January/February Baby Mama Roll Call

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When was your due date?  2/17

When was your baby born?  2/17

How old is your baby right now?  2 weeks

Did you have a boy/girl?  Boy

Is this your first?  No, I have a 19 month old son

Share your birth story, if you are comfortable:  My 1st son was a CS (pushed for 3.5 hours but he wouldn’t budge and was 9lb 8oz).  I really wanted a VBAC but was terrified.  The compromise I made with myself was to schedule my repeat CS for 40 weeks and try for a VBAC only if I go into labor naturally before that.  Weeks leading up to that, I was dilating up to 4 cm at 39 weeks.  With my doctor’s encouragement, I cancelled the CS and got induced at 40 weeks instead.  2.5 hours in, I asked for the epidural.  While waiting for that, the doc checked me (I was 6cm) and accidentally broke my water.  5 minutes later I had intense pressure and couldn’t NOT push.  Epidural never made it and I thankfully only pushed for 15 awful minutes.  Props to women who choose med-free… next time I want the epidural awaiting me at the hospital door!!

How are you feeling?  Finally feeling better. Recovery has been much better than the CS, but it’s been more rough than I originally thought it would be.

What has been one of the challenges that you have faced?  Caring for a newborn while having a crazy toddler and also feeling like crap  

What has been the most surprising thing?  How well my toddler is adjusting. He’s still crazy but he definitely loves his brother. Also surprised by how much easier breastfeeding is this time!  

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Keroppi :  CS recovery is no joke. You mentioned all your breastfeeding troubles— have those gotten better?

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Keroppi :  

When was your due date? March 3rd

When was your baby born? February 12th…almost a month early!

How old is your baby right now? 2.5 weeks

Did you have a boy/girl? Boy

Is this your first? Yes

Share your birth story, if you are comfortable

I’d been having threatened preterm labor since 24 weeks and was on partial bedrest, so I had a nagging feeling that something was going to go wrong or he was going to come early. From 30 or so weeks I had been increasingly worried about decreased movement and had several NSTs that all came back normal, so I was trying to stop worrying about it. On Feb 12th I had just made it to 37 weeks and was so relieved that I wasn’t goimg to have a preemie, but that morning I noticed that I hadn’t felt baby moved for a couple of hours. I decided to do a kick count and didn’t geel any kicks for the entire two hours so we went to the hospital for a NST. I knew something was off, but I still thought we would probably have a good NST and they would send me home again. When we got there the nurse rushed me into a room to put me on a monitor. I was only on it for about 10 minutes when more nurses and doctors started showing up in my room to look at the heartrate. One of the nurses said something about possibly needing to deliver that day, and then another said it might be a c-section. Both DH and I were kind of in a daze since we thought it was just going to be a quick NST. After another 10 minutes even more people starting filling up my room and I was suddenly handed a consent form for the c-section. Less than 5 minutes later they had DH dressed in scubs and me in a wheelchair and we were practically running to the hallway to the OR. The nurses were as calm as possible, but that’s when I knew something was really wrong. As soon as I got to the OR the anesthesiologist started giving me rapid instructions while he gave me the epidural and nearly as soon as I laid down on the table he informed me that they had already started the surgery. I could feel the pressure of them sawing and yanking very intensely and they had DS out probably within 3-5 minutes. I heard him cry for a second, but then he stopped. DH got to go see him and cut the cord, but DS had lost a lot of blood and wasn’t crying or responding well. They quickly intubated him and whisked him away to NICU, but they did bring him by my head for a brief second so I could kiss him. The next several hours until DH could go visit him in the NICu were pure torture. We finally learned that DS needed a blood transfusion and was being cooled to prevent any further brain damage from the hemmorage. He ended up having a small stroke and some seizure activity, and it was 6 days until I got to hold him for the first time. We spent 14 days in NICU, which was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but he is finally home and doing so much better. 



How are you feeling?

CS recovery sucks, especially since I totally overdid it for the first 2 weeks while we were in NICU. But I’m so happy to have DS home so my mental recoery is going really well now.  

What has been one of the challenges that you have faced?

Breastfeeding/pumping. DS wasn’t techincally a preemie, but he was still early and has many similar feeding issues to preemies. Plus the first 10 days of his life he was on an IV or feeding tube so he’s behind on learning how to feed. NICU was so stressful that I couldn’t get my supply up, so we’re supplementing with formula and it makes me cry every day. I know fed is best but I feel like a failure for not being able to BF at all. 

What has been the most surprising thing? How cute he is 🙂


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Keroppi :  BF issues are so sucky. I hope you guys are having better luck now! Also CS recovery really is so hard. I’m still so sore when I cough or laugh.

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