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i’m kind of where you are at.  I’m 5’4″ and 183, while I don’t have a specific goal weight in mind, ideally I’d like to be around the 130-140 range for our wedding in 2 years.  I’ve started using my fitness pal to track what I eat, along with my food scale its helping to portion my food properly and plan ahead.  I’m also listening to my body more, I realized that eating a dense meal at supper made me feel heavy in the morning, so I have my dense meal for breakfast or lunch so it has time to digest, and have a lighter supper (soup and salad).  I don’t eat for at least 3 hours before bed too. Just these few changes and I’m starting to feel better.  

I’m working out and keeping record of it, that gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.  My Fiance has been supportive by encouraging me to workout.


Keep you head up, you CAN do it!  

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You can do it, don’t give up. I believe it’s not your size that matters, it’s how you feel about yourself and how healthy you feel. Someone told me the “trick” just eat a little less and move a little more.

I’ve made that my motto and have lost 27lbs. My goal was .5 to 1 lb a week. I wanted to go slow and steady. You can definitely do it, don’t be discouraged. The hard work I put into it was more worth it than I can even describe. I feel much healthier and more confident. I was 161 and now I’m 134 and I’m 5′ 4″

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@thumpurr:  you can do it.  keep a positive attitude.   try not to step on the scale too much.  it’s really all about how you feel and look in your clothes, not just the lbs.

i would just have a pair of pants that were a bit snug and worked my way into fitting into them comfortably.  the weight sometimes adds more pressure and stress.

i need to focus a bit more on myself too.  i just put on a pair of pants yesterday that were loose a few months ago and now they are tight. 

i need a support buddy too.


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Dont be discouraged, a year is a long 

time and  thirty lbs is not that much. I have found that not eating as many carbs is helping me lose weight. If you cant get out and exercise then juat start by watching what you eat. It will come off eventually 🙂

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I studied sports med in college, and currently work in an endocrinology office for pediatrics… so I have a TON of information that can help you reach your goals 🙂


Fitness advice:  (not weight loss advice, because skinny does NOT equal healthy!)

Eating habits:

DRINK WATER! Eliminate juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, full fat lattes, etc. Eat your calories, don’t drink them!
-I’m not saying to skip your morning juice or milk, but read the serving sizes on the juice container… many of them have so much sugar. Drink coffee black, or with skim milk instead of cream. Small changes add up!

EAT CLEAN! Avoid processed foods. Focus on fresh fruits and veggies. Increase lean protein. Swap out refined carbs like white bread/rice/pasta for a whole grain variety. Don’t eat packaged what you can prepare fresh. Reduce or eliminate all processed sugars. If you want something sweet, have a piece of fruit. If you are chocoholic, that’s ok, but opt for a small piece of dark chocolate to satisfy the craving.

Snack often, but eat smaller meals. Add some kind of protein to every snack and meal. Like oatmeal every morning? Get the plain oats and use almond milk, cinnamon, and honey for a naturally fulfilling breakfast. Pair a piece of fruit with some yogurt or nuts. Dip veggies in hummus or have a string cheese with some whole grain crackers.
-I don’t think people need to completely cut out carbs, vegetables are carbs after all! Carbs are also necessary for energy.

Exercise habits:

WEIGHTS!!! Lift them. Lift heavy ones. Women are physiologically unlikely to “bulk” up by lifting heavy weights. More weights = more muscle mass. More muscle mass = higher burning BMR. Aim for 2-4 weight sessions a week. You can do upper one day, lower the next, or you can do a whole-body workout with rest days or cardio days in between.

Cardio will help melt the fat off those newly toned muscles. This can be power walking (not taking a stroll through the park, but work yourself to breathlessness), running, elliptical, cycling, etc. Take a spin class, step class, zumba, whatever gets you moving and your heart rate elevated. Swimming is an awesome alternative for those with joint problems.

Interval training is also helpful because you work VERY INTENSELY in bursts, with active recovery in between intense exercises. This allows your heart rate to increase rapidly, but you never fully recover back down to a resting heart rate. By doing things in bursts (or intervals!) you can keep your heart rate higher for longer.

Other tips:

Get a workout buddy to keep you accountable and motivated. Hire a trainer, join a gym, sign up for a class.

Check out MyFitnessPal- it’s free! You can enter in certain information and you get a daily calorie goal. Remember to input your exercise as well, since it will adjust your daily goal based on activity.

Make small changes.  Don’t change 100 things at once, it’s overwhelming and difficult to stick to.

Seek a physician’s advice.  You say you’re over 40, and there are certain hormonal and metabolic changes that occur at various stages of our lives, and what worked for weight loss in our 20’s might not work now. 

Focus on numbers that matter.  The number on the scale and the number on the tag of your pants are less important than your blood pressure, blood glucose level, and cholesterol level. 

I know this is ridiculously long, sorry!  Good luck!!

