(Closed) June 2013 babies, part 13!

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Wow it sounds like everyone is having their babies like, now!!  I’m jealous!  It sucks to be in last place.

Good luck to everyone who is going in for induction!

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@MyFavouriteChords:  Good luck with your induction tonight!

@anotherbee:  Wow, that’s exciting that you’ll get to meet your baby soon!

@bwaychick:  Congrats momma! I’m trying to have a completely natural birth, so it’s nice to hear from someone who did it.

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@MyFavouriteChords: Good luck with your induction tonight!

@anotherbee: Holy cow! That’s crazy news, can’t believe you’re off to have a baby too! You’ll have to let us know if it’s going to be tonight or tomorrow!

@bwaychick:  Congrats on the arrival of your little one!! I love your confession.. own it, momma! I was eating cheese yesterday and Darling Husband was like oh that’s good maybe it’ll prevent you from pooping if you go in to labor and I was like forget that, I’m not about to start worrying or feeling bad if I poop. I have enough things to stress about and pooping ain’t gonna be one of them!

@MrsDW:  Hope things are still going well with you and your induction today!


Definitely a bummer appointment this morning, BUT I do agree completely with my doctor so it’s ok.

I’m still 2cm, 50% effaced! Even after all my pre-labor. The doctor thinks it’s because baby is posterior and he said that the false starts I’ve been having are because of that, my body tries to send me in to labor but when it realizes that baby isn’t in the best position and my uterus is working too hard to try and move baby it gives up.. and then tries again later. Which is pretty much exactly how I would describe it feeling. The baby is engaged but not super low, and even though my cervix is very soft and ready to dilate/efface since the baby’s head is not in the ideal spot, it’s not pressing hard enough on the cervix just yet to progress it. He doesn’t want to induce until 10 days late (which would be Saturday but his office uses a due date of one day later then all of my scans and early measurements show) so I’m booked for 8am Sunday with the hopes that baby will get it together naturally before then. He really doesn’t like to induce because he doesn’t like to increase the chances of interventions leading to a c-section. So I respect that opinion and I’m happy that my body will get a bit of a chance to hopefully do it on it’s own, but it’s still depressing to be this uncomfortable and ready for this to be done and need to wait. Maybe baby will surprise us and show up on his or her own! The good news about my cervix being “ready” is induction should go well if it comes to that, and if baby does happen to pop in to the right position my labor should be pretty quick!

So induction for me Sunday the 23rd, and I should be holding my baby either 23rd or 24th at the latest!

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Oh and I forgot, he did another sweep so who knows.. maybe it’ll start something.

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Got the call, going in tonight for the gel. Ob hopes to deliver me tomorrow. Freaking. Out. Ahh!!!!

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How many days until OR since due date: 3 days until my offical due date on June 21st.

Induction planned for: I would have been induced already if the baby were in a more favorable spot.  She is looking to be big and the doctor is thinking the baby might be too big to drop down into my pelvis to apply pressure to my cervix.  Right now I’m a fingertip dilated and 70% effaced.  My 40 week appointment is Thursday so I’ll know more then.

Did you escape stretch marks: No, but I’m very fortunate that they are under my belly button and aren’t too dark.  I’ve gained 27 pounds in this pregnancy.

I’m most looking forward to: Seeing what my baby looks like, holding her, seeing my Darling Husband become a daddy, being able to sleep in whichever position I want.

Hardest part of this stage of pregnancy: It’s challenging to sleep and the heartburn is not fun.  Intially, I was disheartened that it looks like we’ll be having a c section.  All the birth stories on here of women who’ve had positive c section experiences has helped a ton.

 Have you fully decided on a name yet for LO  (and share, if you’re willing!):  We are deciding between two of them – planning to wait to see the baby before deciding.  Neither start with K so I don’t think Kim K. will pick it  =-)

Are you getting any help when you return home from the hospital (DH,  Mom, Mother-In-Law..): Yes, my Mother-In-Law lives in town and my mom is coming up for a few days to help out.  My husband is very excited to be a daddy so he’ll be a huge help.


I echo what others have said – great to have a community of support!


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Hello everyone! 


Taking a quick break from baby to try and catch up but i havent got a chance to read from page 4 on yet! 

