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Roll Call!  Hi everyone!  I thought I should finally post πŸ™‚
How far along:  33+ weeks.   Due June 3rd.
Total weight gain/loss:  Sounds funny, but I don’t know!  I don’t have a scale.  From my first appointment… I have gained 19 pounds.
Stretch marks:  Oh goodness yes!  In full glory!  Dark, red, long- bottom half of belly.  
Maternity clothes:  I am loving my target maternity yoga pants and ts!
Sleep:  Ouch.  It hurts to even think about.  I am now sleeping on top of 4 pillows, plus a body pillow between my legs.
Food cravings or aversions:  I can hardly eat!  It feels like I got my stomach stapled.  I am loving trader joe’s tukey jerky and watermelon.  DH just got me an organic watermelon that was $20!  Hey, I love it and baby does too.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed):  GIRL!
Movement:  She is a little night owl πŸ™‚

Diet:  I am focusing on protein (80-100 a day) and that takes up most of the room in there.  Plus, I can’t eat past 5 pm or I am up all night with… nasty reflux and killer heartburn :/
What I’m loving:  Everything.  I am so happy.
What I’m not loving:  My ribs are KILLING me!  I have to lay down in the evening and have DH massage the back of my ribs.  It feels like they are getting ripped apart.  I have always had a tiny midsection.
What I miss:  SUSHI!!!
Favourite moment this week:  The sun finally came out and we went for a walk yesterday.  I also ordered an organic nursing pillow today I am really excited about.


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@cbee:  Hello and welcome πŸ™‚

Whoo a new board! I just noticed last night that our last one got over 500. πŸ™‚ We’ve been chatty recently, haha.

Roll Call! 

How far along:  32 weeks today

Total weight gain/loss:  Not sure – last week it was about +30lbs at my appointment 

Stretch marks:  None on the belly yet *crosses fingers* but I have a couple on the bottom of my breasts – probably going to get worse when milk comes in after delivery!  

Maternity clothes:  In love with my Motherhood maternity jeans and starting to wear my 2 pairs of maternity shorts as well now that the weather is warming up πŸ™‚

Sleep:  Not too terrible most of the time, but sometimes I have pretty restless sleep. I keep my body pillow folded in half between my legs and sometimes have this little stuffed sheep wedged under my belly.

Food cravings or aversions:  I haven’t really been having any cravings, still can’t eat taco chicken. Sweet tooth shows up a lot of days, but that isn’t really out of the ordinary for me – I love chocolate, pastries, candy, etc. πŸ˜›

Gender:  GIRL!

Movement: Lots of movement still – and hiccups a few times a day too, felt veryy low which feels odd. The movements are often painful now πŸ™

Diet:  Trying to stay balanced :/ been eating out more than we should.

What I’m loving:  I am getting super excited about her imminent arrival – I can’t believe how close we are!

What I’m not loving:  Pelvic pain, acid reflux, fatigue, worrying if my belly can possibly get any bigger, swelling, her movements starting to hurt – it’s like all the joy is being sucked out of pregnancy haha her movements used to be my favorite thing!

What I miss:  Fitting in my clothes!

Favourite moment this week:  So far – maternity photo session on Monday :3 But overall will be tomorrow when we FINALLY close on our house!!


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How far along: 30.5 weeks  
Total weight gain/loss: About 20lbs I think? As of doc appt last week anyways.
Stretch marks: None yet!  
Maternity clothes: Loving my Motherhood jeans/cords. Other than that, I’m mostly wearing short-sleeve shirts from various places. I’m way too hot for sweaters and cardigans now. Can’t wait until it’s a little warmer and I can break out the skirts!
Sleep: Hit and miss. The last week or so has been a lot better than the previous couple weeks.
Food cravings or aversions: None
Gender: Boy!
Movement: Lots! He also gets the hiccups a ton…a least a couple times a day. They’re really low so I think he must be head down.
I’m still trying to eat a balanced diet, but since I found out I’m anemic this week and had to start taking iron supplments it’s been harder. I now have to take the supplements in the morning with juice (which is weird for me, I usually only have juice when I’m sick!) and something high-fiber. And I’m not allowed to have dairy for at least a couple hours after that, which is tough since I’m used to having a glass of milk each morning! I’m having to find other ways to get some protein early in the day, since my go-tos are milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. I guess I’ll be eating more eggs and peanut butter!
What I’m loving: Almost everything! I’m pretty happy these days!
What I’m not loving: Back/rib pain, sore knee (I slipped on the stairs yesterday and did something to it). 
What I miss: Spicy tuna sushi is the only thing I can think of!
Favourite moment this week:
It’s been a pretty low-key week…so I guess it would finishing the shower gift for my friend? Now I can focus on making stuff for my baby!

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Thanks for starting the new thread mrskrumpet!

