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Well I am not in love with my job, but I don’t mind it, it pays well, i don’t have to work weekends, can work from home and has good benefits, overtime is offered but never required. I am a customer service rep though, and of course that one thing is the people on the other end of the line some days :p most of the time I am way nicer than I am in real life and hold my tongue, but sometimes things just slip out.

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Having to rely on and work with other people.

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Sugar bee

shitty, toxic bosses.

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I work on a very small team (there are 6 of us here, and 2 at another location), and I just struggle with the dynamics of a couple co-workers who feel like they have to bully everyone around with their knowledge. Or that, if something inconveniences them… it should be changed so that it’s not an inconvenience to them regardless how anyone else feels about it.

I have worked at my organization for 10+ years, and have been in various positions and worked with so many different people… I get along with everyone. But these two on my team… I literally want to punch a few times a day and be like… WTF!? They would be the reason I would leave, not anything else.

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I’m an executive assistant, and struggle with having to do things that a personal assistant does, like running errands for the big boss. I’m trying to be better about it though, because I get paid really well and whenever he sends me to Starbucks he buys me a drink too 🙂

Also, whenever one of the people I support asks me a really dumb question. It drives me crazy! 

All in all, I really do enjoy my job. I don’t think it will be a long-time career, but it is perfect for me right now!

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Beedoglady:  I am a teacher and my school can be SO gossipy and political. I hate it. People cry in meetings (which I also think is extremely unprofessional) and talk smack about other teachers.  I deal with it by flying under the radar, being nice to everyone, and just smiling and saying yes when people ask me to do things. I also dont get involved with the gossip. I probably seem like I’m antisocial sometimes, but I really just dont want to get involved. 

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The “me me me” syndrome is out of control at my company.

EVERYONE is a superstar

EVERYONE needs to be in the spotlight

EVERY conversation is turned into something about them

It’s ridiculous.  I’ve never worked with a group of more insecure women in my life.  And we’re talking people in their 40’s here.



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The hardest part of my job is the families. I’m a nurse and work with a lot of (but not all) geriatric patients.  I love my patients but the families are often so difficult to deal with. everything could be perfect and they will still find something wrong. I feel like it’s hard to talk to them when a family member is dying too. You don’t want to give them false hope but you don’t want to be too blunt. It’s a fine line. I’m better at it now but I wouldn’t say it’s easy. 

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at the moment the hardest part of my job is keeping busy. There is absolutely nothing to do here, my one job yesterday I could have done would have worked if my printer wasnt all mucked up and it barely prints a line…And that takes all of 3 minutes…The phone rings a good 1 to max 2 times a day, the floor gets mopped everyday sometimes twice a day cuz im so bored [thank God for weddingbee!] Definately don’t plan on doing this all my life, hoping to go back to school [well online anyways] in the new year to do something I’ve always wanted.

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Beedoglady:  I work on computers ALL DAY so staying off the bee is my biggest challenge.  Second to that is dealing with my boss, he’s a bit of a pompous ass and a difficult personality (there are many rants about him floating around the boards).

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I’m an auditor. Hardest part is that there isn’t a lot of instruction. The attitude is more like, “figure it out” when it comes to different testwork. 

Also it’s pulling teeth to get the clients to give you complete and timely information.

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Trying to be helpful when some patients are so damn stupid that it’s impossible. Example of a conversation with a new patient.

me: What’s the reason for your visit today?

patient: I’m sick.

me: Describe what you’re feeling when you say you’re sick.

patient: I don’t feel well.

me: Do you currently take any medications?

patient: Yeah, I take a pill.

me: What is it called?

patient: I don’t know.

me: What is it for?

patient: I don’t know.

me: Who prescribed it to you?

patient: I don’t remember.

me: What pharmacy do you get it from?

patient: The CVS in <large city with multiple stores>. I don’t know what street it’s on.

me: Did you keep the bottle?

patient: No. I just know I ran out and haven’t taken it in a week.

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Beedoglady:  Right now my dog trainer is my favorite person in the whole wide world! But it’s because she’s so honest with me. I don’t want someone to tell me my dog is an angel, but we could practice this. No. I know my dog is crazy from having three different homes before I adopted him. I need someone to tell me that if I don’t make him practice this and this and this and put my foot down he’s not going to get better. Keep it up lady! Too many dog owners don’t understand what it takes to raise a decent canine.

Otherwise, the worst thing about my job is working with engineers that think they’re always right. In particular, the manager of my work group. I can work for a month on a plan for a project, and then he can throw it out the window if he has a better idea. He won’t even bother asking questions about what I’ve done, or asked if I already looked into what he’s suggesting. He’s right, everyone else is wrong, end of story. It’s the only thing about my job I despise.

Aquaria:  Your story example SERIOUSLY cracked me up!!!

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I deal with a lot of entitlement in my position. People who feel they are “owed” something, who feel the rules should be bent for them or who refuse to take accountability for their situations. It’s jaded me a bit. It’s hard for me to not say, “the world does not revolve around you” several times a day lol.

On the other hand, I work with a lot of people who are trying so hard to make something of themselves, putting in work and doing everything they are “supposed” to do, and life legitimately keeps dealing them a crappy hand. Deaths in families, job losses, things that make it nearly impossible for them to reach their goals, but they still persevere. Sometimes I’m the only cheerleader these people have. It breaks my heart.


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