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I don’t have much experience as I’m a server part time while in school and this is the only job I’ve really had. This must be an incredibly frustrating situation for you both. He is being truthful and I think he is doing the right thing by putting this in the applications, however, I believe my manager once told me when employers call and ask and call about a former employee they can’t really give any information out except for whether or not they would re-hire the person. Perhaps he should try not putting this information on a couple of application to see if it helps. I don’t want to promote dishonesty but it truly seems like it was a misunderstanding and not that he was a negligent employee. 

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I think lying on the application is the wrong way to go. Even if they hire him, he can get fired later on at any time if they find out.

Since he’s applying for retail jobs, has he tried going into the stores and talking to the managers directly? It might help set him apart from other applicants.

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I’ve been on both sides of the transportation issue- having to find a job without a car, and hiring someone as a manager who doesn’t have a car.  I know as a manager, my companies policy was that all things being equal, hire the guy with “reliable transportation” (a car) because we saw soooooooo many times the guys who came in saying well i don’t have a car but I’ll ______(take the bus, walk, get a ride) would work a few weeks and then start calling in or being late because of transportation issues.  I understand that your Fiance situation is unique in the issues with being legally blind, but in places that I’ve worked, no car plus a recent firing would move his application to the bottom of the pile.  

With the issue about being fired- whenever we saw something like “fired due to miscommunication” “fired due to difference of opinions with manager” etc, we read it as fired because you screwed up, and rather then admitting it you’re blaming everyone else.  Which means if/when we hire you, you’ll be a pain to work with because you don’t take responsibility for your errors/learn from them.  He might get a better response with something like “fired- not eligible for rehire” then include a note saying “I was let go due to an error I made in posting pricing for a product.  To prevent this sort of thing in the future I plan on __________(carrying a note pad to jot down my supervisors instructions, double checking if I am not sure who is responsible for something etc.)”  That would at least show the hiring person that he’s owned up to his mistake and has a plan to avoid it in the future.  

I hope things work out for you and Fiance and he can find a job soon!

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Do you have CareerLinks in your state? They have classes/programs that help people with disabilities get jobs (or even people who don’t have disabilities but may have transportation/child care issues)/

Also, he should be eligible for unemployment. Did he try filing for it?

It’s not a good idea to flat-out lie when asked about how he lost his last job. But just make sure he is clear when saying that it WAS a total miscommunication. And if he always had good reviews, etc. before this incident, make sure he mentions that. Focus on the positive — say “I really liked my job, and always had good reviews and compliments from my manager. However, I made an honest, innocent mistake one day regarding a price issue, and because of the store’s no tolerance policy, they had no choice but to let me go.”

I used similar language when explaining how I was let go from a department store becaue I made an honest-to-goodness mistake over TEN DOLLARS. Most people seemed perplexed that I would be fired for something like that, and as long as I was honest and positive, they seemed to overlook it pretty quickly.

Good luck. Try and stay strong. My fiance was out of work for 6 months a few years ago and I recenlty lost my job 2 months ago!

You’re not alone! 

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Have you considered going through agencies that help people with disabilities? My uncle has severe depression and is bipolar, and for the last year he’s been receiving shock therapy through disability-related medical insurance. He has completely turned his life around. Before, he couldn’t hold a job, but now my mom is helping him get into some government agency that will help place him in jobs that will accept him with a disability. I know that my uncle and your husband’s conditions are nothing alike, but that could be a start when looking for a job. The economy is so unkind right now, and I feel for him…

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@nikkialys:  I agree with all of this. 

OP, as a hiring manager I’d rather see something like “involuntary separation” on an application. Also, your FI’s inconsistent work history is hurting him more than anything. I agree with PP’s that suggest working with vocational placement agencies. It’s such a crazy catch-22, needing consistent experience to get a job, but not being able to get a job due to no work experience. I really wish you and your Fiance the best of luck!

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