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Thanks! I’m currently on the hunt. Although I have a great job, I am moving across the country due to FI’s military obligation. I’m looking for something in the higher educational industry and have a couple of resumes in committee right now. Good luck to everyone!

1. Where are you located ? Near Kansas City, KS

2. How long have you been looking for work? About a month.

3. What is your background in? Higher education. BA in Communications. MA in Managerial Communications. Working on a PhD in Human Capital Management.

4. What kind of work have you been applying to? Academic Administration and Instructing Positions

5. What is the worst job you have ever had? Retail.

5. Dream job? Dean or Tenured Professor.

6. Tips for keeping your sanity?! Also, my personal recommendation is not apply for everything, but to choose a few jobs in which you can invest the majority of your time. If you aren’t really interested in the job or aren’t a great fit, an employer can tell, so only invest your time in something you would really enjoy.

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Such a great idea!

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I am a newly employed, formerly laid off bee. Actually I have been laid off twice in the last 2.5 years.

I was laid off right before my wedding, more or less took the summer off (since jobs are much fewer and further between and companies move slower in the summer) and finally hit the ground running in September. I got a job and started right after Thanksgiving.

Its takes a lot of work, a lot of persistance, a lot of resume editing (it can always be better or targeted) etc.

And a LOT of interview skill practicing. 

The resume gets you the interview, the interview gets you the job.

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Fantastic thread.

I’ll start with my story.

I moved to London after getting married because my husband got a fantastic job opportunity.

After taking a few weeks to settle in, I started looking for work in October. 

I had several promising interviews in Oct through December and actually ended up with an offer. However the commute was longer than I would have liked and the pay was a bit lower. Since I’d had so many interviews already (and had more on the horizon) I thought I’d get another offer soon enough so I declined. Boy was I wrong about other offers coming in! Maybe I should have taken that job but hindsight is 20/20.

The job market really closed up over the holidays and I am just starting to get interviews again now that it’s March.

I had one today and according to the recruiter they really liked me, but another person there today was a stronger fit (they interviewed all candidates the same day and we had to do a case study as well as an interview).

I’ve mainly been working through recruitment firms and by applying to jobs online in my area as they come up.

I have my bachelors degree and 5 years of work experience. 

It’s really hard starting over in a new country!

Mainly I’m just trying to stay motivated, check out my other options (volunteering, going back to school, etc), and explore my new city. But I never realized how much I relied on work to help develop a network not only of colleagues but a network of friends.

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Good idea! I am currently unemployed, but have been on many interviews recently. I am called back for second or third interviews, but I haven’t gotten any offers yet. It is very frustrating! I try to look at the positive, in that I am getting to final rounds, but it is still upsetting and a blow to the ego each time I do not get the job. How are you bees keeping your spirits/confidence up?

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@Eva Peron:  Ok, some of it I answered above, but I will answer more specifically:

1. Where are you located ? London, UK

2. How long have you been looking for work? Since Oct 2011 (5 months)

3. What is your background in? Bachelors Degree in Biology, 5 years experience in both Project Management type roles and client facing roles in finance

4. What kind of work have you been applying to? Project Management type roles across multiple industries

5. What is the worst job you have ever had? Worked the front desk at a high end gym while in high school. Seriously, dealing with entitled gym-goers who don’t get their favorite spin bike at 5am on a Saturday was JUST too much sometimes!

5. Dream job? Working with horses. Too bad this is a job that ends up costing money, so it’ll always be a dream.

6. Tips for keeping your sanity?! Make a plan to get out of the house every day, even if it is just going to the grocery store. Putting myself out there to meet new people and get involved in groups that coincide with my interests (since not only do I need a job, but I need new friends too!).

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@Ms. Blue:  I hear you there. I got to the very final round at a company I really like only for them to decide to promote from within rather than hire a new employee. After 4 interviews with really positive feed back that is just SO hard to hear.

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I’m in the job-seeking boat, so I’ll join in.

We moved for my now-husband’s job last year, and I haven’t been able to find FT long-term employment since. My job niche prior to moving was perfect for Boston, but there are no opportunities to pursue it where we live now.

While I search, I’ve been able to dedicate time to some family members who are ill, supporting my husband in his very stressful job, perfecting my baking skills, and writing my next book. All of this has been wonderful, but the combined factors of finances and lonliness/boredom are really taking their collective toll on my overall well-being.

As someone with a BA (delayed getting MA until I figure out exactly what I want) and a cumulative work experience of 10 years, to say that I’m beyond frustrated is an understatement.

My biggest gripe in the job market today: non-responsive HR. I can e-mail, apply online, call, send carrier pigeons or smoke signals, and it seems I can barely get a response that my resume was *received* let alone read. 

Best wishes to you other job-seekers (and congrats to the recently-employed)!

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@BostonBaby:  I hear you on the non-response issue.

Since October I’ve applied to 68 jobs online and heard back from 6 (most of those 6 just a form letter letting me know my application was “not successful”).

Almost everything here goes through recruitment agencies too so you don’t even know which company you are applying to so it’s nearly impossible to follow up.

PS… we’ve been sticky-ed!

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@Eva Peron:  Thanks for starting this board!

1. Where are you located ? Southern California

2. How long have you been looking for work? Since February (I took a few weeks to get settled in)

3. What is your background in? Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication: Advertising. I was a Marketing Assistant for about 2.5 years before getting laid off. The last year I’ve spent as a software trainer for a SIS for K-12 education.

4. What kind of work have you been applying to? I’ve been applying to both training and marketing coordinator jobs across all industries. Recently, have rethought training and want to focus on getting back into marketing.

5. What is the worst job you have ever had? Worked in Food Service at the Zoo when I was in High School.

5. Dream job? Working for a child related non-profit company in marketing/events.

6. Tips for keeping your sanity?! Try to always remember the positive in each day. For me, I am thankful I have all this time to work on our wedding – lots of DIY projects.

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