(Closed) Just curious, Ladies, do you ever go to strip clubs?

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  • poll: Have you ever been to a strip club? How was it?
    Yes, my SO and I went together : (22 votes)
    10 %
    We go quite frequently : (1 votes)
    0 %
    I've gone to a strip club with friends : (49 votes)
    22 %
    I've been to a strip club with relatives : (6 votes)
    3 %
    I've seen male strippers : (21 votes)
    10 %
    I've seen female strippers : (46 votes)
    21 %
    I've seen strippers that "take it all off" : (28 votes)
    13 %
    I loved it : (18 votes)
    8 %
    I thought it was OK : (29 votes)
    13 %
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    @kerensa:  Yes a friend of mine was a waitress at a female strip club..it was pretty interesting lol the first time i been there I was like WHOA….okay abit uncomfortable then afterwards it was meh whatever hahaha

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    I have actually never been to a male strip club, but I have been to a female strip club once. I was with my friends in Vegas and we are all really drunk and thought it would be funny. It was a topless bar. I would have to say it was like 7 years ago….a couple years before I met husband.

    It was okay, I got hit on by a couple dudes (got free drinks) and my girl friend got a lapdance while I declined. . I guess the best word for it is “meh”.

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    I have been to three our four for various reasons… mostly when I was much younger. Just drunken/bar hopping nights out on the town where someone thought it would be ” funny” to go to one and I just went along with the crowd

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    I’ve been twice. Once with my Fiance and once with my girlfriends. I have 3 friends who used to work at this particular club so no entrance fee and they know a lot of other folks that work there. It was fun. I’d go again just not all the time.

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    I go with my Fiance and other friends. I hate male strip clubs though. 

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    So the first time I ever went to a strip club was when my husband took me.. by accident lol!! we decided to go to this Italian restaurant we had been to a long time ago. We walked in all dressed for a nice dinner; apparently the place had been sold and turned into a strip club we decided to hang out for a bit and actually had a good time. We went back a few times.

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    I don’t really go much anymore but when I was younger I would go fairly often (quite a bit over the span of a year and sporadically before that).  One of the towns I lived in didn’t really have much in the way of nightlife (the only thing there were sports bars) so I had friends (male and female) who liked to go to a strip club sometimes as a way of doing something different.

    They made strong drinks (I liked!) and I always had fun. We (a few friends and myself) ended up getting to know one of the strippers pretty well (one very slow night she just sat and hung out with us for 2 hours) and she was a very nice person. She always came over and chatted with us for awhile every time we went in.  I’m friends with her on Facebook…lol.

    I’ve had plenty of lap dances bought for me and I’ve laid up on stage plenty as well (that’s allowed here).  I’ve been back to the “VIP” rooms before (that is with a male and the stripper)–kinda boring for me but I think guys like watching.

    Anyway, I’ve been to them in about 3 different states.  Different states (or is it more local than that?? anyone??) have different rules so what happens in one doesn’t always happen in another state.

    I don’t really go very much anymore, but I don’t go out as often as I used to either.  Fiance and I went together once when we first started dating (a large group of his friends were going and one of my female friends liked to frequent it because the bartender was a friend) and I think that was the last time I’ve been (about a year and a half ago).  Fiance isn’t really a fan of them when it comes down to it, he got jealous of the stripper!

    I might go see a male show in Vegas for my bachelorette party (never seen male strippers before).

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    I went to a few female strip clubs with male friends when I was younger, and I was repulsed, not by the women, but by the whole ambiance.

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    Yeah I’ve been to a few.  I was the only chick working in an office full of guys, and all our lawyers were guys.  So after work a few beers on an expense account… eventually we would wind up at strip clubs lol.  I’ve had a few lap dances… but the girls are SOOOO nice!!

     OH and Darling Husband was married before me and they used to go ALL THE TIME together.  I haven’t been to a strip club with Darling Husband but i think it’s something we did in the past.

    I did see male dancers with a bunch of my cousins …. and went to a bachelorette party where the BM’s rented a school bus, with not one empty seat.  They had a male dancer in a backroom at a bar, and the girls wouldn’t stop smacking his butt, so he picked up his clothes and stormed out of there saying something about if they hadn’t hit him so hard it would have been fine.  I almost peed my pants.

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    there are some strip clubs around downtown portland that are a little different from the norm — ones where the girls are alterna-chicks, tattooed, and are often really good dancers/acrobats, so they kind of remind me of burlesque shows that go full monty. there are usually lots of women in the audience at these places. I enjoy going to these clubs with groups of mixed friends. 

    but I’ve also been to regular strip clubs – like the kind you see in movies – with the typical fake boob / long fingernail / too-much-makeup types of strippers.  the types of clubs that mostly have men in the audience. those skeeve me out. I don’t care if my husband goes to one for bachelor parties and things like that, but I don’t know how I would feel about it if he wanted to go really often. 

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    I won tickets to take 15 friends for a male strip show with a regular club on the other side. I went because it was free to get into the club with the tickets before 11:00pm. I gave all the tickets away and waited until 10:45pm and I had to wait those 15mins in the strip club and sat way way in the corner and had my drinks and waited.

    I personally dont like male strippers I am very uncomfortable with them trying to touch me it makes me feel sick. I have never been to a female strip club.

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    Never been to a male strip club.  I have been to a female strip club tons of times.  I went for my 18th birthday.  Then, I just went a lot when I was in the military because I was the only chick in my shop.  And well, that’s what the guys liked to do.  Beer was like $2 for me.

    Husband and I have been into one strip club, right after we got married in New Orleans.  That was one time in the past going on 6 years I can remember.

    They really don’t bother me.

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    I’ve been with friends before. To a ladies one. Where they took it all off. And I loved it. I think they’re fun if you go with the right people and the strippers dont suck. 

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    I went to a full-nudity female strip club with a mixed group of friends in college. It was fun and had free drinks. One of the dancers really impressed me – she could climb the pole and hang from her legs and such! We were the last ones there, so one of the dancers invited us ladies to dance on the stage (fully clothed!).

    It’s not something I would do again, I don’t think – but it was fun with the people I was with. We kept it pretty tame, too – there were no private rooms/shows and no one in our group got a lap dance. 

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