Its nice to see the baby pictures and to know that june mommas are doing well! 

 Vivienne Bea, or vivie bea as we ve been calling her was born June 14 at 1242am. I was induced on wednesday June 12, here in germany they use a pill, so day one starts with 3 pills a day, and you do it for 3 days! Im a little nervous to share my birth story as it wasnt pretty or nice , and dont want to scare those who havent went into labor yet! but i will if there are question! I ended up taking 5 pills before my water broke. and i pushed for 3 hours! i ended up laboring on my knees facing the bed because she was such a big baby!

She was born 8lbs 8oz, and she is a very tall baby given me and my husband are on the shorter side! she was 22 1/2 long! 

My experience in germany was so different than i thought it was going to be, but having her does make all the difference! 

Im so tired from laboring for almost 3 days and now nursing every 2-3 hours, but im trying! 

 Looking forward to seeing everyone’s babys and catching up on all the stories! 


 the first picture was my last very pregant pic!! and here she is !

yes i pushed my own baby from the delivery ward to the baby ward after labor! germany is different !

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Just wanted to update quick. 

Our baby boy was born last night at 10:18pm. 9lbs 3oz and 22″ long. (Surprise our ultrasound was just a “tad” off). We are both doing well. Still struggling with a name. Ill update later (sometime) with our birth story. 


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@MrsDW:  Congratuations momma!! Definitely a good sized little guy ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to hear more all about it!

@chelseaRichard:  Congratulations!! She is gorgeous, and I love her name.

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Just popping in to say Good Luck! to all the Momma’s still waiting for their bundles of joy and congrats to the new moms!  Love them and snuggle them tons- time just FLIES by once those little ones get into your arms.

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Here is the updated standing! Still awaiting news from lots of ladies who have gone in to have their little ones! Not many of us left now ๐Ÿ™‚


Faye0314: 6/1- Girl- Finley! Born June 3rd

ellebeerob: 6/2- Boy – Born June 1st

Sweethart: 6/2- Green.. It’s a Boy- Luke Murray! Born June 1st

saltbalty: 6/2- Boy – Sebastian Niccolo! Born May 17th

Robin_Sparkles: 6/3- Girl – Quinn! Born June 3rd

cbee: 6/3- Girl

Ballet513: 6/3 – Girl – Sophie Virginia! Born May 11th (?)

MrsKrumpet: 6/4 – Girl- Paisley Ada-Lee! Born May 27th

bjm1119: 6/6- Boy – Born May 29th

stillme: 6/8- Green

SBMT: 6/9- Girl

MyFavoriteChords: 6/9- Boy- At the hospital, awaiting update!

CaptainSpaulding: 6/9 –Boy

thesaurus rex: 6/11- Girl

dreamocracy: 6/12- Girl – Luna Claire! Born June 7th

MrsSawyer: 6/12- Green

Katielu: 6/14- Boy

Chappers10: 6/14 – Green

legalese: 6/15- Girl- At the hospital, awaiting update!

Snowy414: 6/17- Girl

Cwoodward: 6/17- Boy – At the hospital, awaiting update!

SeaBass: 6/17- Green

BichonFrise: 6/18- Boy

araneidae: 6/19- Girl- Born June 14th (?)

anotherbee: 6/20- BoyAt the hospital, awaiting update!

bwaychick: 6/21- Girl- Lena Renee! June 17th (?)

MrsLox: 6/22- Girl – Annelise Rose! Born June 2nd

MissChanandlerBong: 6/22- Boy- At the hospital, awaiting update!

Ms lovestruck: 6/22- Girl

MrsDW: 6/24- Boy- Name Pending! Born June 18th

SimplyChic11: 6/24- Boy – Dominic Javier! Born June 7th

kelly105: 6/30- Boy

ChelseaRichard: Girl- Vivienne Bea! Born June 12th

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Wow…  looking at that list ALOT of ladies went early, only 1 went on the due date, and only a handful went late.   …and there are a few that we haven’t heard from in a while so they may have already gone and just not updated.

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@stillme:  Congrats! So glad your girl made it before the induction date! ๐Ÿ™‚

@chelseaRichard:  Congrats! Beautiful baby, I love her outfit in the 2nd to last pic. ๐Ÿ™‚

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