(Closed) July 2013 Mamas & Babies – Part 14 – Welcome to the final trimester

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@ilovestripes:  Hey, thanks for the new thread. Sorry I didn’t get back to you, just woke up. You did a great job starting a new thread.

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Anyone feel like starting the thread off with predictions? Then please fill these in

I think my baby will be born on 7/19

At 5:30am

He/she will weigh 7 lbs 9 oz.

He/she will be 20 inches tall

He/she will have black/dark hair

He/she will have blue/hazel eyes (i know most baby’s have grey or blue eyes)

I hope he/she has my nose and lips and my husband’s everything else. Including straight teeth and a high metabolism.



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hi ladies! 

Just posting to follow! I will catch up soon!

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Sorry I’ve been MIA, ladies. I’ve been busy and then sick and then last night I got the complete crap scared out of me.

So, I’ve been sick since Sunday. I have Monday’s off so I sat at home feeling my little lady wiggle and squirm as per usual. Well, Tuesday came and I felt worse. I spent a lot of time bumming and feeling like crap and then went to work. I worked my booked scheeudle and then came home for dinner with my husband. I realized after dinner I hadn’t remembered feeling her all day. So I chugged a glass of orange juice and after feeling what felt like a little wiggle, I felt more reassured and went to bed.

Well, yesterday I worked a much longer shift at the salon & I was still feeling pretty ick. I was trying to force down food for baby but everything tasted gross and made me feel gross. I went through the work day and then realized around 3 that I again wasn’t really feeling her. So I finished up work a little early, called my MidWife around 4:45 and told her what was going on. She was headed to L&D for a delivery and to meet her there and she would check me out.

So Andrew and I met up and went to L&D together. I was starting to panicing of course. I could hear babies being born and crying and I wanted to bawl. I’ve had the perfect pregnancy so far and I was convinced I had lost her and hearing all the babies crying was breaking my heart. So, we got in and I changed into a gown, peed in a cup and she layed me down to hook me to the monitor. 158 popped on the screen for a second. Then nothing. My midwife got a call her mother was ready to push and she ran off so we were left with the nurse. She thought her heartrate dropped to 120 for some odd reason and then realized it was mine. Nothing for probably five minutes but the sound of my heart. Andrew was holding my hand and I had my eyes closed so tight just praying that everything was fine.

Towards the tail end of that five minutes we heard a thump. “She kicked me!” the nurse said. I didn’t even really feel it because I was so caught up in my inside my head prayers. After feeling the kick she moved the monitor around and finally we heard the strong woosh woosh woosh woosh woosh of my baby girls heart. For about 2 minutes we finally listened to her heartbeat which sat between 154-168. Usually in the high 150’s until Andrew would talk to my belly and her heartrate would get higher and higher. And finally, after almsot 2 days, I finally felt my baby girl kick and we also heard it on the monitor. I felt the pressure shift in my belly and she moved away from the monitor again. We couldn’t hear her heartbeat anymore, but we felt and heard her kick again. She came back on the doppler for about 10 seconds a minute or so later before the nurse came back with my midwife. We concluded that she was just being stubborn and that I’ll follow up with my midwife with an appointment on Monday.

So all scariest day of my life. BUT I’m glad my baby girl is all right. I just hope she NEVER EVER does that again. I think she knows that because she’s moved pretty consistantly since we got home frmo the hospital.

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I think my baby will be born on  July 4th (for some reason I’ve been thinking the 4th since the begining, that’s only 2 weeks early though…)

At I’m hoping some time during the day, not really sure why…

He/she will weigh 7 lbs 7 oz, that would be the average of my husband and I.  He was 7.6 and I was 7.8, so I’m hopeing no bigger than 8!

He/she will be no clue, I don’t even know how tall I was lol tall

He/she will have brown hair

He/she will have eventually brown (DH and I both have brown hair and eyes) Or Blue, we both have a lot people with blue eyes (i know most baby’s have grey or blue eyes)

I hope he/she has my I’m hoping he’ll mostly take after Darling Husband since he’s a boy, I’d say my features if we were having a girl 🙂 and my husband/partners

I have a picture from 4 weeks but I look like ass… so here’s 5 weeks and yesterday at 26. Also, don’t mind my ugly top, it’s a not a maternity shirt and I had a jacket over it all day at work, just trying to take a quick picture before leaving for the night last night.

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@nicannette:  Glad you and baby are ok! How scary!

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@ilovestripes:  Thanks for starting the new thread!

@nicannette:  So sorry you went through that but I am glad everything is fine!  Love your comparison pics!

I think my baby will be born on July 25 (DH and I were both very late so I am trying to mentally prepare myself to go at least a week past my EDD)

At 4:00pm (I really have no idea, lol – but I imagine I will go into labor while Darling Husband is at work because we still haven’t figured out how to work out me getting to the hospital if that happens, so I assume the most complicated scenario will be our reality, lol)

He will weigh 9 lbs, 3 oz

He will be 21 inches tall

He will have LOTS OF hair – either dark brown or possibly red!

He/she will have brown eyes (once they turn)

I hope he/she has my Italian skin (rather than DH’s Irish, freckled, sunburns in 5 seconds skin) and my husband’s straight nose (rather than my Italian bump)!!!


It’s 96 days, 2318 hours, 139112 minutes, 8346737 seconds until my due date!


I haven’t taken my 26 week photo yet but here is a 5 week vs. 25 week comparison (sad how much better my skin was at 5 weeks – oy):


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I don’t have a side by side pic.. I don’t think I took my first pic til 14 wks… I’ll try to get another soon.  You ladies look fabulous. So beautiful. Makes me wish I’d had my first when I was younger… I just look tired and fat LOL


So I stink at these types of questions but let’s give it a shot.


I think my baby will be born on July 20 (date)

At 10:23 p.m. (time)

He/she will weigh 8.5 lbs?

He/she will be no idea tall

He/she will have brown hair

He/she will have brown yes (i know most baby’s have grey or blue eyes)

I hope he/she has my height and my husband/partners eyes (which would make them grey/blue/green)



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@Mrs.JA:  Oh my goodness, you are still glowing! My skin broke out so bad right before I found out I was pregnant, until the second trimester. And it still has a few hiccups. Lol.


@Mrs.D:  Beautiful! It’s amazing how much we all grew from when we first took pregnancy pictures! Except that I took my first one at 14 weeks…

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@Mrs.D:  yeah! she better NEVER do that again. I about fell into total meltdown mode.

@Mrs.JA:  Thanks Dear Daughter Twin! Feeling good today and I’ve felt a lot of movement since last night so I’m feeling a lot better.

Both of you laides look great in both sets of photos!

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@CindyRelly:  lol, I love the ‘no idea, tall’ hahahah

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Anyone feel like starting the thread off with predictions? Then please fill these in

I think my baby will be born on July 9th, 2013 –  I think she is coming early.  The date of my last period was October 2nd which would give me a due date 2 weeks earlier than the ultrasounds say

At 3:00 am

He/she will weigh 7 lbs

He/she will be 19 inches long

He/she will have Brown Hair – we both have brown hair

He/she will have Brown eyes eventually – we both have brown eyes

I hope he/she has my …mmm teeth? and my husband/partners EVERYTHING in a girl form – he is so handsome…. Dark thick hair, dark eyes, long eye lashes, olive skin…. He’s perfect.

6 vs 26 weeks!!!

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