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happy2bee :ย  Congrats, I’m so excited for you! I’ve been following along with your journey and remember your heartache with your m/c. Here’s to a healthy and happy 9months!

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Just updating that I got the results back from my OB office ( I went in for spotting and eventually bleeding). The HCG numbers dropped, which is consistant with a spontaneous abortion. I also have a bladder infection, so she recommended waiting a full cycle to TTC again. I’ll be cheering you guys on for healthy babies, but I’m gonna leave the group. It’s been so nice to meet you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Eeeeeeek! I’m very excited to join this board!


How far along are you? 5 weeks 1 day

What’s your estimated due date: July 17th

How many cycles trying? 2 years…

When did you get your BFP? 11/5

Who have you told? Husband (duh), and my best friends who were supportive through our IVF journey

When do you plan on telling more people? Parents will be told after the first ultrasound. Otherwise we’re waiting until Christmas.

How did you tell your partner? I ran into the bedroom holding a pee stick at 6am on a Saturday screaming “wake up! do you see a line!?!? DUDE I think that’s a line!” commence hysterical sobbing.

Any symptoms yet? Acne and severe exhaustion. I just want to sleeeeep. Also some cramping, but since I haven’t had any spotting I’m not too worried about it. Minor food aversions but nothing I can’t work around.

What are you most excited about/for? Week 10 when I can stop these PIO shots. My bum is ready to be done! 

When is your first appt?  Ultrasound is 11/25. I’ve already had 2 blood tests and so far everything looks good. They follow you a little more closely with an IVF cycle…

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? Our parents. They are all so anxious to be grandparents and they’re going to be so happy. My sister died years ago so I’m the only one left to give my parents grandbabies, and Brother-In-Law is a bit of a relationship failure so no one is really expecting him to go the marriage and kids route (at least not any time soon…)

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suabee :  I’ll admit the boards that get up over 100 posts are hard for me to keep up with normally, but I figured I’d give this one a whirl. The TTC 1+ years one was way too much for me to handle hahahaha

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Hi Everyone! I took a bit of a break from wedding bee for a while because it got a bit overwhelming, but I’m back with the best news a BFP! Hopefully, I can join your group. I’m so excited to embarking on this journey, but also very cautious about getting my hopes up. 

Roll Call:

How far along are you?

I’m 5 weeeks 6 days (6 weeks tomorrow!)

What’s your estimated due date:

Based on lmp I’m due July 12th, but I haven’t had an ultrasound to confirm yet. 

How many cycles trying?

2 cycles of actually trying.

When did you get your BFP?

I got my first BFP at 9dpo, but have tested many more times since tongue-out

Post a picture of your first BFP if you want! 

See below.

Who have you told?

I’ve told my husband (on his birthday!) and two close friends. Telling my mom tomorrow!

When do you plan on telling more people?

Thanksgiving I will tell my husband’s family and then the rest of my family at Christmas. I really wanted to tell everyone in person and we live on opposite coasts so we have to wait until holidays to see them. 

How did you tell your partner?

I gave him this as a birthday gift:


Any symptoms yet?

Well before I knew I was pregnant I had dry mouth, a dizzy spell, insomnia, fatigue, cramping, and major bloating. For the last week I haven’t had any symptoms until today when the fatigue hit hard. I also started having some nausea today. Oh and for the last day or two I’ve had mildly sore boobs.

What are you most excited about/for?

Excited to give both of our parents their first grandchild. I’m also excited to see what our children will look like. 

When is your first appt?

Officially, Jan 18th. It is hard to get a doctor where I live, but I’m going to try to keep calling starting in Dec. 

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO?

Definitely my mom! This is the first grandchild on both sides so everyone is going to be really excited, but I can’t wait to get advice and just discuss things from my mom. I normally tell her everything so this is weird not telling her yet. 

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July 2016 mama here, just wanted to wish you all a safe, happy & healthy pregnancy ๐Ÿ˜Š  It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant 

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Hi! I read Weddingbee while preparing for my wedding but kind of fell away from it for a few years. I just found out that I’m expecting our second child (first is two years old) and thought that this would be a nice way to focus on my pregnancy.ย 

Roll Call:

How far along are you? 5ish weeksย 

Whatโ€™s your estimated due date: July 24, 2017

How many cycles trying? We have been open to the idea for about 6 months but have been tracking things for 3.

When did you get your BFP? Two days ago when I randomly decided to check.

