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Sugar bee
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I stole this from the July thread. I figured it was time for a survey!


How far along:    

Total weight gain/loss:  

Stretch marks:    

Maternity clothes: 


Food cravings or aversions: 



Belly button in/out:  


What I’m loving:  

What I’m not loving:  

What I miss:

Favourite moment this week:

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!: 

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Sugar bee
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How far along:    28 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain/loss:  About 25 pounds (it’s a little more than I hoped to be at right now)

Stretch marks:    None

Maternity clothes:  I live in maternity yoga pants from Old Navy when I’m not out of the house. When I am out, I like full panel jeans and khaki pants. 

Sleep:  It’s been pretty good. Some nights I get up to use the bathroom, but some nights I don’t get up at all. 

Food cravings or aversions:   I crave sweets a lot. Lately, I’ve noticed a strange aversion to certain types of spice, especially salt. Whenever DH and I go out to eat, I complain that something on my plate is over seasoned when he thinks it tastes fine. 

Gender:  It’s a boy!

Movement:  I feel kicks pretty often

Belly button in/out:  It’s in, but getting shallow

Diet:  I try to eat healthy, but I don’t deny myself some sugar in moderation. I passed my glucose test, so I’m not too worried about having a slice of cake.

What I’m loving:  I love decorating the nursery/buying baby related items. 

What I’m not loving:  I’m not loving thinking about labor or worrying about insurance/pregnancy costs. 

What I miss:  Sometimes I miss drinking alcohol. I was never a big drinker, but it would be nice to be able to order a cocktail with dinner. I also miss feeling skinny. I know I’m pregnant and am supposed to have a huge belly, but all my friends are losing weight and looking great for spring!

Favourite moment this week:  Reaching the third trimester! Baby will be here soon!

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!:   Maybe 25?

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Bumble bee

Yay new thread! πŸ™‚

How far along:  29 weeks today

Total weight gain/loss:  According to my OB’s scale I’m +29, but according to other scales I’m +24.. her’s is always 5 higher than all other scales!

Stretch marks:  Elusive under-the-nipple ones, haha. None on belly so far! *keeps fingers crossed*

Maternity clothes: They’re the only things that fit! I’m even in maternity panties, haha.

Sleep: Not too great because I have a cold, but when I don’t have a cold things aren’t too bad. No matter what time I go to bed, I am always up at almost exactly 8:30am to pee because my belly gets too uncomfortable! Interesting phenomenon.

Food cravings or aversions: I think my aversions have all subsided (the only lingering one was taco chicken.. I think it is mostly in my head now, I am super nervous about it, but I ate some chicken quesadillas a few days ago and handled them fine!). I was craving sweets and fruit pretty bad recently, but I am trying to cut back on the cakes/cookies.

Gender: Girl

Movement: All the time!

Belly button in/out: Almost all the way out

Diet:  Let’s not talk about that.. πŸ˜›

What I’m loving:  Having a lot of things checked off the Need-For-Baby list, and feeling comfortable buying the things left on the list now that my shower is over. Some really nice strangers have actually given me good unsolicited advice or made sweet comments.. πŸ™‚ And my husband is getting more and more sappy and thoughtful! Haha

What I’m not loving:  Not being in our new house yet! Closing and moving is extra stress I really don’t want. >.< Also how uncomfortable I am most of the time now – some days are better than others. And seeing a super high number on the scale still freaks me out..

What I miss: Being intimate comfortably πŸ˜›

Favourite moment this week: My grandma’s 90th birthday party πŸ™‚

What number thread do you think we will be on come June  1st?!: Hmm our last thread lasted about 2 weeks, so maybe 14??

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Buzzing bee
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How far along:    27w2d

Total weight gain/loss:  still down from heaviest pregnancy weight but its slowly piling back on. i think about 10 lbs down?

Stretch marks:    no new ones

Maternity clothes:  yes! My “fat jeans” hurt! 

Sleep:  fine when hubby isn’t snoring

Food cravings or aversions: only real consistent “i must have this or im going to die” craving has been orange soda. Love fruit and streamed broccoli though. 

Gender: boy! Mil likes the name I was starting to like (husbands pick) so I think I have to veto it. 

Movement:  tons. Stuck below my belly button. So he’s kicking whatever side I decide to lay on. And a few kicks to my butt.

