy with cramps.

    So I can’t help but wonder what the hell “Days 1-4” actually were… perhaps not AF, but a MC?????? I’m so confused!

    Now this has me doubting all my days for this cycle… am I actually on Day 10? Meaning I’ll O around Day 14 (Dec. 21-23rd?) and POAS around day 28 (Jan 5th)? Or am I only on Day 2? I have no idea!!! πŸ™

    Has this happened to anyone before? Or better yet, what does a very early MC/chemical pregnancy look like? Do you think this happened to me? I never got a BFP, obviously… but I stopped testing at 13DPO when “AF” came…

    I should mention that I started drinking 3-4 cups of Raspberry Leaf Tea on “Day 1” of “AF” and plan on stopping a couple days before O… Think this has anything to do with it? :-/

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