Post a picture of your first BFP if you want!

Who have you told? My husband

When do you plan on telling more people? My parents and my brother and his family will be flying in for Christmas so we are going to surprise them then.ย 

How did you tell your partner? I was planning on having my son decorate a card today (without knowing what is going on) and then I was going to place a photo of the test in it. This plan fell apart because his parents are booking their next trip here from Europe right now and I realized that I needed to tell him last night so we could figure out should visit. Basically the surprise I planned didn’t happen but he was thrilled and surprised that we are hopefully adding another family member

Any symptoms yet? I’m just exhausted and trying not get cranky with our son.

What are you most excited about/for? I miss snuggling with a small baby and can’t wait to see my son with his little sibling

When is your first appt? I haven’t heard back from the nurse

For fun โ€“ Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? Our son!ย 


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Roll Call:

How far along are you? 3w 5d

What’s your estimated due date: July 30

How many cycles trying? 3

When did you get your BFP? 10 dpo

Post a picture of your first BFP if you want! 

Who have you told? Husband, therapist, and one friend.

When do you plan on telling more people? Ack! So hard to decide. Probably will depend on how the next month goes. I am beyond bloated and my boobs are huge so that combined with the non drinking might do the job for me.

How did you tell your partner? Texted him while he was at work. I was home with the pups and had to tell someone just to make it feel real. 

Any symptoms yet? I feel like a blimp! Indigestion, super sorry breasts, permanently hard/painful nipples, bloated, exhausted, and crying at randomness. Hoping the onslaught on symptoms slows down.

What are you most excited about/for? The whole thing and watching my husband be there. He is over the moon and it makes me happy to watch him.

When is your first appt? Unless something feels wrong, don’t think I will make one until 8-10 weeks.

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? My father. My husband and I bought our first house this year and have been acquiring hand me down baby stuff. My father was so excited when he saw it and went on and on about how cute little tykes are (I am an only child and my parents are 70. They had me when they were 40 and they always wished they could have had more kids, but struggled with fertility for 10 years. I think they are going to get such a kick out of being grandparents).


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Roll Call:

How far along are you? 7w5d

What’s your estimated due date: 4th of July

How many cycles trying? 13!!  We had actually started the workup at a fertility center and had completed all preliminary testing and were waiting for a our consultation appointment, which I got to call and cancel because I was FINALLY pregnant!! ๐Ÿ™‚

When did you get your BFP? Oct. 20th.

Post a picture of your first BFP if you want! I don’t have a picture but I did take FOUR tests (just to be sure lol)

Who have you told? My husband, my parents, his parents, his sister and brother in law, 2 people at work (had to for health/safety reasons), and we will be telling my brother this weekend.

When do you plan on telling more people? We will tell the rest of our family on Christmas Eve. ๐Ÿ™‚

How did you tell your partner? My husband kept bugging me to take a pregnancy test since I was late.  I had taken one the week before which was negative, so I kept putting it off because I didn’t want to be disappointed again.  The later my period got, I thought “ok, I guess I have to take another one.”  I think my eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I saw “pregnant” on the clearblue digital test.  After 13 cycles of trying, I was honeslty waiting for the “not” to appear on the screen.  I could hardly believe it.  I went downstairs and tried to look glum as I told my husband it was negative.  He started to say it was ok and we could try again.  Then I smiled and said we wouldn’t have to because I was pregnant!!  We were both so happy.  I cried.

Any symptoms yet? Extremely sore boobs, some days I am very tired, like falling asleep before 8 PM tired, and I’ve also been having really odd issues with my contacts and not seeing as well with them in.  I’ve barely had an appetitie and only want to eat if it’s soemthing that I really want, otherwise  have no interest and am starting to feel queasy if I eat when I am not feeling hungry.

What are you most excited about/for? To finally be a mom. ๐Ÿ™‚

When is your first appt? Already had it on Nov. 7th.  There was a concern with my HCG levels so I had to go back on the 14th, so I have actually already seen two sets of ultrasound pictures.   Luckily, everything went well at my second appointment so I won’t go back for another month now.

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? All of our extended family on Christmas Eve.  My family went through a terrible loss back in September when we lost my uncle to cancer.  It’s been so hard on every one, especially my grandma.  I think this announcement will bring so much joy to what would have otherwise been a sad Christmas.  I think it will bring them comfort to know that we conceived about a week after his death, and that right before he had died, I had told him how much we wanted him to be a great uncle and that if we ever have a boy, we will name him after him.  I absolutely believe he is my angel and is watching over this pregnancy and this baby.

