(Closed) Just curious…What job would you *NEVER* do?

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I would never be anyone’s assistant. 

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I would never drive a cab, or TTC

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Bumble bee
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I run a grocery store.  It’s probably the only job that’s a *perfect* fit for me even though it causes me so much stress.  I always need a problem to solve, I can’t sit still, I love food, and I get to talk to people all day.  I get to work not only with numbers but also be creative.  


I could never be a vet. I love animals and I think I would cry daily if I saw one in pain or I had to euthanize one.

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Honey bee
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I could never do customer service jobs again. I’d rather starve. 

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Id never be the person who paints all those white lines in a gigantic parking lot. Be it with machine or not … id go crazy 

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I’ve worked in retail and am an executive assistant now to a CEO (read: adult babysitting). I’m hoping to move on to greener pastures soon and never look back.


I could never be a waitress. I try to be as kind as I can to waitstaff because I see how rude, deameaning, or even abusive people can be, I’ve seen friends cry their first few days as a server because of the stress, and I am horribly uncoordinated and have tiny hands, so I could never palm 5 drinks in one hand or carry a loaded-up tray without dropping it the way servers seem to do effortlessly. So kudos to all the waitresses out there!


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Sugar bee

I could never work with/around kids – not because I don’t like them, I LOVE them, but I have a terrible immune system and pick up every little thing. I’d just be sick constantly.

Also could never do anything in the medical industry because I just have such an aversion to people in pain/suffering… I freeze up.

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@BoxerLady:  Oh geez, like pretty much every job in the world 😛


I’ll preface this by saying that if I HAD to do a job “beneath me” (i.e. I have a degree and five years experience in a career field), I would. Whatever it takes to put food on the table.




I would never do a job that involves cleaning up excrement. I feel for the poor janitors that have to clean public washrooms, for example. I’d never want to work at McDonald’s since I eat there and love it and it would totally spoil it for me.


I would never do a job that involves a lot of math. I would never be an airplane pilot. Obviously I have no danger just falling into jobs like that, though lol.


I don’t want to be a business analyst. I would never be an assistant if I could help it (I was for a bit when I was first out of university). I would never want to be a writer even though I have a degree in English and am a pretty decent writer. I wouldn’t want to be a reporter.


Too many more to list really. I guess the big ones for me are the gross ones or ones that involve flying!

ETA: Or anything medical. I don’t like being around people in general, but I also HATE to see people suffer.




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Bee Keeper

If it’s not unethical, it’s not below me.

I’d rather scrub toilets for minimum wage than work with an unethical client.

I’ve had this discussion with my Fiance before because he thought I wouldn’t “deign” to have a lower wage job if it ever became necessary (he wasn’t trying to put me down, he was saying he wouldn’t “deign” to do it either). IMO just because I’ve been lucky doesn’t mean I’m a snobbish fool. There’s nothing shameful in a hard day’s work. There’s everything shameful in participating in something unethical. Fi is probably still a bit on the fence, but even he had to admit after thinking about it that he wouldn’t have any reason to be ashamed if he were to ever work, as he suggested, “as a fry-cook.” I’d be a proud fry-cook or fry-cook’s wife. However, I wouldn’t tolerate any disrespect… no matter what my/his job description is.

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Sugar bee
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i could never be a janitor. i suck at cleaning and there are things they see that would make me puke on the spot… and then i’d have to clean that up too. i have a lot of respect for people in those types of jobs.

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When I lived in Vegas when I was 19 my then boyfriend helped manage a line of sales carts that sold hand creams and jewelry in a bunch of the hotels. One day they didn’t have anyone to cover a costume jewelry cart at Planet Hollywood and I happened to be off of work for the day (office assistant at a tax office, definitely a ME thing) so I agreed to help him out and cover for the girl who was sick. OMG… Never again! First of all I hate jewelry, unless it has a meaning behind it or fills one of my piercings; I don’t wear it. So not only did I have no enthusiasm for the product, but I went completely stir crazy standing next to a cart in the mall for eight hours. I have never worked retail and after that I knew I never could haha.

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Honey bee
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I could never be a vet. I LOVE animals, but it would break my heart to euthanize family pets. I don’t think I could handle it.




I could also never do a super stressful 12hr+ a day job. I have a friend that is an actuary and all he does is study for actuarial tests and works 14 hours a day. Ahh!




My first “big girl job” out of college was as an Investigative Assistant. Did I like being an assistant? Not particularly, but it got me to my Investigative Analyst job today. Gotta start somewhere.

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Any job that involved heights (i.e. construction on bridges), chemicals/dust/smoke (I have athsma) and anything that involved animal testing.  I would rather clean dog poop all day than torture animals for medicine/cosmetics.

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There’s no job I wouldn’t do if I had to, if it meant earning enough money to put food on my table for my family. There’s no shame in any job if it’s an honest living.


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