(Closed) July 2013 Mamas and Babies – Part 11!!!

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@MrsB1015:  Ok I think mine will bethe week of April 19th so I guess mine is before yours, but will def let you know how it goes.


@Mrs.JA:  Will have to check out the Belly Bandit brand! Thanks have no lcue what is good or bad lol

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So it’s nearly 5am here in Oz and I’m wide awake. Spent the past hour in the shower heaving up dinner (I may never eat roast chicken again!) and ended up cramping pretty badly. I was freaking out that something was wrong with the baby as the pain was terrible but it’s subsided now. I just checked little man’s heartbeat with the doppler and he’s doing well thank goodness. He’s not even here yet and already I’m such a worry wart. I swear every time I have a pain, strange sensation down there, some gas or even a bizarre bowel movement, I fear the worst lol. Must be the mama coming out in me. My mum has often told me that you worry about your child from before they’re even born til your dying day. Yep, she was right! He’s all I ever think about and I know there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.

1. Where/how did you  meet your FI/DH/BD? Good old internet dating lol. I had logged on to cancel my account after a string of disasterous dates and he had just signed up. I was his first and he was my last haha. We texted and talked on the phone for about a month before we even met in person but once we did, shebang shebang, there were fireworks, sparks flew and we lived happily ever after :p

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying  home/returning to work)?  I work from home baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes so will continue doing that after bub is born. I’m also a qualified massage therapist so once I’m feeling up to it, I’ll get back into that as I can schedule appointments at times that suit me.

3. Breastfeeding or  not?  Nobody in my family has had success with it but I’m definitely going to try.

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with  baby?  James and I are having a babymoon before bub comes (probably some time early in the third trimester) but have no plans to travel after he arrives. Just want to enjoy spending time with him at home.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to  share…)  We had decided on Xavier but thanks to one of DH’s close friends naming their son that recently, we went back to the drawing board and our shortlist to brainstorm another. The middle name will definitely be Alexander as this is my DH’s middle name and that of his father and grandfather, so we’d like to continue the tradition and honour these amazing men. As for first names, of course we can’t decide. Darling Husband loves Hayden but I don’t like that it’s unisex and doesn’t sound masculine. The names I like, he doesn’t so… arghhh back to square one! :/

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@Mrs.JA:  Thanks for the new thread! 


1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD? At the bar lol

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)? SO and his brother are starting their own business in that I will be working for.

3. Breastfeeding or not? Gonna try again, first time didn’t work so well :/

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby? Possibly going to stay at a place on a lake, nothing for sure yet.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…) No absolute on this but looks like Devon Michael? We really haven’t talked about it much this time around :0


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cjfs – 7/1

mrsaponte – 7/2

ilovestripes – 7/4

h2mrsdj – 7/6

izzy81 – 7/13

winter11 – 7/17

mrs.ja – 7/18

mrs. D – 7/18

katlovesjames – 7/22

wifegoodman – 7/23

cindyrelly – 7/23

luna31 – 7/25

mrs.sunflower – 7/26

blondee – 7/31


unraveledstar – 7/11

ohbeehive84 – 7/12

mojoh – 7/16

nicannette – 7/18

mrsdtmajor – 7/18

bookgirrl – 7/19

mrsb1015 – 7/20

mskeee – 7/23

paper rose – 7/27

mixtapehearts (twins) – 7/31


soon2bmrs.D – 7/1

soonsoon – 7/23

cafegirl – 7/31

janedomani – 3/15

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1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD? Mutual friends. I worked with his sister and he worked with my friend.

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)? I will be going back to work, unfortunately. I’m a nurse and work full time night shift – after the baby is born, I will take 10-12 weeks off and then I will work night shift again but part time (2 shifts a week and every other weekend).

3. Breastfeeding or not? I’m at least going to try!

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby? Nope, no plans.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…) Dylan Michael 🙂 we chose Michael for the middle name after my dad who passed away when I was younger.

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Roll Call Questions:

1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD? I unknowingly hit on him at a bar and gave him my number when I was hammered.  I had just turned 21!   I left the bar with him saved in my phone as John – yet his name was not John.  He texted and called for a few weeks before I agreed to go out with him because I thought for sure I had drunk goggles and he would be a creeper.  But a girlfriend I worked with knew him and said I should give him a shot and I would be surprised.  So I did, and that’s history!  He still teases me by making up things i “said” to him the night we met – since I dont remember him it at all.

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)? Going back to work after 7 weeks! boo!

3. Breastfeeding or not?  I am breast feeding until the pump comes in ( i have united healthcare and i cant order my free breast pump until the DAY the baby is born, meaning I cant get the pump for around a week).  I am pumping only after that.  This is all as long as I am able to! Some people just cant.

