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I felt like it was an attempt to create a bigger divide. I’m disappointed in both of them. 

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Trump is a damn toddler.

Now people are saying Jim was shoving the intern and laid his hands on her. She’s the one who aggressively tried to take the mic away from him, she was pretty aggressive herself.

But yeah, Acosta was obnoxious too but seeing people say that Acosta shoved the woman is making my blood boil.

I can’t listen to the toddler, he wants pep rally’s, not press conferences. 

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He asked a legitimate question about the fear mongering around an “illegal caravan” and when the president refused to answer, he pressed on it. That’s what journalists do and it’s the right thing to do. Letting questions slide because the president can’t put a coherent sentence together isn’t a press conference, it’s a pep rally. Our tax dollars pay for enough of those.

Acosta’s  question was valid and the president ran from it because his position is indefensible. The wrongheadedness of the White House’s response (stomping their feet, pulling his press pass) is laid bare by Sarah Sanders saying that Acosta “put his hands” on the intern reaching for the mic. The video proves that to be a lie.

I would be so embarrassed to have voted for an adult man who can’t answer questions – even those he believes to be unfair – without insulting the reporter asking them. In my job, I regularly answer rude questions from people acting in bad faith and I do so without debasing myself or my position.

He did the same thing to Yamiche Alcindor. I would be interested to hear a rational defense of his calling Alcindor racist.

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I don’t think it’s the press (or anyone)’s responsibility to cater to the hurt feelings or bruised ego of the freaking President. Saying “you know he acts this way, don’t provoke him” is what i say about my dog. Because i have higher expectations for my toddler.

Journalists have a responsibility to ask tough questions of elected officials to get the answers and information that the (voting) public wants. 

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glitterati :  The video proves that to be a lie

This sounds like everything Sarah Sanders says lolol.

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techmom :  Sarah huckabee sanders legit gives me the creeps. The way she just twists the truth and straight up lies without batting an eye, it’s very unsettling

I actually miss spicer

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techmom : I’ve watched the video and I actually thought Jim Acosta was attempting to be a typical “hard hitting” journalist.  Anyone in the public eye should be able to handle that with grace, much less the President of the United States.  Anyone trying to say he touched the intern is stupid. She tried to wrestle the mic away from him and he just stood his ground. I don’t think he did anything wrong. 

Trump was clearly pissed and while he handled the exchange like a child, I don’t think anything he said was particularly evil or mean.  

Journalism in general is out of control at the moment worldwide and across all political spectrums, and fake news is a big problem.  But that’s not what this exchange showed.  

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techmom :  I…can’t….As an English teacher, all I can see is Trump is Napoleon from Animal Farm and Sanders is Squealer…always twisting events to fit the Stalinist agenda. 

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It’s getting to the point that I’m seriously afraid when I pick up the local paper or check NY times online. What horrid asinine things is the president doing now? And how much richer Ivanka Trump is getting now that she can market her crap in China. 

Everything Trump does is for the 1%. The rest of the country can go scratch.

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sunburn :  I can’t wrap my mind around people voting against their own interests because they value a candidates position on social issues that have zero impact on them. I’ve seen people on Medicaid vote for candidates who promise to cut it just because they approve of their social policies that don’t even affect them

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