(Closed) Junebug Mamas Part III

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Due Date: June 11th

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Girl

How you’re feeling: Exhausted

Are you in maternity clothes? Tops yes, pants I just use a belly band

Weight gain? 12 pounds

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Due Date: June 3rd

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Team Green

How you’re feeling: Ready!

Are you in maternity clothes?  Shirts yes pants no i usually wear yoga pants

Weight gain? 30 the last time i actually paid attention. I dont care too much at this point πŸ™‚

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@simpleandchic:  I was overweight before, so it wasn’t a conscious plan to only gain a certain amount of weight, it just happened with cutting out soda and fast food. Midwife says anywhere from 10-20 pounds is good for my weight, so hopefully I can be done at 12. 38 weeks on Monday, I pray I don’t go all the way to 42 weeks.

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@simpleandchic:  Yes quite excited! Im doing everything possible to get things started, walking, squatting, pineapple, etc 

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Due Date: June 19 – currently 36w 4d

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Green

How you’re feeling: Generally ok, but having lots of trouble sleeping, and when I wake up my hips hurt. The whole lower half of my body kinda aches. Also am eating like I ate in the 1st trimester — bland foods, small portions. Can’t handle much else. If these are my worst complaints, I’m pretty happy πŸ™‚

Are you in maternity clothes? Yup, except for cardigan sweaters and PJs.

Weight gain? Dr. says I’m right on track.

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Due Date: June 6, only a week and a half left!!! πŸ˜€

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Boy!

How you’re feeling: Getting uncomfortable, and by “getting” I mean holy cow. And by cow I mean I’m the cow. πŸ˜›

Are you in maternity clothes? I haven’t worn normal clothes in months…

Weight gain? 35 pounds

@Lindsay05:  I’ve been eating pineapple like a FIEND! I didn’t walk last night but probably will tonight…oh who am I kidding no I won’t. I’m on the couch and I’m ordering Chinese πŸ˜‰

@pregnantbee:  Ugh my hips are killing me too!!! It’s so hard to get comfortable at night. I usually end up waking up about 4-6 times a night. Can’t get comfortable, roll over, can’t get comfortable, have to pee, repeat.

I’ve been pretty out of the loop the past week. One of my coworkers is pregnant and due in the end of August. This is her second pregnancy, she had a horrible time before, found out the baby wouldn’t survive outside the womb at 29 weeks and she carried to 37(!!), well her 28 week appointment was last week and they found out the same thing πŸ™ I’ve been so emotional…I just can’t imagine what she’s going through. On top of that our supervisor has quit and so we’re down a supervisor, I’m about to go on leave and my coworker will be taking personal leave. We have a 5 person department. That leaves 2 people. *sigh. It’s been stressful. My hub has been amazing. I’m trying to do everything for work that I can and to support my coworker. It’s been a lot to take in.

Other than that, things are going so well. I’ve had an ideal pregnancy. I am so grateful, I just can’t even begin to tell you the change in perspective I”ve had. I’m done complaining about my swollen feet and double chin and anything else because I know I have a beautiful baby who is coming home with me.

Sorry to be a debbie downer πŸ™

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Due Date: June 19th (36 weeks 4 days)

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Girl!

How you’re feeling: Ehhh… Alright for the most part. I am still a bit stressed about the fact that she is still very much breech. And sleeping as a general rule sucks, I wake up all the time to roll over and when I roll over I am in a ton of pain from my sides to my hips feeling like they are just going to snap apart LOL Thankfully I still don’t have to get up to pee πŸ™‚

Are you in maternity clothes? Yes, for the most part. I can still “fit” into my pants, it is just really uncomfortable sitting down since she is always kicking around down there. I have a few maternity tops but I mostly just wear the ones I had before.

Weight gain? 26 lbs πŸ™

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I wasn’t sure if we would make it to a part 3!

Due Date: June 8th (38 weeks, 1 day)

Gender (or if you’re Team Green!) : Girl!

How you’re feeling: I’m happy that I’m so close to being done, I can’t wait to hold her! This past week I was really weepy/crying at least once a day and I was having some anxiety about our family dynamics changing–but I think that has passed. Also, I now have 3 pillows between my knee’s at night to support my giant, achy hips!

Are you in maternity clothes? Yes. My belly is a beach ball. My maternity clothes are having a hard time cutting it.

Weight gain? 17 lbs according to my doctor. I know I gained within the 8 weeks before they saw me for my first prenatal appointment so probably like 22 lbs? 

Kansas: So sad about your coworker, ugh. Heartbreaking πŸ™ 

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Well thankfully my midwife won’t take me to the hospital unless she is still breech when labor starts and even then she says she knows a doctor that will try to birth her breech and I definitely would like to try that before signing up for a c-section!

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