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby? Nope! Pre-baby trip to southern Michigan/Chicago.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…)  Ellody

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1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD? 

 I was living with 2 girls in college, one of them was dating a guy that came over to take her to dinner one night.  My husband was sort of friends with him at the time, like they only hung out like 4 or 5 times.  He ended up tagging along to dinner, and I wasn’t working that nigh so they invited me along.  The rest is history J  My friend/roommate and her b/f broke up very shortly after I met my hubby, so if we didn’t meet that night we never would have.

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)?

Going back to work… L  Wish I could stay home but we have insurance through my company and it’s such great coverage for next to nothing.  So it just doesn’t make sense to lose my income and then have to pay a ton for individual coverage

3. Breastfeeding or not?

I’m planning on pumping and bottle feeding.  I worry about him not wanting a bottle after I go back to work and someone else needs to feed him during the day.  Plus it would be nice if Darling Husband or someone else could pitch in a feed him once in a while too.

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby?

None yet, all of our close family lives within an hour of us (we live next door to my in laws) so we won’t have much travel to see anyone for the holidays or anything

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…)

Since I don’t get my pick we’re still kind of on the fence, but thinking Aiden at the moment


@katlovesjames:  @wifegoodman:  Thanks!  My newest project (until my new decals come in!) is a maternity sash for our maternity pictures.  Can’t find a good inspiration picture, but here’s something close (but in my aqua/peacock blue/teal colors)

It's a Boy - Vintage Blue, Ivory and Beige Maternity Sash- Maternity Belt- Photography Prop

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Are we really on part 11??? 🙂


Roll Call Questions:

1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD?  Sophomore year in college in class. He helped me with homework.

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)? Returning to work at 7 weeks! I have a flexible schedule though, so I’m trying to see if I can do just a M/W/F schedule and have Dirty Delete at day care 3 days a week, and work from home the other 2 days.

3. Breastfeeding or not? Gonna try. I was a breastfed baby but Darling Husband was a formula baby. I’ve got the pump and all the accessories, wish me luck.

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby? Probably just driving trips for the rest of 2013 for holidays (thank goodness most of our family lives in the same state). In January 2014, I have a conference in Washington DC I attend every year, haven’t decided if by then I’ll be comfortable leaving Dirty Delete with grandma or hubby for 5 days.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…) Leaning towards Audrey Louise.



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@Mrs.JA:  DAH. your post doesnt look smushed on my computer! but ALL of part 10 was smushed on mine! i wonder why that is! maybe because we created them? but why!

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Roll Call Questions:

1. Where/how did you meet your FI/DH/BD?  We met initially at a law firm party, and neither of us worked for the law firm. The party was for Stampede, which is like a big cowboy Mardi Gras where everyone in the city parties dressed up like cowboys for two weeks straight and no one works. I was (not seriously) seeing someone at the time, but I hung out for a bit with Darling Husband at the party and flirted with him, and I had such a fun time with him! I thought he was cute and very very funny and witty and smart.

Fast forward one year almost exactly – I had just just broken up with the guy I was dating (like maybe even the same day) and I went to the bar with a friend (whose Stampede party it was that I met Darling Husband at) to get my flirt on. I was saying to her before we went out that the last person I had met that I wanted to go on like an actual date with was that guy that I had met the year before at her Stampede party. Anywho, we get to the bar, and all of the sudden Darling Husband just appears beside me. And I was like – No. Way. I was just randomly thinking about you (which was maybe a bit creepy, but oh well!) And so needless to say, after our serendipitous “re-meeting” we were inseparable. Got engaged 2 years later, and we got married on the 3 year anniversary of our “re-meeting”.

2. What are your plans for work after baby (staying home/returning to work)? I will be at home for 6 months, and then returning 2 days a week in office and 2 days from home. I will keep up that schedule for as long as I feel like it! I have a great flexible workplace, so it’s easy to change what I want to do and what works with the baby.

3. Breastfeeding or not? I really want to breastfeed! I even already have in home lactation consultants set up for if I have trouble! I am an overplanner

4. Any traveling/vacation plans with baby? We don’t have any firm travel plans yet because we don’t know how I will feel and what the baby will be like, etc., but we travel a lot, so we will be making them again soon.

5. Whats the babe’s name?! (if you’re willing to share…) Baby’s name is Hannah mylastname hislastname, probably with no other middle name, because he has 4 names and hates it. I have 4 names and don’t mind, but I don’t really feel passionate about the issue. If she does have another middle name, it will probably be Dawn, after my sister and DH’s favourite aunt. 

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Thanks everyone. I’m just feeling hormonal. And I’m truly dreading my father finding out cuz I just don’t want to deal with him. But I’m just thinking I’ll let things hapoen however they may.

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