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If there were an endless supply of jobs out there, everyone would have one that matched their qualifications and degrees. My best friend has a masters in Political Science and lost her job in local government when they started doing cut backs. Unemployment paid more than any minimum wage job, so she used the time she qualified to search for a job that was within her pay scale and qualifications. After almost $200,000 worth of education I don’t blame her.

It took her 2 1/2 YEARS to find a job that barely pays 75% of what she was making before. She had to freelance when her unemployment ran out (very infrequently) and moved in with her parents because places like Starbucks and Bloomingdales saw “Masters” on her resume and moved on because she was “overqualified” and they knew she would probably quit as soon as she found a better paying job. And I can assure you, she like most people who are panicked about losing their job, did not sit on her ass. She has sent out enough resumes to fill every mailbox in the state I’m guessing. It’s tough as shit out there.

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I’m not offended by the question but I can totally see how it can be take that way. This is a very sensitive subject for anyone who is in this situation. 

I quit my job in 2008 to go back to school full time. I made sure to volunteer an intern during my year in school and it seemed I would be OK after getting out. Unfortunately the Canadian govt did not create the paid internships they were supposed to that year & I was forced to look elsewhere for an unpaid internship. I got one, completed it & while interning applied for tons and tons of jobs. It’s now been almost 3 years since I started school and I have given up on the idea that I will ever find a job in my field. I am now working towards getting my license to sell Real Estate (the market here is crazy hot) and while it’s not ideal I feel like I need to move on with my life and do something even if it doesn’t relate to my field. 

So, this isn’t a US only situation, unemployment is extremely high (40+%) in Canada for people in my age group (24-30) because we are coming out of school with little experience (although I had worked full time). In the end it is simply a question of supply and demand. Yes, there are people who may abuse the system but for the majority of us who have spent 40 hours a week applying for jobs, improving our resumes and networking it really comes down to supply and demand.

I even went to a bunch of the career centres and every.single.one told me I had a perfect resume, there was nothing to improve on, I had great qualifications but guess what? So did 500 other people applying to jobs. They actually could not even help me with looking for a job because I had already been doing everything I was supposed to be doing. I volunteered at a place and they asked me to screen their applicants, 200 people applied for this job, out of those 10 were unqualified and among the rest were people with 10+ year of experience and PhDs and they were applying to a mid-level shit pay job.


ETA: This is the only time in my life where I have known more people to be unemployed than employed. The majority of my class (80 ppl) spent the last 2 years volunteering & unemployed. My brother & his gf who have HIGHLY desirable degrees and are good at what they do spent over a year unemployed.

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It is pointless to argue with ignorance. I wish you all the best in your life and hope that you don’t answer your own question with your own real life experience.

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I am not offended by your question, I was wondering the exact same thing back in 2009/2010. I was working 3 jobs and going to school full-time. 

One job was a minimum wage retail job working overnight 40 hours a week stocking shelves, one job was assissting at a day care to prep kids in the morning for school 5 days a week, and then I would go to my M-F professional office job. At night I went to school to finish my degree. About 10 months before the wedding I realized I was working myself TO DEATH. I wasn’t sleeping, ever. It put such a strain on our relationship to the point where he was seeking attention from other women. I quit two of my jobs (the overnight and the day-care) because my office job supplied us with enough money. 

Three months later I was laid off from my office job. I had nothing. I went from working 3 jobs and going to school full time to having nothing (this was during the summer so school wasn’t in session). I applied everywhere. I stalked our classifieds and literally applied to every job posting. I didn’t care what it was. I figured if I applied to EVERYTHING at least ONE would have to call me back, right? That’s just odds… WRONG. I finally ended up getting a job with the company I worked overnights for at a different location and a few months later ended up getting another full-time office job. Now I’m working 7 days a week between both jobs and 5 months pregnant. DH keeps telling me to quit my weekend job because I need the rest but I’m terrified the same thing will happen again. 

Finding a job is hard. I never went on EI but I know plenty of people who are and a few who are completely abusing the system. It makes me angry to be working so hard at 2 jobs and see others getting paid to do NOTHING. Some people I know on EI literally aren’t looking for jobs at all because “I’m already getting paid to do nothing, why bother?” I’m not sure they realize the system only houses you for so long…

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