(Closed) Journey of Pregnancy after Miscarriage and/or Infertility, Part 6

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lalalalauren:  Wow you are so close! Glad the NSTs are looking good!

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Ham1320:  OMG twins! Congrats!

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arielmerms:  Thanks for the well wishes and starting the new thread! He made it seem like a really really small chance it was actually an issue. I’m choosing to believe she is just strong 🙂

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I’ve been meaning to post an update for aaaages, since I used to love stalking bees who graduated from the TTC after MC and TTC 1yr+ threads on here and it made my sad when they’d disappear! 

Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 25+6/ September 15… I alternate between feeling like I’ve got forever left and being shocked that I’m almost up to the third tri

Pregnancy journey: PCOS + 1 CP November 2014, 1 MC at 7 weeks July 2015, 1 MMC at 9 weeks due to tripoid syndrome November 2015. Diagnosed with a terminal case of bad luck. 

Next appt/test/ultrasound: 28wk midwife appointment 25th June

What are you struggling with: I was so so so anxious early on, but I’m actually feeling pretty good at the moment. I’ll never feel totally out of the woods until my little girl is in my arms, but at the same time, I never thought that I’d feel this relaxed at any stage in my pregnancy. For those of you in the first tri struggling with epic anxiety, it does get better!!

What helps you: Other than a bleeding scare at 7 weeks, my pregnancy as been completely drama free and boring. I am so grateful! At my midwife appointment last week everything looked great – weight is fine, Bridal Party is fine, baby is measuring perfectly with a strong HB. Baby kicks are the best thing ever and are a constant reminder that girlfriend is ok. Of course I still worry, and I don’t think of myself as a success story by a long way. I just can’t wait until I get to meet my little girl in September. 

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): All my pics are on my phone – but imagine a baby-shaped baby.


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Roll Call! I’ve been waiting for a new thread to join you all for a!:)

Weeks pregnant/due date: 13w2d…Due December 11th

Pregnancy journey: CP in November 2014. MC at 8 weeks in October 2015. Went to RE for testing in February 2016, all came back normal. The day after our follow up appointment to start IUI, I got my BFP wayyyyy early at 3w2d!

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Next appointment is June 28th…I will be 16 weeks, so I think it is just a listen to the heartbeat quickie. I did the Harmony test at 11 weeks, and the results weren’t in at my 12 week appointment, so they should be good by then!!

What are you struggling with: I feel like a lunatic, but I still check for bleeding every. single. time I go to the restroom. Now that I am not getting weekly ultrasounds, it is hard to stay calm. 

What helps you: My husband. We developed a little “mantra” that I repeat to myself any time I feel nervous. It helps.

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny …Our announcement!

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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 24w6d/Sept 21

Pregnancy journey: 1 year of trying, 8 months of oft-cancelled IUI cycle attempts for anovulatory PCOS. Pregnant on my first injectable + IUI cycle.

Next appt/test/ultrasound: 6/20 I have an ultrasound and follow-up MFM appointment.

What are you struggling with: I’ve gotten really exhausted again in the past week. Husband and I moved a few weeks ago, still trying to get everything unpacked. I also have chronic pelvic and abdominal pain which has been lessened in the previous four-five weeks but has been worse this past week. Hoping its just because of moving and not getting worse again already! But even in its lessened form it really limits my activity. I know it will get worse in the third tri as more pressure goes back on my pelvic nerves.

What helps you: Feeling and seeing baby girl move. Getting past 24 weeks. My new MFM who I like and trust. Being near my friends again in my new city (I had none in old city.) Now my dog has started getting clingy to me, thinking about how much he will love the baby. Not sure how he is with infants but he loves toddlers (and I know once we start introducing foods he will love his new benefactress)

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): Snoogle theif and baby nomming hand at anatomy scan:IMG_5563image

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Weeks pregnant/due date: 21+4 weeks – due October 15

Pregnancy journey: This is baby #2, after our long IVF journey to get Miss G, who is now 3. This baby has taken 3 fresh rounds of IVF, 8 transfers, and 3 miscarriages… we had a healthy NIPT and 19 week scan, but I’m still so so nervous.