Belly button in/out:  In and getting shallower… 

Diet:  No comment.

What I’m loving:  feeling little man kick. Buying baby clothes. Planning for our 2 day Chicago babymoon.

What I’m not loving:  toe cramps. Not having the crib & dresser yet. Struggling to find the right green for baby’s room. Not having a name for baby yet. Worrying about glucose test tomorrow. Stressing over spring cleaning. Being exhausted. 

What I miss: alcohol on a bad day!! 

Favourite moment this week: hubby snuggling with me and the baby πŸ™‚ 

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!:  13? Wreally have slowed down in talking through threads fast. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m worried for my glucose test tomorrow. Rhogam and anemia testing no big deal… Glucose is creeping me out! 

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Worker bee
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How far along:    28 weeks and 4 days!

Total weight gain/loss:  UGH! 24 lbs!  Gotta slow it down!

Stretch marks:    None, thank goodness. My mother didn’t have any with either of her pregnancies…I hear it’s genetic…here’s hoping!

Maternity clothes: Since about 15 weeks!  I’m ready to get back into normal clothes though! 

Sleep: Horendous, Awful, Terrible and other negative words!!  I’m up every 2 hours to pee, can’t get comfortable, sweaty! 

Food cravings or aversions: Still averting eggs, craving Easter candy!!

Gender: It’s a boy!!!

Movement: Constant! I love it!  He’s a busy little guy!

Belly button in/out:  In, I have a really deep innie… I can see it getting “flat” but don’t think it’ll ever pop out! 

Diet:  Carb it up!  (Probably explains the 24 lb gain!  I def need more protein!)

What I’m loving:  Feeling my little man move! Dreaming him up! Realizing I am sincerely SO glad to be having a baby boy!  Getting his room ready and buying him fun things!!

What I’m not loving:  Sleepless nights, the weight gain, back pain and fears about delivery!

What I miss: My wardrobe and alcohol! 

Favourite moment this week: Finding out I passed the one hour glucose test and peeping at my registry and realizing baby will be gettting some things that he needs!

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!:  15-20! 

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Honey bee
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How far along:    29 weeks today!


Total weight gain/loss:  19-20 lbs


Stretch marks:    I discovered my first new light ones πŸ™ under my belly button on the underside of my belly, I would never have spotted them if I wasn’t checking the belly out in the mirror after my shower.


Maternity clothes: Yep! Since 13-14 weeks or so and I love it, the pants are really comfortable. I hate that when I eat crumbs fall into my cleavage and get stuck at the top of or work their way into my belly band on my mat pants lol. Oh pregnant woman problems.


Sleep: Sucky! I wake up every 2 hours usually pretty much on the hour to pee, getting hard to turn over without waking up a little bit too.


Food cravings or aversions: Nothing specific right now, been eating lots of fruit though!


Gender: Would love to know haha.


Movement: TONS!! MY DH is surprised at how strong the kicks are sometimes (and so am I). I’m also starting to feel more filling/stretching movements than kicks.. baby seems to be running out of room in there.


Belly button in/out:  Still very in, doesn’t seen to be going anywhere.


Diet:  Could use more vegetables lately.. will need to work on that.


What I’m loving:  Getting the nursery ready and feeling my little one in there, knowing baby is getting stronger and would have a good chance at survival without major compications with every passing week.


What I’m not loving:  My libido which is non existant. I feel so terribly guilty for not being there for DH in ‘that’ way (although he’s not mentioned it and would never make me feel bad for it). The heartburn, and other issues I’ve been having.


What I miss: Not being tired at work all the time, being able to climb stairs without getting winded, alcohol.


Favourite moment this week: Been taking lots of “me” time this week and spending some time in a warm bath with my book.


What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!: Um…. 14!






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Busy bee
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The list, for reference! I think this is the latest- please let me know if I left anyone out!




