(Closed) Jasmines Bridal shop and Paying with Credit/Debit card! please help!!!

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I’d like to know this answer as well… Im in the same boat

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Blushing bee
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Sorry, this might be a little late for the original poster. 

I would *not* use a debit card – but I never use a debit card online.  Credit cards (usually) have much more robust & immediate fraud protection services. 

It sounds like Jasmine’s doesn’t use a secure email server, which is why they want you to break it up in 2 chunks.  I’d tend to think that means Jasmine’s has thought about the problem and decided to solve it this way – rather than ignoring the problem and just instructing people to email the whole thing (because most brides probably wouldn’t think about if they use a secure email server or not). 

If it were me, I’d do it, and I’d use my credit card.  

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Bumble bee
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I paid them like this for bridesmaid dresses! Used a credit card. It shows up on my visa as jasmines bridal shop.

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this is what you do…go to the grocery store and buy a prepaid debit card for the amount that you need to pay them. you know those reloadable debit visa gift cards? that way its not traceable at all

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iIf you have Paypal that is always the safest way. They have much better and faster customer protection πŸ˜€

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Busy bee

@babecake:  I used an Amex card, safe and followed Jasmines instructions by splitting the number over several e-mails.  They have been very trustworthy with me.  And there are a number of Bees on here that have and are currently having their dresses made by Jasmines.

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I wouldn’t be worried about the company itself stealing the info, but the unsecure way they are asking for your info is absolutely insane. Don’t ever send your personal card info through email, split or not, it’s not secure at all. They should have a way for you to call in the number or fax it. This is super unprofessional that they don’t which is why I’m going with a different company. 

If you are determined to do it then @LibbyDawn has the only way I would ever do this. 

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Also, it should take them like 5 minutes to set up a custom product on their cart and send you a link to pay thru the site. Just make sure if they did that it was ssl secured. I would ask them to do so. I build shopping websites for a living, trust me, you don’t want to walk into a nightmare because they don’t run a proper way to gather your info, it’s flat out lazy.

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@brideagain3650:  Fax and phones aren’t that secure either. I’ve received quite a few faxes unintended for me. Similarly, with international phone calls, they typically use shared phone lines.

I agree that they should have a method for accepting online payments. But from my experience, they would need a merchant account and merchant fees are usually around the 10 percent mark. They would probably pass that to us (the customers) which means more expensive dresses. I personally used western union to pay for my dress (using my credit card through the western union website) and I believe that’s the method they prefer.

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@babecake:  You’re right, all aren’t fail safe for sure, but it’s standard practice before the online shopping debut, email is just lazy and unprofessional. And there are ways to get a secure landline that isn’t shared for both uses, will you pay more? Yes, I know because I have one, a toll free one for my domestic & international clients. Bottom line is they have a business, they should run it like one, and those fees are what comes with running one.

As far as passing the fees on, I see many people do this. I don’t agree with this either, you first charge the customer, then you write it off at the end of the year anyway even though you recouped your money. That’s unprofessional IMO. :/

Jasmines could easily do like I said and create a product for the bride to checkout online, they do it all the time to add gowns, they just need to get the poper setup. Or they could use a online invoicing service, thats’s what I do. it costs me a bit in fees but then I properly write the business expense off when the time comes, and the fees are less than 4%.

I also have never seen a 10% credit card fee or merchant fee, and i’ve been helping clients set up with authorize.net, intuit, boa etc… for 6 years. If I ever saw one I would run the other way!

Sorry to go on a tangent, but this is something that really irritates me, if you’re a business, act like it, don’t endager your clients because you’re too greedy to treat them properly. With more and more apps that are 3% or so, online merchant waiving gateway fees in favor of a more flat fee model, there isn’t an excuse really. 

I’ve had clients try to email me their credit cards before I told them no I use a secure system, to be honest that scared the crap out of me! Shops that have people email their numbers are not just endangering the client but themselves as well, that is a crapload of liability! Not to mention a little thing called PCI complience. 

Original Poster, I still vote for the pre-paid card if you decide to do this or do a money order, I think someone said they took western union.

Stepping off soapbox, just don’t want people to take such risks with thier credit or losing thier bank account to a theif who intercepted thier info. πŸ˜‰

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Helper bee

Thanks for the feedback, guys.  To address the concerns you all have I would like to share some information πŸ™‚

We do offer to take credit card information over the phone and via SSL-secured live chat as well.  Previously, such methods are only offered when the customer informs us that they do not want to email the information to 2 separate email addresses we have.  We will present these options along with the email option in the future, just to cover more basis πŸ™‚

We do have a merchant account, and the reason we do not offer online payment gateway is because we sell replicas, which is a target of complaints filed by designers, and such complaints can take away our credit card processing capability.

Our paypal acceptance capability was taken away a year ago because of this – please note that BUYING and SELLING replicas via Paypal is prohibited in Paypal’s User Agreement.  So if you ever file a dispute via Paypal for a replica transaction, DO NOT tell Paypal that you bought a replica, or your account could be suspended.

As always, we really appreciate the feedback and community provides, and will do the best we can to address all the concerns.  Let us know if you have any other concerns, thank you! πŸ™‚

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