(Closed) **Job Seeking Bees Support Thread*** Part 3

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1. Where are you located ? ( can be very broad or specific)

between lansing and detroit, michigan

2. How long have you been looking for work?

well i’ve been looking ever since i graduated a year and a half ago. i got a job six months after i graduated, but it was out-of-state so i continued to look back in michigan. then ended up getting laid-off from that job nine months later, so i moved back. it’s been three months since i became unemployed.

3. What is your background in? (education, work experience, etc)

i have my bachelors in radiologic technology with an emphasis on radiation therapy.

4. What kind of work have you been applying to?

i have been appling for therapist jobs, but have started to apply at nursing homes (which is where i worked though college)

5. What is the worst job you have ever had?


6. Dream job?

radiation therapist within an hour driving distance

7. Tips for keeping your sanity?!

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Hey ladies, I know a lot of you are still looking for jobs, but may I offer a bit of advice? Holiday season is just around the corner. Retail companies are always looking for seasonal help. If you need extra cash consider retail, they almost always offer discounts in their store for employees, too! 

For example: I worked at Kohl’s department store one year Oct-May (they kept me on for weekends). I only made like $6.25/hour but I got 15% discount on almost everything. Hobby Lobby offers 15% discount for employees, Jo-Ann fabric offers 20% discount. What about hardware stores as a cashier, your FH/DH will love you for the discount on that one!  I worked at a local Ace for 4 years and loved every minute of my $7.25/hour 🙂

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So I did what I’ve been telling myself not to do and accepted an interview the day I turned in my application. I got nervous, had diarrhea of the mouth and was so excited about getting to an interview that when she asked if this afternoon would be good I blurted out, “Of course!” before the logical part of my brain could stifle my mouth.

So now I have an interview in 30 minutes that I feel underprepared for. Here’s hoping I make it anyways!

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I just want to say how frustrated I am with the whole search.  I’m in a pretty specialized field, and there are really only two jobs I can apply to at the moment.  The waiting is killing me, as is all the uncertainty!

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1. Where are you located ? New Jersey 

2. How long have you been looking for work? I been looking fo 6 months but curently have a job but really hate it. 

3. What is your background in? I recevied my BA in History but getting my MBA with a concentration in HR. I have held many Administrative Jobs and Event Planning

4. What kind of work have you been applying to? I am lookikng for HR Positions but also applying for Admin jobs too.

5. What is the worst job you have ever had? My curren one right now. If any one wants to know why PM me. 

6. Dream job? I would love to be a Human Resource Coordinator for a large company. I am no longer interested in working for small companies.

7. Tips for keeping your sanity?! Take it one day at a time. 

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Any of you have those days where you feel worthless.  Where you are scared to make a single move in any direction because your not sure how your going to be able to keep your car a roof over your head etc once the checks run out?

The past two days I gone back to feeling like a failure.  About the only success I did have was losing a bunch of weigh to fit into my mom’s dress and now that is somehow gone too.  (Who the hell gains 7 pounds in two friggen weeks.)  

I have no motivation to eat, sleep or do much of anything.  It is frustrating.  I used to escape by planning the very small budget wedding but that excitement is starting to turn to worry.  

I have a meeting today with some woman who found my resume.  I hope she is going to be useful to me as the last few meetings I had didn’t go well.

I’m just feeling trapped like I’ve done everything I could to make my situation better and now I am out of options.  I’m scared and I don’t know what is going to happen next.

I am hoping I can push myself to eat again and exercise.  I am also hoping that this disease doesn’t get the best of me.  The last thing I want to do is file for disability.  That scares me too.  But at this point with no job offers and nothing out there that can really accommodate these issues I just might have to.

I hate this.  I hate feeling this way so ineffective.  Just before I got laid off I was finally starting to get in a good place financially.  I was worried then too because the jobs always go away when I get to this place.  And here it goes it happened again.

I miss having money not having to worry if I could afford to eat or to put gas in my car to get to a meeting.  And now if I don’t find a job I won’t even have a car to put gas into anymore.  I hate this.  Something has to give because I am at my breaking point mentally, physically and financially.  I just can’t take this anymore.

Before I was able to just shut off and all worries and march forward to get what I wanted.  But this time I can’t seem to free myself from this paralyzing fear.  This sucks and I hate it.

End Rant.

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@Mrs Christopher:  I feel you, hon. I got laid off last June, mid wedding planning, had just bought a new (to me) car, was getting to a good place financially, as well. They were supposed to hire me in after 3 months, and instead kept me through the staffing agency for 9 and then laid me off. I was so angry, but relieved. It was a horrible place to work, where no matter how great I was doing in my job, I got yelled at for whatever. I recently found out that they went out of business because the owner was $22 million in debt. That made me feel a little better, but that was the third consecutive job I’d been laid off of, and it starts to wear you down. I really want to give you a huge hug.

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@vorpalette:  Thanks. 🙁  I hope your situation gets better too. 🙁  I networked my way into a part time job and it pays for some of my bills but not all.  We are still 200 in the red each month.  I got a call back for another part time job but they might clash.  Not sure yet hoping it works out though.  I’m hoping I can’t get laid off from this one though.

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