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@alyssaC: Sorry that happened to you! How rude.

I’d chalk it up to those people are idiots. Anyone crass enough to make such stupid comments (especially to the strangers they’re making them about) isn’t worth giving a second thought to. It’s not worth confronting them (“Would you like to see my ID, A-holes?!”), because in the end they don’t matter. Try to ignore them. But man, I’d spaz on them, I’m no sweet pea ๐Ÿ™‚

If you do have such an encounter again (and I sincerely hope that there aren’t more idiots like that around), then maybe speak up with something calm and firm about being an adult and shut them down. Snark may only fuel them, and they truly, truly aren’t worth your time. 

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I have never had anyone say it to me, but I know people have probably thought it. Or else, they probably think I’m his little sister! Fiance is 6’4″ and I’m 4’11”. Many people guess FI’s age to be 30-35, and many guess mine to be 18-20. We are both in our mid twenties, and in fact are the same age.

I’ve been asked for my I.D. at an R-rated movie when I was 23. I have been asked if I was 18 before being given a job application. I have been asked if I was 18 or older when I wanted to get my license renewed. I have only ever NOT been carded once, and that was because I was with Fiance and he never gets carded.

It’s frustrating. Not to mention, just being short, people tend to treat you like a child or teenager. It’s like they can’t help themselves.

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Aren’t people lovely?

I am really sorry that you overheard their incredible insensitive comments and I hope that you don’t encounter them again. People can be so rude and it is often their way of coping with personal insecurities, so their comments probably had very little to do with you.

My DH and I have always endured comments about me being a gold digger or that I am too pretty to be with him. Now we joke about it because what else can you do? My volleyball team is named Gold Diggas in honor of DH’s co-worker that just can’t stop running her mouth about us…jealousy is a hell of a thing.

Best of luck to you and your Fiance. ๐Ÿ™‚

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People just suck sometimes….sorry you had to go through this

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@alyssaC:  CHILD MOLESTER?! whenever I see a really short person dating a really tall person I just wonder things that I probably shouldn’t wonder about :P. “She looks like a child” is the LAST thing that NEVER comes to mind! People like that need to be smacked around with a broomstick HARD!

I come from a conservative background, and I married young for my age .. so the assumption is: she got married because she’s pregnant. PSH I’m not. The other assumption people make is that I got married for immigration purposes. Uh yeah sure whatever you say.

some people don’t even deserve validation for their comments. that is, you didn’t hear a single word they said after that comment because they no longer exist in your life.

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Oh my word…

People can be so RUDE.

I am so sorry you had to hear that.

I know how much it hurts when people gossip. :-/

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You did the right thing.  I almost think people like that want get a rise out of you and have you respond.  But just think about it this way… how pathetic must their lives be that they have nothing better to talk about than a couple they don’t even know?  I’m certain I’ve never noticed anything like that, nor have I ever commented on a couple to my friends.  Those were just sad, lonely, pathetic people.  If you’re happy, don’t let anyone get you down.

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I have a baby face, in addition to being short.  Ugh. Maybe when I’m 40 I will appreciate but that is a long time to deal with being treated like a kid.

Not to mention getting run over in crowds, having to practically yell to be heard by tall people, and forget ordering a drink at a bar, they will look right over my head! I always have my guy get my drinks (though we don’t go to crowded bars too often).

I went to an outdoor music festival and people were astounding in how they were able to ignore the fact that a five foot person was standing beside the tall guy. They would literally try to walk through our hands that were clasped together and trample me!!

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I have this problem…A LOT! I am 4’11” so let me just say, nice to meet a fellow hobbit, my Fiance is 6′ and he also happens to be ten years older. He’s 33 and looks about mid to late twenties, I’m 23 and look easily like I’m 25 or 26. Even with that small of a difference in looks, we get comments all the time in regards to our height. People are so annoying…that’s all I can say.

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