How far along: 33w4days πŸ™‚ 

Total weight gain/loss: Too much, too much, too much… as of last appt 40 lbs

Stretch marks: Yup, on my breasts, bum, hips and I have 3 small ones fanning out from my belly button piercing

Maternity clothes: Yup, but even my mat jeans are getting uncomfortable now. I’m slowly gravitating to tights and any top that covers my rear

Sleep: Not great, numerous pee breaks and hip pain cause me to wake up every hour or so 

Food cravings or aversions: Nothing… I’m still hungry almost all of the time

Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): Team Green

Movement: All of the time…Little one is trying to push his/her way out with their feet. 

Diet:  Attempting to eat healthy, but no specific diet… that could explain my ever increasing weight

What I’m loving:  Feeling baby move, finishing off the nursery, the fact that my shower is this weekend πŸ™‚

What I’m not loving:  Sleepless nights (I was hoping to rest now in order to be ready later), the ever increasing comments

What I miss:  Wine, going out dancing 

Favourite moment this week: Holding my 1 month old niece and having the baby kick at her…enough that you could see her bouncing on my belly, lol. (Don’t worry I shifted her so my LO wouldn’t continue to beat up on their cousin)


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How far along:    33 weeks 4 days
Total weight gain/loss:  34 lbs. ugh.
Stretch marks:    Nope
Maternity clothes: Since last October…lol
Sleep: sucky. I have a rotating carnival of having to pee, anxiety, and insomnia at night
Food cravings or aversions: strawberries. Loving them.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): Boy
Movement: he is breech and it’s terribly painful… I don’t enjoy movement these days! It hurts. 

Diet:  Following the Bradley Method’s recommended Brewer Diet, i.e., high protein, logging everything, very balanced. I have to chart it all for my childbirth instructor 

What I’m loving:  finishing the nursery, his arrival getting so close
What I’m not loving: His breech position. Grrr.
What I miss: being able to put on my shoes without struggling, huffing, and sweating
Favourite moment this week: a bunch of his stuff came in today! Diapers, going home outfit, and a friend painted the cutest canvas with his naMe on it πŸ™‚


Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/june-2013-babies-part-10#ixzz2Qmbegkm6

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@ellebeerob:  haha that explains it perfectly (re: putting on shoes)… it really is a workout! 

How far along:  31 weeks  
Total weight gain/loss:  not sure, I don’t have a scale, but by now I bet I’m up about 30 pounds
Stretch marks:   only under my breasts so far 
Maternity clothes: I have a ton of summery second-hand shop finds – capris, flowy t-shirts, shorts – just waiting for it to finally be warm here!
Sleep: Sleeping well must be like .. my special skill or something. I haven’t had any issues with sleep yet (other than totally loving it and indulging in too much of it …). 
Food cravings or aversions: I’ve been craving sweets more since finding out I don’t have GD. (Argh, I knew this would happen!!)
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): Girl!
Movement: Lots of movement, especially at night. Hiccups every day as well. 
Diet:  Lots of protein, lots of carbs, lots of veggies, lots of fruit… probably too much of everything, lol. But at least I am eating lots of good food in addition to maybe a few too many Reese’s pieces…
What I’m loving:  Pretty much everything! My husband is being the most lovely, appreciative, supportive daddy-to-be I could ever ask for. I made an offhand comment along the lines of ‘omg I’m huge now!’ and he told me my pregnant belly is absolutely beautiful. Swoon!
What I’m not loving:  At this stage I honestly have no complaints. I wonder how much longer I’ll be this lucky!
What I miss: I randomly was really craving beer the other day. I’ll take a tiny sip of real beer every now and again, and I sometimes have the non-alcoholic stuff, but it will be really nice to leave the near-beer behind and have myself a Stella or something.
Favourite moment this week: My baby shower! My Mother-In-Law organized this amazing party and her friends got the baby sooo many lovely gifts – on top of the entire BASEMENT full of gifts that my Mother-In-Law got us herself. It was seriously overwhelming. My step-grandma said it best: “If your husband is even half as excited about this baby as your mother-in-law is, I’d say you’re in great shape!”

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Here’s the list for the first page.  I’ll do roll call tomorrow!


Faye0314: 6/1- Girl

ellebeerob: 6/2- Boy

Sweethart: 6/2- Green

saltbalty: 6/2- Boy

MrsKrumpet: 6/4- Girl

bjm1119: 6/6- Boy

stillme: 6/8- Green

SBMT: 6/9- Girl

MyFavoriteChords: 6/9- Boy 

CaptainSpaulding: 6/9 –Boy

thesaurus rex: 6/11- Girl

dreamocracy: 6/12- Girl

MrsSawyer: 6/12- Green

Katielu: 6/14- Boy

Chappers10: 6/14- Green

legalese: 6/15- Girl

Snowy414: 6/17- Girl

Cwoodward: 6/17- Boy

BichonFrise: 6/18- Boy

anotherbee: 6/18- Boy

araneidae: 6/19- Girl

bwaychick: 6/21- Girl

MrsLox: 6/22- Girl

MissChanandlerBong: 6/22- Boy

Ms lovestruck: 6/22- Girl

MrsDW: 6/24- Boy

SimplyChic11: 6/24- Boy

Robin_Sparkles: Girl

ChelseaRichard: Girl

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@dreamocracy:  Aw, thanks!  I am excited to read about everyone’s experience.  Congrats on your house!