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Definitely don’t feel discouraged. Make a mental note that you WILL start to make changes on a certain day (maybe Monday?), and until then maybe you could make a list of ALL the kinds of things you eat, and then identify the ones that are most calorific and provide the least nutrition. You can then resolve to cut those out completely, or if they’re foods you love, then only eat them once a week/month. Plan your meals and swap out the less healthy items for healthier alternatives. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago just by cutting down heavily on meat and dairy.

It can be so hard to change one’s food lifestyle, both because meal preparation habits are hard to deviate from and because some unhealthy foods are just sadly delicious! But I think once you start making conscious decisions to avoid these foods, even when in difficult situations like being offered something by a friend or in the office, you will take pride in your strength and you should feel less inclined to give in in future and break your good record. Then only weigh yourself once a week, in the mornings, to monitor your progress, accepting that it’s not a process that will magically work overnight, but will be worth it inthe long run. The more you see it working, the more committed you will be.

You could also look into using workout videos which allow you to exercise at home. Even without one, sometimes I just skip with an invisivle skipping rope (jump rope) and after a few minutes you can really feel you’re working out. Do a little more each day.

But really, you CAN do it, and the first step is believing that. And you don’t have to be such-and-such Lbs to feel confident and beautiful. As others have said, that’s within you, but once you can see that you’re able to live a healthy lifestyle and control your weight as a result, you should feel a lot better. And heck, someone loves you enough to marry you; you must be pretty awesome! Good luck!

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@DaneLady:  +1 Great advice, generally for anyone.

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@thumpurr:  I’m also 5’4 and have 95 pounds to lose i’m starting to lose weight fairly easly thanks to the great advice i have recived from all of great members on here i had a discouraged post on here as well and felt like losing 100 pounds in a year before my wedding seemed impossible!I normally am about the same weight you are now but it is so important to feel comfortable and healthy.One thing that is helping me right now is to not look at the amount i need to lose as a total but just consintrate on losing 5 or 10 pounds at a time it seems more attainable that way! I hope we can reach our goals before our weddings i want to be about 140-160 Good luck! i know you can do it all very good advice on here!

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Bumble bee

@DaneLady:  Sorry to threadjack but I’m just curious what’s wrong with packaged fish? I’m landlocked so the fresh stuff is harder to come by! 

OP, I’ve also found it really useful to not even think about the weight loss and focus on making a change in diet. For example instead of thinking about the 30 pounds I’m trying to lose myself I focus on trying to eat vegetables with every meal and getting back into running/lifting. Thinking about the end goal all the time is sooo daunting!

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You have a year to make yourself feel better, that’s great – you actually have time to change your habits to healthier ones!

I would first start to track how many calories you consume, there’s some great free sites for that – try caloriecount for example.

Then, get a set of work out DVDs. Even if it’s just 20 min per day, it still counts!

Oh, and monitor your progress – once you notice that you’re losing weight it will become much easier to get rid of the rest!


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@DaneLady:  +1 times infinity and beyond! Seriously, this is good advice right here.

@thumpurr:  I did something similar once I got out of college 3 years ago. I was probably about 25 pounds above where I am now (5’6″ and about 140 on most days). I always have a piece of fresh fruit in the morning (with green tea and whatever else I have for breakfast), a piece of fruit and a serving of veggies with a PBJ sandwich (on whole wheat) for lunch, and then I try and get two more servings of veggies in with dinner. I’ve been soda free for over a year now and I’m focusing on cutting back on candy and fast food this year (which I don’t eat a lot of anyways, but still). And I avoid juices altogether for the most part, opting for water instead.

I also went to my Doctor (after a lot of pleading and pouting from my boyfriend) due to extreme fatigue. After bloodwork he put me on a multi-vitamin, sublingual B-12 pills, and Vitamin D-3. I’ve also added Omega3 pills (mom’s advice because I had to go see a Cardioligist for fainting and stuff). I feel a lot better now, especially since I cut out coffee completely two weeks ago and replaced it with the tea (I really don’t feel a caffiene crash anymore), but I still have no clue why I can’t absorb enough B-12 on my own. And I probably have hypothyroidism (mom’s side of the family) which can contribute to weight gain so I’m trying to be extra careful about what I eat now.

Stay positive and focus on what makes you feel good and healthy. You don’t have to change everything at once. Baby steps can help you get healthier at a pace that doesn’t stress you out. You’re going to do great!

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@DaneLady:  +1. Such great advice!! I cut out all processed food & focus on veggies, lean protein, & fruits. I cut out all drinks except for water & I drink over a gallon per day. Im pretty much following the Paleo Diet or Whole 30, both of which are very popular right now because they work. I do Advocare but it isnt for everyone whcih is why I suggested Paleo or Whole 30. Lifestyle changes are what is imortant to focus on to become healthier long term, not just weight loss for a special occasion. 

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