Jewellers trying to change my mind!

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Helper bee

I bought a round solitaire… I still love it.. but if I could go back I’d get a pear 😉 

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Bumble bee

Buy whatever you want. It’s not an investment, it’s a ring you’ll keep forever. 

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Sugar bee

I get the impression that you are shutting down all the suggestions. Even if you were to purchase from an American site and pay 20% import duty you might still get a much better deal than the high street. (I purchased a great diamond from Whiteflash for the same price as a poor diamond on the high street even allowing for packaging, postage, import duty and insurance.)

You need to give us enough detail upfront. If you don’t want to buy from America then say so. Then people won’t suggest American sites. If you aren’t in Britain then say say so and I won’t suggest British sites. 

Which country are you in by the way?

Having said all this it is perfectly reasonable to want a pear diamond. Rounds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Be aware that the best position to be in is to choose between several stones so that you can get the sparkle pattern you prefer. A good jeweller will get the stones in for you to choose from and a bad one will refuse.

I still think a flight and weekend to visit somewhere to buy the diamond would be good. But then after 32 years of marriage I’m a romantic.


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Blushing bee

I’m in Europe and I’ve never heard of anyone spending that on a ring before so I’m also very curious where you’re from! If you can afford it, you should go get whatever you want. You don’t have to buy something just because some jeweler tells you it would be better for them. If you don’t mind the travel, why don’t you try Tiffany? They are in Europe too!

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Sugar bee

niki2015 :  Hi Nikki, 

I’m no diamond expert except to say that you probably get what you pay for. I don’t trust diamond sales. (I do wonder whether 77diamonds sale involves the buying of a whole ring with them I wouldn’t be surprised if it is the settings that are on sale rather than the diamonds. But if you like their settings it may well be a good idea.) 

The company 77diamonds have been trading in London for a while and have decided to up their game. They want to be a big European diamond company based on quality. They do have a London office where you can view diamonds and actually see and compare them. And seeing diamonds makes a huge difference. Diamonds (even round ones) with the same specs can look very different. I compared a diamond from a local jeweller with one from Blue Nile and one from Whiteflash. Even if you were to have put all three diamonds in a bag and got me to pull one out I would still easily have been able to tell you which was which. This is because a slight change in cut angle creates a different sparkle pattern (just like a kaleidoscope).

I think if I had 15K to spend I would even consider booking an appointment in London with De Beers. You wouldn’t get the biggest diamond for your money but you would get the most beautiful. There is someone on the site who did get her diamond from de Beers and you can tell she did so even in her diamond photographs. (I think that she is a jeweller in her day job.)

I think that if you can afford to be extravagant then it’s worth doing it in style. All diamonds are a little bit of crystallised carbon but it’s nice if you can get a pretty one. (And pear shaped diamonds can certainly be particularly pretty so don’t be fobbed off with other shapes.)

In the meantime do go to jewellers to try different settings. This can change the whole look of a diamond. It also gives you an idea of what might suit your hand the best.

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Sugar bee

I would go talk to the very knowledgeable posters on Pricescope. They know their stuff and can advise you on the best pear for your budget.

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Sugar bee


niki2015 :  My knowledge is sadly limited.  There is always Amsterdam or Tel Aviv but I think I’m getting into flights of fancy here.

The 4Cs only take you so far. They increase markedly the chance of getting a great diamond but don’t absolutely guarantee it.

Certification is really important when it comes to diamond insurance.

GIA and ASG are the most stringent in terms of certification but even they don’t guarantee beauty. They only certify ideal cuts on round shapes but not fancy shapes such as pear, oval, marquise, radiant, asher or emerald. That’s why it’s important to see what you are getting if you can.

The website Pricescope will give you lots of advice but they do get sidetracked by masses of detail. In the end you just want a beautiful stone with a bright and pretty pattern of sparkles and not spots or dark areas, that you can put in an elegant setting that goes with your wedding ring and isn’t so high and scratchy that it could be considered an offensive weapon.

I think I’ve run out of advice so good luck. Let us know when you find something you like!


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Helper bee

niki2015 :  they are not getting the diamond from Blue Nile. Blue Nile and the jeweler you saw have access to the SAME diamond. That diamond doesn’t belong to either BN or the jeweler until they buy it from the dealer and then sell it to you. That’s the benefit of looking at GIA reports and doing your homework so that you can see get the best price. They are all trying to make money off of you. 

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