July 2019 POAS- Infertility Edition (12+ Months and/or Seeking Active Treatment)

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Dh and I decided to move fwd with IVF in the fall.  We don’t have much of a choice to start any sooner because of our work right now….so technically we are still giving us a “chance” until then to conceive on our own.  But by sept we have to move fwd and not waste any more time.  Sitting at 9 DPO and wanting time to move faster to get started sooner.   By the time we officially start I will almost be 41…sigh.  

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heartandstars :  Sorry you’re out!

mommadreams :  Sorry the results didn’t come out good. Hopefully the other urologist will have some suggestions, but I really hope the mtese will be successful!

NicLE1218 :  So glad your appointment went well and you’re feeling positive about things!

latebloomerbee78 :  I’m glad you guys on are the same page and have a plan moving forward!

AFM, I’ve been a little absent and haven’t done much this month. I did do an HSG (finally, almost two years into TTC), my doctor’s been a little hesitant to do any testing before now, which was fine. I haven’t temped, but did take a grand total of 2 OPKS and got one blaring positiive and O’ed a little earlier than usual, which I’m sure is from Clomid still being in my system and the HSG. DH is still really hesitant about moving to IVF, so I think we’ll do a few more IUIs, maybe with injectables vs. Clomid since my lining isn’t great. 

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Hello ladies! I’ve been absent since I posted my roll call. Here’s my update:


Turns out I didn’t ovulate at all my last round of letrozole and Clomid. July 7th came and went without AF ro any symptoms. My at home test was negative, and a blood test with my doctor confirmed that I didn’t ovulate (and that my progesterone levels were equal to those of a post menopausal woman).

So I’m out this month. Again.

My RE has upped my Clomid dose, and I’ll take it with my letrozole starting July 21st. I’ll go in for an ultrasound on CD14 (August 1) to confirm I’m either ovulating or not. If I am, then she’ll have me do another injection of Ovidrel.

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Sugar bee

Sorry I’ve been MIA this month, I’ve been stupidly busy.

Had a stupid LP and finally got AF today on 20dpo, so I’m rolling over to August 🙁

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mommadreams :  We were told the mtese was our only chance also and didn’t want to waste $8,000 out of pocket for a chance…..with no guarantee. We decided to go with donor sperm instead after much discussion and him trying Clomid for 3 months to see if we could get any sperm to produce and end up in his sample. Nothing. Hoping your urologist offers some insight and that if you decide to go the mtese route they find a few. 

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heartandstars :  thanks for the wishes. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, as someone who has claustrophobia. As soon as I could see the other end of the MRI tube I was pretty okay and just breathed through it with some music. 


AFM…..MRI didn’t go as we wished. We were hoping it was in fact a bicornuate uterus, but it is not. I have a partial septum, and while they say it doesn’t have any effect on fertility I don’t see how it can’t when it can cause an embryo to not implant or can cause early miscarriages due to no blood flow on the septum. That being said, my husband and I talked about it and decided to cancel this current cycle. I spoke with my RE Saturday morning, who agreed with my thoughts. She will send out a referral or two on Monday and then call and let me know who she sent it to, so I can get on their list for an appointment and removal ASAP. RE and I decided to cancel this IUI, have surgery to remove the septum, let my uterus heal a bit and confirm that there is no more tissue left behind, do one more IUI and then move on to IVF this fall. Also, she will let me know what one of her anesthesiologists says about the whole BMI for egg retrieval thing….he is a bit more lenient with some body types and she thinks he will be for mine and then I would only have to lose 22lbs vs 36lbs before I could do egg retrieval. I think that could happen as early as September or October since I know what I have to do to get back on the wagon and lose it.

To say this threw a wrench in my weekend was an understatement. Anxiety started running high  almost immediately. Doing some research and being able to talk things through with my husband helped a lot. I’m so thankful for him and for being able to be on the same page 99% of the time. 