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Today! And then fortnightly OB visits.

What are you struggling with: Anxiety about previous losses, monitoring cervix.

What helps you: These groups! 🙂 

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif):

Last pic of baby girl:

Belly shot this week!

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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 34+3 Due July 17th! Ahhhh

Pregnancy journey: Got pregnant first month off BCP in April 2013, that pregnancy ended in a MMC at 12 weeks. D&C shortly after and got pregnant again the next month which resulted in my beautiful DD who is 2! Started trying for baby #2 in May 2015 had 3 consecutive MCs. Went to a RE for secondary RPL and a day later found out I was pregnant again. This time it stuck and I’m 34+4 with a baby boy!! So grateful for my little boy.

Next appt/test/ultrasound: I’m on the weekly NST schedule bc I was diagnosed with MTHFR during my RPL testing. Next real appt is at 36 weeks where they will start internal exams! Can’t believe that’s so soon! 2 ladies in my month group already had their babies! Makes me anxious!!

What are you struggling with: Grasping the fact that this baby is coming so soon. Trying not to think about all the horror stories I’ve heard of people losing babies late in term. Being uncomfortable. He is ALL up in my ribs on the right side all day long.

What helps you: Focusing on my daughter, trying to cherish our time together just us before her world is rocked!

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): Latest bump pic from 34+1 🙂



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 Cautiously Joing!!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 13 weeks, due date December 14 (day before my birthday!)

Pregnancy journey: I had a very complicated MC that lasted all of June 2015. Turns out I had a piece of fetal tissue in my cervix which caused many issues and lots of blood loss- I had a D&C June 31. Got pregnant again November 2015, but the baby was not developing properly and had low HR. Heart beat stopped at 8 ½ weeks and I had a D&C Jan 7. After my second MC we had some testing done and were taking some time off from TTC. Things did not go as planned and I got pregnant when we weren’t trying lol

Next appt/test/ultrasound: not until June 28. I was getting weekly ultrasounds due to my history and I had a SCH, but now I am being treated like a normal pregnant person which is good and bad

What are you struggling with: Fear, which is still pretty constant. I am always worried the baby’s heart stopped. I am trying to enjoy this, but it can be difficult.

What helps you: thinking about all the things that are different (positive) with this pregnancy

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): I am on my work computer and don’t have anything!

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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 5 weeks / February 8th, 2017

Pregnancy journey: DH and I have been trying since we were married in May 2012! After a year of trying, we went into a low-level RE clinic at Kaiser. Did 8 medicated cycles, all BFN. Did a lot of testing, and everything looked good.

Mid 2014 – Went to some wholistic OB who recommended a crazy diet. Followed the diet for 6 months and nothing changed.

Early 2015 – Went to a NaPRO practicioner. What a disaster, and total quack medicine! Recommended surgery before I was evaluated. Didn’t find endometriosis during the surgery, but the doctor did manage to create some scaring on my tubes which had previously been fine. Not long after the doctor lost his medical liscense for other cases besides mine.

Mid-2015: Time to get serious! I went to one of the best REs in Colorado. He wanted to try 3 rounds of IUI with monitoring just to get his own evaluation of my situation. All BFN. I wasn’t surprised.

Early 2016: Let’s go IVF! I started my down regulation right after the first of the year, and had a reteival in late February. 57 eggs were retreived (!!!) and I got severe OHSS which landed me in the hospital for a whole week. I’d never a sickness like that. It took a whole month (and many paracentisis procedures) to recover, but I finally started feeling like a human again (especially after peeing out 35 pounds of retained liquid over a 4 day stretch back in late March).

Late April 2016: Time to prep for the FET!

May 24th – FET

May 31st – My first ever BFP! We found out the good news on our 4th anniversary of TTC. I completely lost it, and was crying tears of joy all morning.

June 3rd beta: 175, June 6th beta: 649. So far so good!

Next appt/test/ultrasound: First ultrasound on June 23rd. I can’t wait!

What are you struggling with: I am a little anxious to hear the heart beat. I know there are a lot of risks in getting through the first trimester, but I am also thrilled that I’ve gotten this far. I don’t really feel any symptoms yet, and strangely I think I might find morning sickness (if / when it kicks in) oddly comforting that things are progressing.

