(Closed) June POAS- Part 2!

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I’ve been more active in the PCOS board, but this was my first POAS time after almost a year. On Saturday what I thought was AF showed up. It’s still happening, but at 3 pm today I got this…

Doctor drew blood today and is making me stay off of my feet for 24 hours. I can’t quite be excited about it yet because I’m so scared I’m losing it. Still, progress!

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Lone Star:  Congrats! AND good luck, baby dust, and sticky little bean thoughts!

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candy11:  ROLL CALL!

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD15

Ovulation Date: today probably

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: should still be the 29th

Cycles Trying: this will be our 4th, but our 1st where we are using OPKs and actually trying

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): prenatals, OPKs

For fun, tell us about the meaning of your WB name? Why did you pick that name? (Feel free to share as much as you want)

i chose equine breeder because up until a few months ago,that was my job. I bred Warmbloods for dressage and jumping, and managed the farm. It was a dream come true! 



Well we didn’t miss our window after all!!!!!! this is the story, which it thought was pretty good.  i need to add this to the “funny things he said while TTC” thread. πŸ˜€

me: I got a positive OPK today!

Darling Husband: so that means I have to hit that right?

me: hahahahahahahaaha 


i just figured we would try after his double shift, so I went to sleep for the afternoon. I wake up to the sound of him coming through the door early! He didn’t even let the dog out,just came straight upstairs. I asked him why he was home so soon and he said completely serious, “I heard my wife needed a ticket to pound town.” I laughed out loud!

Afterward he kept saying hilarious phrases. Heres a few gems:

“okay, think fertile thoughts!”

“dont you need to put your hips in the air or something?”

“Alright, now go make a baby” (talking at my stomach to his sperm)


“Just picture fertile things, like a sprouting plant or a cracking egg. Like in Jurassic park where the velociraptor comes out” *cue tiny dinosaur hands and raptor noises”


when i was rushing out the door for work I heard him yell one final time, “REMEMBER! FERTILE THOUGHTS” 


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Equine_Breeder:  That is hilarious!!!! Glad you didn’t miss it.


Is anyone else feeling like a POAS crazed monster?  Last month I’m not sure how many FRER I used…. Maybe 20? I think I took 6 before a BFP and then was monitoring progression until I had the CP/MC.   This month I was wise and bought Wondfo’s to relieve the itch.  Here I am on Day 5-7 DPO and already used one.  Crazy lady alert!!

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Blushing bee

Equine_Breeder:  that is hilarious! i’ll have to remember the “fertile thoughts” line…it’s a gem πŸ™‚

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Question for you all – Do you plan anything differently now that you’re TTC? People seems to think I should put my life on hold while I’m TTC ‘just in case’, but I’m kinda going along my merry way and if I get pregnant, we will adjust accordingly.


For instance, every winter, DH’s family plan this big family vacation somewhere warm. Last week, we put down the deposit on our room because they were having a great sale. We realize that we might not be able to go, but there’s also a chance that we might be able to go, so why not take the opportunity? If we can’t go, we will have ‘lost’ $100 for the deposit. That’s a risk I’m willing to take.


What about you?

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I am annoyed and frustrated with my doctor. About a month ago I went for my pre-conception checkup. I told her we would be TTC very soon and just needed the green light from her that everything was in order. I asked to be screened for autoimmune disorders because I have a family history of such, so she ordered blood tests for that. I feel that as a doctor it is her job to know what I need to do before TTC and inform me of that but she didnt, she only addressed issues that I told her she needed to. Now I find out that I should have been tested for immunity on certain viruses like chicken pox and that I should have been brought up to date on all my immunizations, which I was not, and now it is potentially too late! 

She is the doctor and I feel it was her place to inform me of these things.

How crucial is it to be up to date on immunizations before becoming pregnant? Will it be ok if I get pregnant without this step or is this a major risk? 

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candy11:  I think this link will work?


My temp has gone up the last few days, but still never got a postive OPK… TCOYF says that some women have levels too low for an OPK kit or that it might mean I had a short surge that didn’t get caught by the OPK (?), but any thoughts would be welcome.

My username: I call my husband “Bear,” which started as a joke because he is incredibly hairy. I am his partner or LadyBear.

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Lone Star:  Congratulations & FX for a healthy, sticky baby.

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Helper bee

candy11:  My tetanus pain is gone! The second day I thought my arm was going to fall off. :} Thanks for making part 2 ~ part 1 was so long! 

Lone Star:  Oooooh, congrats! Praying that it sticks. 

Equine_Breeder:  Yay! So glad you didn’t miss it after all, and it’s awesome that your husband is so enthusiastic and pumped up about TTC!!! FX for you guys.

ROLL CALL (again) (might as well)

Current Cycle Day/DPO: CD16

Ovulation Date: FF thinks it’s today, but I didn’t have a temp rise this A.M.

POAS Date/Usual Cycle Length: Cycles are ~28 days. I’ll be POAS probably the 28th/29th/30th etc. etc. until AF or BFP.

Cycles Trying: 1? 

BFP Plan (BD timing, supplements, etc.): B6 for short luteal phase, and I tried taking mucinex for more CM, but honestly I didn’t notice an increase. Definitely no EWCM. If we have to try again next month I’ll probably pass on it. As far as BD goes, we were SO BUSY this weekend that we missed two key days (CD13 and CD14). But we did get BD in on CD12 (probably too early) and CD15. Since I didn’t have a temp rise this morning I’m sure we’ll BD today as well.

Link to Chart, if any: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/makemake/ (I’m not the best charter in the world – I don’t wake up at the same time every morning. But my rise is usually so obvious that it doesn’t matter.)

and for fun –

For fun, tell us about the meaning of your WB name?  Why did you pick that name? (Feel free to share as much as you want): I’m not actually sure why I made this my name. I made this account like, two years ago. Ha ha. I forget!!

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I posted the other day wondering if you all saw a line. I managed to wait 48 whole hours before testing again and here’s the result:

This definitely doesn’t feel real yet! Fingers crossed for a sticky baby. 


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MapleCreekBride:  I think you are fine! Think of the many many people who get pregnant without even trying who have totally healthy pregnancies and babies! For what it’s worth, I just got my BFP and I didn’t even have a preconception appointment and I have no idea the status of my vaccinations…

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