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@his_sweet_girl:  Sometimes I’m jealous sometimes he’s jealous… not that we ever think the other one is cheating

Example: I was invited to a club WITH him by some mutual friends of hours. Fiance: But I don’t want to go because what if you meet some SUPER hot guy there! Me: LOL Uhm is that super hot guy you? No? Then he has no chance! Fiance: D’awww

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@his_sweet_girl:  Honestly, I have never been jealous of my Fiance, or he me (in the contexts of which I think you are asking anyways!!).  That is one of the many, many reasons I genuinely love him, and know he is ‘the one’.  We both have maintained individual social lives outside of our relationship, where he has met friends out with out me, and I without him.  He has never done anything where I have doubted him, or visa versa, and the trust is 100%.  I am very aware that things may not always be 100%, but so far so good!!  I am very fortunate!!

With THAT said, I have exuded jealousy more so than he has in regards to his time, and how it needs to be used.  It is more of a selfish kind of jealousy, than questioning my trust for him.  He works HARD, sometimes very long hours, sometimes 7 days/week, for weeks on end.  We just went thru 3 months of that schedule!  And so, now that he has some ‘free’ time on the weekends, he is doing projects that need to be done, of which he had told others he would do.  Splitting wood at his dads, or helping his bf restore an old truck, etc.

Selfishly, the green-eyed jealousy monster has reared its ugly head into our relationship because I want him to spend more time with me!!!  In those moments, I recognize I have zero plans to do anything, and yet, wanted him to sit there and watch TV with me, or whatever?!  It happens every so often.  And he often follows up my pity party with a nice date or whatever.  


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@his_sweet_girl:  I’m the jealous one…I have always had a problem with it.  Its because of my parents relationships and my dad always cheating on my mom and because I know have known a lot of good guys that have cheated on their wives at one point.  It made me worry about not my fiance cheating on me, but of him putting  himself in a situation for a woman to come on to him…bc he is so “nice”..I know I know it is an insecurity of mine.  i feel like the closer we get to being married, the less jealous I become.  He is kinda funny how he is not really jealous, but he doesn’t like me wearing shirts with my boobs, cleavage showing a little, or a short skirt, or even an attention getting trendy outfit(that is still conservative) like tights, a cute sweater and cute vest and boots, because he doesn’t want someone trying to steal me away, lol, like some rich old dude. He jokes about it, but he says when we are married he wants me to embrace my hotness and dress more sexy sometimes, but right now I don’t really at all. LOL…Women are nicer to me, b/c i have a curvy body, but am still slinder, when I am dressed conservatively, so I have been dressing that way for years..

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I’m not the jealous type exactly, but I’m pretty territorial – meaning if I see another woman being inappropriate with my man in any way, I won’t hesitate to kick her a$$ (and his if he doesn’t put a stop to it ASAP).  But my Fiance is really good about stuff like this, plus I would NEVER date or get engaged to a man who didn’t make me his #1 priority and made sure everyone knows I am the center of his universe, so it’s not something I have to worry about.

I’ve never wrongly accused my Fiance or any of my exes b/c of jealousy.  I’m a pretty laidback person and believe that a man is with me because he wants to be.  The times I felt suspicious and have snooped for evidence is because my gut intuition told me something was off, and every time it’s been right.  My Fiance is definitely not the jealous type, but my ex before him was and it drove me crazy.  He always went everywhere with me b/c he hated the thought of other men hitting on me.  It got so bad I couldn’t hang-out with my girl friends without him tagging along every single time.  

Through my experience, I have found that jealousy is perfectly normal and a part of life.  The only time it can get ugly and cause a ton of pain & unnecessary drama/break-up is when people are in a co-dependent relationship and they look to their partners to fill-up the void inside of them and have made the other person responsible for making them feel happy & loved.  In such a toxic relationship, jealousy breeds like mold and it will make you see/feel things that’s not based on reality.

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In terms of jealous of other men/women, I have been in past relationships where I’ve been in both positions, neither is fun.  With my husband, neither of us have given each other a reason to be jealous and it’s definitely a better feeling.

I’m still jealous of stupid little things though, like when he gets sent to awesome places for work and I can’t go with him.

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@Shina:  lol, I’d lay the bitch out too ๐Ÿ˜›

I don’t think either of us is especially jealous. I think it’s because we are conscious not to give the other person anything to be jealous about. 

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He’s the jealous one. And he’s jealous of people from my past. Eye roll.

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@Shina:  Lol, my SO owns a boxing club and I train there, there’s always women trying to hit on him and flirt with him and they’ll try to “get me in trouble” with him by telling him I’m territorial, like it’s such a bad thing. His response is always “I know, I like that about her. It’s very animalistic.” 


Helps that I’m a boxer and they know if they keep it up, eventually they’ll be stuck in the ring with me.

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I’m not jealous. My thinking is that she has no idea what she would be in for and she’d give him right back to me LOL.

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@his_sweet_girl:  Neither one of us is jealous.  But, we have very similar views on what is and is not appropriate so we don’t have the conflict that stems from that.

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@MrsPanda99:  AMEN sister!  ๐Ÿ™‚

@LeBonbon:   Your SO sounds like a very very smart man ๐Ÿ˜‰   

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@his_sweet_girl:  We are both have a healthy amount of jealousy ๐Ÿ™‚

Our jealousy is less about sex or opposite sex relations and more about other people getting time with one of us. When he deploys or is away then I am jealous of everyone he hangs out with because I don’t get to be with him. He gets jealous of all of my friends and coworkers when he leaves because they get to see me everyday. It is silly but that is how we get when we misseach other ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  LOL!

I love my husband to death but next time I find myself wanting to board the cray cray train to jealousyville I will remember that!

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