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  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

Let’s see…. I really put my foot down about no kids at my wedding.  My DH’s (trashy) cousin wanted to bring her illegitimate kid to “introduce him to the family” at our wedding and I said that our wedding wasn’ t really the place for that. She ended up “getting sick” and not coming. Fine with me though I do feel kinda bad.

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  • Wedding: September 2014 - Banff, Alberta

I ordered 60 wooden dowels from a craft store back in September, I said no rush wedding ins’t for a year. Stopped by in November and they hadn’t been ordered yet. Came back in January and they still hadn’t been ordered yet. Got slightly irritated when I came in March and THEY STILL HADN’T BEEN ORDERED YET. Considering, I think I was pretty good about it, said 6 months ago there was no rush but now I would like these please! Finally came in the next time I was in. 

One other slight freak out, on fiance for not doing his wedding tasks on time. Getting families addresses, finalizing guest list, getting wedding music all delayed a few months. I had a slight meltdown and cried and said I am doing all this work and only ask a few things from you, can you please do them on time?! 

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I’ve only had one so far, and it was bound to happen. My mom and I are super planners and organizers and try to ‘out plan’ the other sometimes. Now personally once I settle on something it’s going to happen. Period.

Anyway she told me a friend of hers had a daughter get married and had more than a 100 gold chargers just sitting around and said that we were welcome to borrow them–free of charge. Perfect, I was worried the tables would look so bare because we’re doing a buffet style dinner with heavy appetizers. 

A few months ago I asked my mom about the chargers and if we could get some to try some place settings and she immediately told me that I didn’t need chargers because it wasn’t a sit-down dinner. She kept arguing with me about them until I finally screamed over the phone,”I DON’T CARE. I WANT THOSE CHARGERS. THEY ARE FREE AND I’M THE BRIDE. SO THERE.”

I think she’s done questioning me now, lol.

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morningcoffee:  Thanks so much! Haha, my MOH’s sister said the same thing about wine!!! I am really planning to head to the store and take your advice. It is now 16 days until the wedding

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  • Wedding: August 2015

I’ve had a couple. 

One was recent and because of the bridal shop. My mom purchased my dress as a gift back in March. This shop doesn’t tend to keep dresses around long as it’s a small local shop and purchases from small-batch designers. So that’s why the dress was purchased early. I was a little uncomfortable about the cost then, but my mom insisted that if that was the dress (and it is!), then she was getting it for me then and there because she loved it too. When I went to go pick out a few bridesmaids dresses for my girls to look at recently, I saw my dress on the sale rack, 60% off, in the size I ordered BUT the wrong color. I was so mad at myself for not insisting that my mom wait and we see if there’s a discount later, but I really don’t like the bright white the sale dress was, so I keep reminding myself that I get my lovely ivory dress, and my mom insisted that the cost was way smaller than she was expecting and had set away specifically for the dress. *argh* I might have angry cried a couple minutes in the car on the way home. 

Dear Fiance, I love him to bits, but he’s been so busy with work that he half completes a thought about wedding stuff or plans or anything. It aggravates the hell out of me. For example: “I think I’ll ask Friend A to be my best man.” Two weeks later:” So what did Friend A say?” “Huh?” “At dinner a week ago?” ” Oh yeah. He said he’d be honored to be a groomsman.” “He didn’t want to be best man?” “Why would he be best man?” “You said you’d ask him….” “Oh. No. I asked Friend B. Why would I ask A?” *ARGH* He’s done that on quite a few things now…suit color, ties vs bow ties, really silly things that honestly shouldn’t matter AT ALL but dear lord are they aggravating as all heck. I just want him to pick an opinion and stay with it! Or at least tell me the final opinion, not half of the steps along the way! Especially when we’ve talked about him telling me one thing and then suddenly changing an opinion and telling someone else something else. 

My mother’s been a cause of some bridezilla feelings as well and a couple out of proportion freakouts. Her taste and mine = opposite ends of the spectrum. Somehow when I gave her a total invitee limit of 100 she decided that meant that she could invite nearly her entire extended family. These are people that I see maybe once a year, that I’m not fond of, and that have never contributed anything to my life, and the total number of people she wanted to come for sure? Over 100. I had no words when she sent me the list, so I closed the email tab and drank a glass of wine. Apparently she forgot to do math, lol, so once I sent her back a list of everyone’s requested number of invitees, she understood how very many people she couldn’t invite (unless she wanted to pay for them lol). My parent’s aren’t paying for the wedding – they offered to pay for my dress, and flowers. 

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  • Wedding: July 2014

I had a mild bridezilla moment the day before the wedding when my favours still hadn’t arrived by 4pm. They were meant to have arrived on the Thursday for the Saturday wedding! Anyhow, the courier had some problem and promised they would be there on Friday. For some reason I told myself it would be in the morning so as the day wore on I got more and more anxious. When Fiance, trying to be helpful and calm me down, told me that it didn’t matter if they didn’t arrive on time because he’d go to the supermarket and buy everyone mini packs of Haribo instead I did not take the suggestion very well. I didn’t shout or anything but I had to take myself upstairs and away from everyone and do some serious deep breathing to stop myself crying! Don’t get me wrong, I love Haribo, but they weren’t what I had planned, ordered and paid for 7 months before the day!

thankfully they turned up at around 4.30 so panic over

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danibelle:  aw i loled at ugly cry haha! Your Fiance seems to sweet. 

I’ve been super laid back for the length of the engagement but now that we are 30 ish days out Its really really getting stessful

Lets see I haven’t been totally bridezilla yet, but I am going to probably flip over RSVPs .I know for a fact people have them ready to go sitting on their counters. JUST SEND THEM IN WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE? 

I am pretty anal about that stuff so now that the RSVP date is 8/15 and we only have like half of them back I’m going to be calling people and stalking them and threatening them with the vegetarian option for food until I get an answer lol. 

Also I sent an evite for the rehearsal dinner and I can see who has opened the evite and hasn’t responded. JUST CLICK RESPOND! Like they are all immediate family / bridal party. How hard is it to open the effing email and hit “yes” lol! SMH

I actually texted one of the groomsmen and told him to respond. lol

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  • Wedding: September 2013

I don’t think this was a bridezilla moment, but my friend did call me out on it WAY after the wedding, so apparently it had been on her mind for awhile (and interestingly she had more than a couple zilla moments back when I was a Bridesmaid or Best Man for he):

My ceremony had very minimalist decor. No arch, no flowers, no chair bows, nothing. The main pop of color was from the rose petal lined aisle (in custom ombre shades based on my theme). My friend offered to received the FedEx shipment of the rose petals and bring them with her to the Destination Wedding location (because the shipping origin is near where she lives but 3 weeks transit time from where I live). When she came to the welcome party, the first thing she said before hello was “I forgot your rose petals.” And I started choking back tears and told her that I didn’t want to talk about it.  She says I was being ridiculous and it really hurt her feelings that I concentrated more on the fact that she forgot the rose petals than the fact that she came so far to attend my wedding. I see her point, but in all fairness, I really don’t think she should’ve led with that, lol. 

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