What helps you: The fact that my boobs have trippled in size! I’m joking a bit, but I naturally have micro-boobs so being able to properly fill my a-cup bras is pretty epic. I am hoping I feel a bit more relaxed after I hear the heart beat.

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif):

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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 20w2d/ due October 25!

Pregnancy journey: Got pregnant after a year of trying last October, which resulted in a MMC at 8 weeks and D&C. Found out I was pregnant again in February, right after we started testing for secondary infertility. Now halfway through this pregnancy with a healthy baby boy!

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Had a perfect anatomy scan a week ago, next up will be my standard 24 week appointment.

What are you struggling with: I’m feeling surprisingly calm right now, I have random moments of anxiety, but the regular movement has really helped!

What helps you: Baby movement and my doppler!

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): Will share something when I’m not at work 🙂


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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 5 weeks 4 days/ February 5th 2017

Pregnancy journey: I have lean PCOS as well as autoimmune and clotting issues and DH had a somewhat low sperm count. We tried for 1 year before going to our RE.  All of our tests were normal (HSG, SA, etc). Now just after 2 years of trying, we got pregnant on our third IUI with injectibles. 

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Just had a ultrasound on Monday and it revealed two gestational sacs so as of now we’re expecting twins. My next appointment is Friday where I will hopefully see fetal poles, etc. My first beta at 12dpIUI was 151 and 48 hours later it jumped to 383. Now it’s sky high and I’ve been experiencing morning sickness already so I hope that’s a good sign. 

What are you struggling with: Staying positive. I’m terrified something is going to go wrong. I think I’m miscarrying with every cramp or twinge. Also, I already had to get a rhogam shot which delayed starting my blood thinners so I’m anxious about that too. 

What helps you: Staying busy and realizing that even if we miscarry at least we know getting pregnant is possible. 

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif):

My first ever BFP at 11dpIUI after 2 years of trying:



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Feist:  Thank you. I’m still really early but we’re cautiously excited. 

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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 15+4, due November 26th

Pregnancy journey: Tried naturally (charted) for 19 months. First positive pregnancy test just 3 days before our first IUI appointment.

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Anatomy scan / gender reveal July 7th. Seems SO far from now!

What are you struggling with: Patience. Waiting to feel movement. All my fears of childbirth are resurfacing after being shoved down during infertility struggles.

What helps you: Staying busy. Our month board/FB group. Looking forward to finding out the gender!

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): Last ultrasound at 10+2 (5 weeks ago), he or she is sitting



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Roll Call!

Weeks pregnant/due date: 29w2d/August 19th

Pregnancy journey: Started trying November 2014, got pregnant January 2015 but that ended in MC at 5 weeks. Got pregnant again in April 2015, that was a CP. Seven months later got pregnant in November 2015 and that one stuck!

In between getting my sticky baby I had every blood test done you could think of which revealed I have the version of MTHFR that doesn’t really require me to take any action. It just meant that I need to take folate instead of folic acid since my body does not process folic acid. I also had an HSG and DH had an SA and both came back clear/great.

Next appt/test/ultrasound: Next appointment is June 24th. I’m far along enough now where they want to see me for bi-weekly appointments but no more ultrasounds for me 🙁 Haven’t seen baby girl since the anatomy scan in week 20!

What are you struggling with: Preparing for her. I feel like there are so many things to get done for baby before she gets here and now I understand why people say you’re never truly ready. I’m also struggling with the idea of breastfeeding. I plan to do it completely but I worry about if I’ll have a supply. Once my supply comes in I’ll exclusively pump because 1) I’m not 100% comfortable w/baby to breast and 2) I’ll be a working mom and have to pump at work anyhow.

Another struggle: Not knowing what to expect for labor. I plan to do a natural water birth at the hospital and God be with me I hope I can make it through it.

What helps you: Feeling baby move. I love all of her movements because they reassure me that she’s alright in there.

Share a pic of anything (BFP, ultrasound, pet, funny gif): Don’t have anything since I’m on my work computer.


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