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Yay, I love a new thread, because I always feel like this time I’m going to keep up better. πŸ™‚ We are getting so close to June! I can’t believe it. Here’s my roll call:

How far along:     32 w 5 d

Total weight gain/loss:  25 pounds as of doc appt last night. I’m trying not to freak out about it, but secrretly I am. I gained 5 pounds since 2 weeks ago! What am I doing wrong? I honestly haven’t changed a thing. I eat well, walk a lot… yikes.

Stretch marks:    Still none yet.

Maternity clothes:  Living in my 2 pairs of maternity jeans. My coworkers must be getting sick of them by now. πŸ™‚

Sleep:  Full of nightmares. And yeah, definitely not comfortable anymore.

Food cravings or aversions:  Craving fruit; still having aversions to hamburgers and any big squash/gourd-type vegetable.

Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed):  Team green with no hunch whatsoever. I kind of hope it’s a girl just because I like our girl names better than our boy names right now.

Movement: Lots during the day, not too much that wakes me up at night. Sometimes it worries me, because I’ll go all night without feeling a kick.

Diet:  Mostly vegetables with whole grains, some eggs, some fruit. I’m really watching it because I’m scared about my weight gain. I’ve almost completely knocked out added sugar. Oh, and tons of water to drink.

What I’m loving:  Getting closer to June 8! And being obviously pregnant.

What I’m not loving:  Excess weight gain that I can’t figure out how to control.

What I miss: Long runs. Cute clothing. Bending over.

Favourite moment this week: Feeling like I’m getting a lot accomplished at work — hopefully this puts me in a good position come maternity leave time.

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@cbee:  Are you the other Bradley Method mama on these boards? I couldn’t remember if it was you or someone else with a similar screen name πŸ™‚

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Some other questions for you ladies…


What do you have left to do before baby? Anything major left to buy?


Are you having a shower?


Do you have a name chosen? (You don’t have to share it… it can just be yes or no πŸ™‚ )

Birth plan or go with the flow?

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To answer my own questions…

What do you have left to do before baby? Anything major left to buy? I need to finish the nursery (just hang decorations and organize clothes), prep my cloth diapers, and buy postpartum recovery stuff. Nothing major left to buy besides maybe a new camera.


Are you having a shower? Yes. One Sunday, one May 2 (work), and one May 5.


Do you have a name chosen? (You don’t have to share it… it can just be yes or no πŸ™‚ ) Yes! I’ve shared it here before. We just haven’t shared with any of our friends or family besides parents πŸ™‚

Birth plan or go with the flow? Natural birth plan (Bradley Method)




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How far along:  31 weeks and two days
Total weight gain/loss:  I think I’m pushing 30 pounds, so a little more than I hoped at this point, but at least the doctor says I’m healthy
Stretch marks:  Nope, and I’m hoping I don’t get any   
Maternity clothes:  I love my maternity yoga pants and wearing loose tops
Sleep:  It’s okay. I get up sometimes to pee, but I usually can sleep through the night
Food cravings or aversions:  I love little bacon cheeseburgers from Five Guys, although I know they are loaded with calories. I also like icecream and smoothies. I don’t have any aversions, but I try to avoid very acidic foods, since they give me heartburn.
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed):  It’s a boy!
Movement:  He kicks sporadically all day long.

Diet:  I try to eat my veggies and fruit and not eat too much junk food.
What I’m loving:  Feeling the baby move and knowing he’ll be here soon!
What I’m not loving:  Organizing the house and trying to get everything in order before the baby arrives.
Favourite moment this week:  Having my nursery furniture delivered was great! Now I feel like I can move forward with decorating the room.

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How far along: 30w6d!
Total weight gain/loss: I lost 10-15 lbs in the first tri, at last weeks appt was up 10 lbs from before weight loss
Stretch marks: none that I can see
Maternity clothes: loving my old navy maternity dresses and tops. Still squeezing into my pre preg jeans
Sleep: pretty good once I’m asleep except for the two nights I woke up this week coughing with severe acid reflux
Food cravings or aversions: love me some ice cream/frozen yogurt
Gender (and/or when you will find out if not already listed): surprise
Movement: baby is going crazy in there!
Diet: now watching the sodium since my feet have been swelling πŸ™
What I’m loving: that I only have 9 weeks left
What I’m not loving: that I have 9 weeks left, acid reflux, swollen feet and fingers
What I miss: sushi
Favourite moment this week: finally getting the nursery painted this weekend

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