Faye0314: 6/1- Girl


ellebeerob: 6/2- Boy


Sweethart: 6/2- Green


saltbalty: 6/2- Boy


Ballet513: around 6/2?- Girl


MrsKrumpet: 6/4- Girl


bjm1119: 6/6- Boy


stillme: 6/8- Green


SBMT: 6/9- Girl


MyFavoriteChords: 6/9- Boy 


CaptainSpaulding: 6/9 –Boy


thesaurus rex: 6/11- Girl


dreamocracy: 6/12- Girl


MrsSawyer: 6/12- Green


Chappers10: 6/14- Green


legalese: 6/15- Girl


Snowy414: 6/17- Girl


Cwoodward: 6/17- Boy


BichonFrise: 6/18- Boy


anotherbee: 6/18- Boy


araneidae: 6/19- Girl


bwaychick: 6/21- Girl


MrsLox: 6/22- Girl


MissChanandlerBong: 6/22- Girl


MrsDW: 6/24- Boy


SimplyChic11: 6/24- Boy


Robin_Sparkles: EDD ??- Girl


ChelseaRichard: Girl








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Busy bee
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How far along:    28 Weeks on Friday

Total weight gain/loss:  30 pounds…. boo.

Stretch marks:    Not yet.  Fingers crossed.

Maternity clothes: i’ve been in mat pants since about 14 weeks. My only non maternity clothes that fit now are workout pants, t-shirts and a few dresses.

Sleep: Very hit or miss, but generally not as good.  I have to prop my pillows up just right. But then some nights I get up 3 or 4 times to pee, and that ruins it!

Food cravings or aversions: No aversions… no real cravings either.  I’ve been eating a lot of sardines lately, (which DH thinks is disgusting!) but I liked them before, and I read that they’re good for brain development, so I’m going for it!

Gender: Girl!

Movement: A Lot.  I’m starting to worry that she’ll never sleep!

Belly button in/out:  Flat, transitioning to slightly out.

Diet: Really healthy… but still up 30 pounds, so…. 

What I’m loving:  I don’t feel all that uncomfortable yet- I think I’m having a relatively easy pregnancy which is great.

What I’m not loving:  This nagging groin pain.  It’s not awful, just there.

What I miss: I’m starting to really miss drinking!  I’m not even a huge drinker, I just miss having the option.  I really want a margarita!

Favourite moment this week: DH returned home from working out of town, and he doesn’t have to leave town again before the baby is born πŸ™‚

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!: 13

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Busy bee
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How far along:    27w5d

Total weight gain/loss:  15 pounds up right now. More than I’d hoped, but not bad, I think.

Stretch marks:    Just those few on my left hip still.

Maternity clothes: All the time! I live in maternity jeans and am hoping the weather warms up a little one of these days so I can move into maxi dresses.

Sleep: Hit or miss. Some nights I can sleep straight through but some nights are really rough. I have a hard time sleeping on my sides because my nose is really stuffy. So I adjust my bed and sleep on my back mostly. Which means I wake up stiff from being in the same position and with a dry mouth from probably snoring all night… when I actually sleep. πŸ˜‰

Food cravings or aversions: Oh Cadbury creme eggs…. I love you so much. And tacos. Yum.

Gender: Girl!

Movement: All the time… kicks, punches, stretches, rolls, you name it. I’m growing a little wiggle worm in there. She has even kicked my doctor already!

Belly button in/out:  In. Mine is super deep and is more shallow but I doubt it will ever actually pop out.

Diet:  I’m starving all the time but still eating pretty normally.

What I’m loving:  Feeling this baby girl moving a grooving in there. πŸ™‚

What I’m not loving:  The tiredness that returns in the third trimester, made worse by the spotty sleep.

What I miss: Wine. Wine wine wine, and wine.

Favourite moment this week: During my acupuncture appointment, she actually saw my belly move while baby girl was squirming around in there! So cool!

What number thread do you think we will be on come June 1st?!: I suck at stuff like this… 14?


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Buzzing bee
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Getting ready for my lovely glucose test… super paranoid that i’ll fail it.  :-/  Hopefully the dr will have good news for me at my appointment!

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Buzzing bee
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Hi bees. Currently in the one hour wait for the GD test. The deo k wasn’t actually bad at all!! Mine was cold, and actually a bit carbonated, so it really was just like slightly flat pop. So it went down pretty easy. I have about 10 more mins to wait before they draw the blood. Little man is all over the place this morning, hopped up on sugar just like his momma!

surprisingly the worse part of the day (so far) was the finger prick to test my blood sugar level before the drink. The Rh shot didn’t even hurt at all!

and I got to visit with DH for a few mins while I’m waiting, he’s a nurse here in the hospital, so I just went up to hang out on his unit for a bit!

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