(Closed) Jewelry associate was rude about ring-what should I do?

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Helper bee
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I would go in the store personally to complain when you the band in! Get the manager and her and complain as well as show her and then walk out.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2013

@MrsAL2012:  I would absolutely talk to the store manager! I would be frustrated too.

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Buzzing bee
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@MrsAL2012:  jewelry is a big purchase. hundreds of dollars. for that kind of money, you should get good customer service. if you remember her name, i would either call or go there and talk to a manager. and yes, then show the manager the ring you bought and let him know that the sales lady lost them that sale.

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

I don’t necessarily think that what she said to you was rude, just kinda seems like a typical sales person attitude, but maybe it was a “had to be there” thing? But the walking away thing is totally uncalled for. She could have said, “If you give me just a moment I have to go and greet this customer who just walked in. You can take a few minutes to look around and when you see something you like just let me know!”

I would certainly say something to the store manager. You need to be comfortable with spending thousands of dollars with a jewelry associate, and someone in that field needs to have a much better attitude than she does. I wouldn’t necessarily go back in and really rub it in her face, but call and say something to the manager and make her lack of customer service skills known. 

Sorry you had such a crappy experience, but I’m glad in the end you got exactly what you wanted without having to pay for the expensive jewelry store markup! 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2013

I had a similar experience when I picked out my band. 

For spite if I were you I would complain to the manager and tell her that she lost a sale because of this girl.

I just ignored her, because it was the only place i could find that sold 2 mm gold band, and ordered my ring. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: February 2014

@MrsAL2012:  she said “Well, if you don’t find something here, your not ever going to find anything you like. We have everything.” 

The fk?!?  Um, N.O.

These damn rings/gems cost so much of our/FI’s hard earned $$, that Ms. Salesperson needs to check herself.  ?!?!  No.  Yes, we CAN FIND A STONE TO SUIT OUR NEEDS ON LUMERA OR GOG OR WHITEFLASH.  I h.a.t.e when “salespeople” try this shit.  See right through it from jump and oh boy my Fiance has to reel me in cause I go off.  If some salesperson says that to you, walk out, OP.  Walk out.  Period.  There are so many damn jewelers that it isn’t even funny.  

Guys, pull back and take your time doing the whole ering/wedding thing, seriously.  Do NOT let anyone rush or lie you into “finding/chosing something here and now”.  Total bullcrap.  Yeah.  NO.  Take your time.  You and your FI’s next 50 years depends on decisions today.  Fk the salespeople.  Really.  

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Honey Beekeeper
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I would have said something to her right on the spot if it was that bad.  At this point, I wouldn’t bother wasting my time to go out of my way to go back and say anything.

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Bee Keeper
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complain…..I am sick to death of shitty service and rude untrained sales people!!!  And retailers wonder why profits are down and people are going online to shop!!!!

You have every right to be miffed!!!

on another note….what site  did you by your 1mm diamond bands???

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

I had the exact same thing happen to me! She kept telling me I wasn’t ‘seeing it’ whatever that meant when I said I didn’t like any of the rings she showed us, I wanted a very thin wedding band and the smallest she was showing us was 3mm and when I saw one I did like, I asked her to see it and said that it wouldn’t work, it wasn’t platinum, than she rudely said “Well maybe you should go back to Tiffanys seeings how are products aren’t good enough for you, and I assure you they are.” and then walked away.

I complained to the manager, and than discovered she used to work at Tiffany’s before they canned her for acting like a snob to the customers.

Just complain, they can’t afford for people to walk away from their stores so the manager will take it seriously. 

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: October 2013

I have not had a lot of good experiences in brick and morter jewelry stores…especially chain stores. Some have been quite rude, actually. I know attimes I look like a “redneck” and in some ways I am – lol. I am a horse person/farm person and I DEFINITELY notice that I am treated differently when I am dressed like  “city folk” and carrying a Louis Vuitton (I collect vintage LV’s) and I have a few rarer/limted edition pieces. Its stupid, becasue I have the same disposable income regardless of how I am dressed – lol.

Its funny becasue when I go into Louis Vuitton, regardless of how I am dressed, they take me pretty seriouslyu. They even fixed my Murakami Panda key chain for free becasue they “loved” it so much and it was “so rare” and “how did I get it?”. LOL!!! It was given out to VIP’s at the opening of the Tokyo store….I bought it (for an exhorbitant price with my tax return on eyear) becasue I fell in lovewith it. I lie and tell them my mother was in Tokyo at the time and got an invite to the opening. They believe me.

I hate rude retailers. I learned from a friend who sold cars to never judge anyone by what they look like….some of the “poorest looking” people have the most disposable income. I am not saying that is why you were treated rudely…please dont think that – I am talking about my personal experiences!!!  I am sorry you had that experience. Its one of the reasons I like to shop on line. I find most retailers nicer online – lol.

PS My best retail experiences have been at Tiffany!!! and I doubt I can afford much there 😉

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Bumble bee
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I’d yelp about the experience and let it go.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
  • Wedding: December 2012

Truthfully, I’d let it go.

You had a bad experience, so leave them a review or yelp review or what have you and move on. Also, make sure to name the associate if you remember her name. Going back and going, “See? They do exist!” makes you no better.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

I mean – if they truly don’t sell 1mm bands at that store, she was never going to sell you anything anyway. So there’s not much point in being “Ha! You lost a sale!” If they were never going to make one from you.

I’ve walked into a few store asking if they sell palladium bands and they immediately start telling me how awesome “X” metal is for my Fiance. It’s not because they’re being rude, it’s because they don’t have palladium and they don’t want to say that and have me walk out the door. They want to at try to get me to buy something.

That’s why this lady was trying to say whatever she could think of to get a 1mm band out of your head – because she didn’t have one to sell you.

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