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Blushing bee
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Transfer was on Saturday. We transfered a AA embryo and now the waiting game begins. Well continues. I feel like all of IVF is a waiting game. Waiting to start, waiting to see how many follicles, waiting to see how many eggs retrieved, waiting to see how many are mature and fertilize, waiting to see if the embryos make it and then the TWW. The day of the transfer we had 3 blastocyst and they were waiting to see if the other 2 were going to catch up. I got an email yesterday that they were able to freeze all 4 remaining which is great! Now I’ve convinced myself that this transfer won’t work because things have been going too smoothly. I’m not a lucky person so my lucks got to run out. 

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I’m out. Had a meltdown/ near panic attack in a shopping centre on Saturday just after AF started so that was fun :/

My mental health is normally fine but infertility combined with severe PMS is causing me to have a few days a month where I really struggle to cope with anything even remotely stressful.

My mindset right now is to skip TTC for August as I really need a break and as I said upthread I’m going for a new job and we’ll be staying with 2 other people in a one bedroom apartment over FW. But we’ll see I could change my mind.

DH is getting pretty sad over us not having a baby yet too, he’s still the positive/ supportive/ chilled one of the 2 of us but it must be really hard on him too.

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So, a bit of an update on my end. I got my positive OPK on the evening of July 2nd and again the morning of July 3rd. I’m not sure of my exact O date because I don’t chart, but I would assume it is between Weds evening and Thurs evening. My follicle at my scan on Monday, July 1st was at 21 mm, so it was primed to pop fairly soon, so I feel good with those dates, but know it could have been as late as Friday. 

I am currently 11-12 DPO and have had a negative test yesterday morning (and another that afternoon) and this morning using my first pee of the day. My gut is telling me it didn’t work. I’m expecting my period on the 20th, so we shall see. I feel a little fatigued, my stomach feels a little off (but we just got back from vacation, so it could be traveling), and I have a really gnarly headache today. Trying not to symptom spot. DH and I thought we saw a line in our pregnancy test yesterday right before we boarded our plane, so I held my pee for the next six hours with zero water, got home, tested again, but didn’t see a second line. We didn’t see a line on our test this morning, either, so I am just chocking it up to an evap line, but dang did our hopes get up. 

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My husband and I have had a rough week. I went into my ultrasound on Monday and it went as usual, my ovaries were checked and I was told when to trigger and commence TI. After I got dressed my doctor sat me down and told me he thinks we should move on to IVF. We have been seeing him for 14 months and have done about 8 intermittent cycles of 50ui gonal f and 250mg ovidrel. In that time I have been pregnant once and miscarried at 8 weeks, after this I took a 5-month break from TTC. Before seeing him we had tried for 12 months with 1 7 week miscarriage, 1 pregnancy of unknown location and 2-3 chemicals.

I honestly don’t know what to do. I ovulate on my own and my husband’s semen has no issues. We have both been tested for everything and have come back healthy. My doctor said he wants us to do IVF in order to utilise the genetic testing of the blastocysts, he thinks either my egg quality isn’t great or something to do with the genetic mix of my husband and I isn’t working. He has also put down ICSI in our plan. 

Has anyone experienced anything like this? I’m concerned that IVF won’t make a difference if he is correct and we will just spend all our savings. I don’t know whether to go ahead with IVF or just keep trying the gonal f and TI cycles, I am also taking progesterone, low dose aspirin and prednisolone prescribed just in case. Any words of wisdom/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ladies.

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Rolling over here…I actually caught myself symptom spotting yesterday which makes me even more crabby today! 

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mrsstephjbee :  sorry bee, that news really sucks hard and I’m sure a tough pill to swallow. I can see his point of ivf (icsi is needed if you do pgs), to help localize the problem and give you some answers. If you have a failed transfer they might do an era to test how ready your uterus is for reception of the embryo too. I look at it as our doctors want us to get pregnant and their recommendations are to increase our odds of success- but that also doesn’t mean you have to jump into it next cycle. 

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