Joint Finances – Do you or Don’t you??

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lwchang :  yeah, for that reason it works really well for us. Darling Husband has his own hobbies too so we don’t really need to check with each other when we want to splurge on something. But what works for us may not work for others!

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We do it the same as wolfeyes . We are lucky to make similar salaries so we just informally split things up/try to take turns. I send Fiance a set amount each month that works out to us both paying about the same in bills, though we’ve never actually detailed it all out down to the dollar or anything. We probably won’t get joint accounts unless we decide to have kids or if our financial situation changes (i.e. one of us loses a job or something). He’s an accountant and I’m a banker so we both have a pretty good hold on our finances, and have discussed that the money is really “ours” not “his/mine,” so we’ve never really had a need.

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colourmeyellow :  Once we moved in together, my husband (then boyfriend) and I joined all of our accounts. I handle paying all bills / investments pretty much exclusively, although hubby is aware of what’s going on and has access to all accounts.

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colourmeyellow :  we only have joint bank accounts and it makes life way easier for us. 

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We have our own personal accounts and then a shared account for house bills. We might do a total combined finances one day, but this has worked for the past 4 years that we’ve lived together. 

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colourmeyellow :  We do everything joint and we like it that way.  I’m always surprised at married couples who plan to keep things seperate long term.  It just seems totally impractical to me.  But whatever works.  

I think that the majority of couples go mostly joint, but wait until they are married.  And for a many people combining doesn’t happen all in one day, but instead it happens gradually over time.  

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We started dating at 14 and two years later we started working and that’s when we opened our joint accounts.

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We do have joint account for savings and yes all money comes from that account will need permission lol. Then we have separate account for our own monthly expenses and fun money and we can do whatever we wish on this money!!

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We have joint accounts, but we still have our old accounts from when we were single, which stay dormant. I’m sure the separate accounts work for some people, but in an emergency, the accounts would merge anyway I would think. There aren’t any purchases that we’d keep from each other either. 

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We have joint everything. It works because we have similar ideas about goals/planning/saving, but honestly not being of the same financial mindset as me would have been a dealbreaker for both of us long ago. Savings is extremely important to me and I think I’d always resent a spouse who overspent “his” money once retirement came and all the savings was mine.  No judgement, I just know I couldn’t do it myself.


Those who have separate accounts- how does it work for you when you have kids?  Who pays what?  Especially if one person stays home full or even part time.  Again, no judgement, just curious. 

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We do not, mostly because we haven’t had a need for one. Most bills come out of my account and Darling Husband transfers me his half. I do the same for the bills in his name. We both have savings accounts which we regularly deposit into. I’m not opposed to joint accounts but I also don’t see the point of one for us right now.

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We will have a joint everyday account for bills with a linked joint savings account to save up for things like holidays/house etc.

We will keep our personal accounts and keep our pay going into our personal accounts, just transfer the amount of pay into the joint bills account and the joint savings account, keeping some for our personal accounts.

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lwchang :  I really don’t have particularly strong opinions about this. just expressing a view. this is my view at the moment. I’m sure it will change as my lifestyle changes. I think it’s personal what works for every couple.

Maybe it didn’t come across due to wording but I did try to say that it works if both are working. This can be changed if circumstances change as I said in the end of the post that there are many factors that affect the decision a couple makes.

I’m not sure what you are trying to say with the cut of from consulting. a couple with separate bank accounts. of course you talk and make decisios together. separate bank accounts doesnt make you roommates or mean that you are not a team. I do think that the discussion will be different if it’s “our” money or their own money. 

naturally as life changes the division changes. just saying that decision made now doesnt have to be that way forever.

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My SO and I have joint everything, too. We did that before we were even married.

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I don’t want to be pessimistic here, but I’m thinking what if something goes wrong, I mean we don’t know what on our partner’s mind, I remember a couple who both rushed to the bank when the girl found out that her husband has an affair to his secretary. Both are worried about their joint account more than anything else, funny but true. lfrown

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