Job satisfaction vs. Quality of life

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I would take the adult position and volunteer with children a couple of times a week.

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Based on your updates and the fact that the situation with the second job is temporary until your fiance graduates, I would keep your job with kids. Especially as you say the second job is mainly fun money and savings and not bills.

In a couple of years, you’ll have a job you adore and more pto. 

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I totally understand the internal dilemma, but I’m actually really surprised at how many people think you should take the mediocre job when you will be well off enough in your current one once your hubs has graduated. If you were struggling to make ends meet then sure, that would be the ‘adult’ decision. But being excited and passionate about work – not just liking it – has a HUGE impact on quality of life. More impact than being able to afford more luxurious things imo. 


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I skimmed through your posts to get a better idea of your background before I replied. I’m going to say to take the adult job offer. 

You say this situation is temporary but you have years more of this lifestyle, if not more. Is this really sustainable for another couple of years? To be honest, if I could not work so many hours for so long without getting pissy. 

Work hours aside, how serious was your fiancé about starting that business? If he is serious, you’ll want to sit on a decent amount of savings in case the business takes a while to start up. Even if he doesn’t start the business, I’m assuming he’s going to graduate with a fair amount of school debt. And you yourself have a good amount of school debt already. When we’re you thinking of having kids and buying a home? Will your rate of saving support that? 

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mingogo4 :  This is a no brainer for me. I would take the offer in a heartbeat. Working at a job that you like, isn’t all consuming, pays well, you are good at, doesnt require you to work a 2nd job on the weekend, affords you the time and funds to have a life outside of work… where do I sign up?!?

I currently work a job that pays decent but the number of hours, mental energy, stress and in call I have to do just made me realize that this is not something I could do for a long time. My jon doesnt allow for proper work/life balance I work 10-12 hours 5 days a week, and at least 2 times a week it’s more like 15 hours. Just to keep my head above watter. And I brimg my laptop jome to work for about half a day on Sunday. So I am still looking for the next thing… I have been in this job for 5 month now. And Iknow this is not sustainable long term. No wonder most people dont last more than 3 years. My predecestor lasted 5 years and she did a very half assed job across the board , the effects of which I am still feeling. So to me your job offer sounds dreamy.

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I’ve chosen the less money option to follow my passion, but I don’t think I could cope with the long hours and little time off that you get. I get 4 weeks off and work 8-4 30, if I work outside that I can take time in lieu. Even if it’s only 2 years til your fiancé graduates,  I wouldn’t survive those two years.

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Based on your updates, I would stick with the job that you love.

It would be one thing if the passion job didn’t pay enough to cover your bills—but it does. You said you’re only working weekends to have extra money for savings, and even that is temporary until your husband graduates. So the extra work isn’t permanent or even necessary; you can always quit your weekend job if it feels like too much.

One thing I don’t recall seeing is whether you’d be able to transition into the adult position later, if your priorities changed. Would that path still be open in a few years if you ultimately did decide you wanted more money/benefits? If so, there would really be no reason to give up on your passion just yet.

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