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beebrando :  Congrats! Your story is so sweet, especially to a bunch of emotional pregnant ladies.  ๐Ÿ™‚ (I’m too conservative to join yet, I’m at 4w6d, but hopefully at 6w I will feel comfortable enough to do so!)

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Roll Call:

How far along are you? 4 weeks 1 day

What’s your estimated due date: July 28

How many cycles trying? too many.. next month would have been a year.

When did you get your BFP? Yesterday! 9DPO

Who have you told? No one, I’m waiting for DH to get home so I can surprise him

When do you plan on telling more people? I’m thinking possibly Thanksgiving for my family. His family probably Christmas?

How did you tell your partner? I went out today and bout a onesie and boxed it up with the test. Going to give it to him once he gets home.

Any symptoms yet? Bloated, tired and peeing a lot!

What are you most excited about/for? So many things! To start showing, to tell everyone, for the baby to come…still doesn’t seem real!

When is your first appt? Not sure yet. I actually had set up a fertility appointment for the first week of December since it would have been a year of TTC. Hoping I can change that into a baby appt instead.

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? My mom and sister. They have been my support this last year of TTC (besides DH). They are going to be thrilled!


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Roll Call:

How far along are you? 

4w 6d

What’s your estimated due date:

July 24

How many cycles trying?

First “real” try where I ovulated on femara

When did you get your BFP?

At about 11-12 DPO! My OB said not to get my hopes up because he didn’t think I ovulated. My CD10 follicles were 8mm and 10mm. Gone on CD15. One sprouted very quickly!

My test

I picked this one up because my husband still didn’t believe it. Once he saw the message it really hit home for him. 

Who have you told?

My DH. I POAS because I was supposed to start my next femara cycle soon. I didn’t even pay attention to the test because of what my doctor said. I threw it out without looking, pulled it out and double checked it. My heart almost stopped when I saw a very faint second line on the Wondfo test.

When do you plan on telling more people? 

We’re going to tell our parents at Christmas. Everyone else probably 3-4 months.

How did you tell your partner? 

I called him at work told him he needed to pick up a real test. He thought I was over reacting.

Any symptoms yet? 

Bloated like crazy, none of my pants fit. And a bit nauseous.

What are you most excited about/for?

Literally everything. But I think seeing my husband as a father is what I’m most excited for.

When is your first appt? 

My OB is closed Friday-Sunday so hopefully I’ll go in on Monday!

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? 

My mom. She’s been there for me on my infertility journey and has been so supportive. It’s going to be hard to keep it from her because I’ll likely have to make up some lies about appointments! But it’ll be worth it to see her surprise when I tell her.


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How far along are you? 5w6d based on LMP

What’s your estimated due date: July 17, 2017 based on LMP

How many cycles trying? 2

When did you get your BFP? 12DPO, 6 days before my missed period

Who have you told? I’ve told my husband, and due to the nature of my work, I had to tell my boss and coworkers as well.

When do you plan on telling more people? We’re planning on telling our immediate families on Christmas day. I’ll be 11 weeks by then. We’ll most likely announce it to the rest of the world on Facebook sometime in January.

How did you tell your partner? I usually get home from work about 30 minutes before he does, so I quickly threw a small gift bag together from the store: a congratulations balloon, a cute onesie, and a positive pregnancy test. I hid it in in the closet of one of our empty rooms and called him a few minutes before he got home. I told him there was a strange smell coming from one of our empty rooms, and when I went to check it out, I’d found a bunch of black mold in the closet. It seems crazy, but it wasn’t so far-fetched. We’d actually had a similar incident a couple weeks before. He seemed so concerned, but when he went to check it out, there was a gift bag waiting for him. He was so shocked when he opened it and very relieved that there wasn’t any mold! ^_^

Any symptoms yet? Yes, morning sickness from hell! I’m nauseous 24/7, can barely keep anything down, and I vomit 2-3 times a day. Oh… and sore breasts.

What are you most excited about/for? I’m so excited to tell my family and friends. It’s been so hard keeping this secret! It’s our first baby and first grandbaby for my mother-in-law.

When is your first appt? December 6th

For fun – Who are you most excited to tell besides your SO? I think I’m most excited to tell my mother-in-law. This will be her first grandchild! 

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