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    I am a P.E teacher and I have done both of these! So I hope my advice helps. P90x is for people who are already pretty fit/know what they are doing when it comes to working out. You can really hurt yourself with this if you don’t know what your are doing when it comes to form. It is for people who want to get ripped. Every workout is at least 1 hour except the Ab workout which is 20 minutes. The system itself is very effective provided you have the time to devote to it. It also calls over a wide range in weights and a pull up bar so it may require a significant investment in workout gear if you do not already have it. Ideally Tony Horton want you to do 2 workouts a day, thats 2hours! I just didn’t have the time for this. I only did one workout a day and the Ab workout every 2nd day. It definitley toned me but I just don’t have the time to do it anymore.

    I am now trying Jillian’s 30 day Shred. I have to say that I like it. It is made for those who are semi active and each workout is only 20 minutes. However I find that only doing one level is not enough for me. I do two of them, right now I am combining level 1 and 2 every second day. The rest of the days I am currently doing level 2 and then some extra Abs and upper body strength on my own. So while I may not find it enough to do only one level a day I think that for most people it will be well suited to them and easy to fit into a routine. And it works every part (Upper/Lower Body, Abs, and Cardio) which is what makes it a good work out. I’m only about 2 weeks into Jillan’s 30 day Shred and I am finding that it is working my body and I am feeling a difference in my cardio and strength.


    So to sum it up. P90x, great workout, requires a significant time commitment (1-2 hours), made for those who already have a lot of knowledge in proper form and movement and also different size weights and a doorway pull up bar.

    30 Day Shread, also a great workout. Requires little extra equipment, 20min workouts are easy to fit in your day but 20 minutes may not be enough for everyone. I’m not sure about the rest of Jillan’s workouts as I haven’t tried them so hopefully the 30 Day Shread will give a good indication of what else she has to offer.


    Hope this helps. Please keep in mind that this is just my opinion. =) I say if he wants to give it a try tell him to try P90, not P90x…. they are two different work outs… P90 according to Tony Horton is a little less intense.

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    I really like Beach Body Insanity. It’s as tough as Shred but 45 min long. My Fiance does it with me sometimes and it kills him. I saw results after only 2 weeks and really love it. It’s 60 days long.

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    I found the same thing with Jillian.  20 minutes barely felt like long enough to bother getting all sweaty… and I was in the middle of training running, so I would usually run 3 days a week and do two of the shred videos the other 3 and then rest one day.

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    I haven’t used the Jullian one, but I loved the P90X when I did it. I didn’t feel like it was necessarily to get ripped, but it did help shed pounds and get toned (in conjunction with 2+ mile runs at least 2x/week). We mostly used the ab workout or the plyometrics. I wouldn’t do the yoga one, we tried it once and it was a lot of that one where you lay down then straighten your arms and hold…can’t remember the name, but it was seriously dissapointing. Anyway, I’d definitely recommend it and try to get it on sale, because otherwise it’s way too expensive.

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    I think Newfie has it bang on! If you have a time and commitment to do P90X, go for it. I did it and I loved the results and how it made me feel. I felt stronger and more confident. However, I agree that P90X is not necessarily a weight-loss tool (although that may happen as a side effect). Its more about gaining muscle strength.

    I would assess your fitness level – you can go online to beachbody.com and download the P90X fitness test (it’s free). It allows you to assess wether or not you should invest in P90X given your current fitness level. As Newfie suggested, P90 might be a little less intense. 

    Good luck! There are lots of good programs out there…its just about picking the one that is right for your current fitness level so you minimize your risk of injury.

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    What are your goals?

    If you’re just looking to get some workouts in/maintain your cardio then Jillian’s a good way to go. If you’re looking for fat loss/strength-building and/or really want to push yourself physically, then you should go with P90X. As far as I’m concerned the two aren’t even in the same category.

    Jillian’s workouts burn very few calories (30 Day Shred burns ~150, obviously depends on the person and you’d need to use an HRM to know how many it burns for you), whereas P90x burns a lot more AND offers the opportunity to build muscle (you need to lift heavy weights to build muscle, Jillian’s workouts, on the other hand, rely on high reps with low weight, which increases muscle endurance, but doesn’t build muscle). What does more muscle mass mean? Higher resting metabolism and more calories burned on a daily basis.

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    i haven’t done jillian’s work out but i have been doing p90x and i love it. granted, i will say that i have seriously tapered off after 2 months but that’s because the weather started getting nice here and i really wanted to be outside instead of inside working out [i’m jogging now]. lol. i still do the ab ripper x though. i love it.

    yes, p90x is a time commitment, but you don’t have to do the whole thing! the length of the videos was what made me reluctant to try it but i work along with it as long as i can manage. sometimes it’s 30 minutes, others it’s the whole routine. even if you only do 30 minutes, you’re still getting a really good workout. and there are options for modifications for people who aren’t in good shape and tony often reinerates that it’s okay to do what you can, even if its only a little bit but stresses that you should see some kind of improvement as you work out. there is a calendar of routines you can follow with different routines depending on the results you’re looking for. i loosely followed the “lean” workout which focused more on getting the lean looking muscles and not getting ripped.

    what i like about p90x is that there is still room for improvement for me. i’m still challenged by the videos even though i am getting stronger. i don’t have weights or a pull up bar. i use resistence bands [they always have someone using the bands in the weight-training routines] with a door anchor that i can use in lieu of a pull up bar and that has worked great. my bands only cost like, maybe 10 bucks? so it wasn’t that much of an investment in equipment. i did get my program for free from a friend so i can’t say much about the cost of the program.

    take the fitness test and see where you end up. i am a big proponent of this program but i know it’s not for everyone. good luck!

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    Where can I purhcase the p90x system? (all the disks and the nutritional plan)

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    @alishadhs4, you should be able to get it from beachbody.com or something like that. just google p90x and you should be able to find the link!

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    Hi Everyone. Okay, I realize that this thread is over a month old, but I just had to put in my two cents. I’m doing the Shred and its awesome. Its really really tough, especially if you are just running or doing some other basic workout. In my opinion, I think this may very well be the perfect workout.

    I realize that its not as tough as the P90X (or so everyone says, I haven’t actually tried it). However, you also have to look at yourself and decide if you really have that much time to workout, are willing to workout for that long every day, etc. For me, I am so busy right now, and this Shred workouts are more than challenging enough for me. 

    I’m a “perfectionist.” I don’t think I could dedicate that much time to the P90X every single day and would feel like I “fell off the wagon” when I wasn’t following the program. That said, the 30 Day Shred is perfect for getting me into the groove of things and still getting a killer workout. 

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