Just embarrassed myself in public….what's your most embarrassing story?

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Sugar bee
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cmsgirl :  Aww! Take comfort in the fact that you’ll hopefully never see those people again! lol A couple of weeks ago, I was walking into Chipotle and somehow my flip flop got caught on a particularly raised tile, causing me to trip a good 4 feet into the restaurant. Thankfully there was a short line that day, otherwise I would’ve flown into the back of an unsuspecting customer. But there were plenty of people sitting and eating who had secondhand embarrassment for me! haha 

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Honey bee
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cmsgirl :  

I was coming out of a Stewart’s at like 8am in the morning, obviously completely sober. I was walking out and four people were walking in. And I literally just fell out of the door. I didn’t trip, I honestly have no idea what happened but my knees buckled and a stranger had to catch my arm and pick me up from the ground.

I still have no idea what happened, but all kinds of people saw it, then they were of course worried because I fell out of the door lol.

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Sugar bee
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Last night was date night with my Fiance and we went to 47 meters down and I totally farted during a jump scare scene. We went out to eat before hand and my tummy was acting up so I was pretty uncomfortable throughout the whole movie and when a shark came out of nowhere I jumped and farted. My Fiance just kind of looked at me and then immediately took the blame so everyone thought it was him but I was mortified. I just really love my guy lol, I can always count on him during trying times 😭

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Bumble Beekeeper

omg that is pretty amazing. My most embarrassing story involves nudity and zit popping.

In one of my old places of employment, there was a private (single stall) bathroom for the ladies. One time I went in there having to pee horribly. As soon as I was in the bathroom, I undid my pants and pulled down my underwear, as one does. Was about to sit on the toilet and pee when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed there was a big pimple on my face. So I decide to pop it. So there I am, pants and underwear at my ankles, i.e. bare ass front & center, bending over the mirror popping a zit, when suddenly the bathroom door that I thought I had locked (apparently not!) swings wide open and this prudish older lady I work with enters the room, seeing me in all my zit-popping bare-assed glory. We both shriek, she hightails it out of there, and I frantically slam the door shut and lock it. 

We couldn’t look each other in the eye for several months after that horrific episode…but I still laugh to myself when I think of it (happened like 7 or 8 yrs ago).

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Bumble bee
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A few years ago I was on shift at work, my trousers decided to give way at the ass an hour into a 15 hour shift, baring my pants and legs to the world.

my dad had to bring me new trousers and I had to walk past over 100 people to get them.

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Worker bee
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Once I went out with a bunch of friends to a brewery. They had a shotski, which is a bunch of shot glasses attached to a ski that a group of people take at the same time, so we all decided to do one. When you do a shotski at this particular resturant, everyone watches and cheers you on. Well, I’m a short girl, and we didn’t think about it logistically, but as everyone (including a 6 foot guy!) went to take the shot, it poured down my face and body! The whole resturant goes “OHHHHHHH!” and starts laughing… to make it worst, there’s a picture LOL! Everytime it comes up on my Facebook memories, I die! Lol! 

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Busy bee
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In mexico as everyone walked out my great grand mothers funeral service i stopped in the shade of the building. when we were ready to go i noticed many ppl were staring at me. i wasnt wearing black so i thought ppl were snickering about me. little did i know i had a huge gigantic bird poop on my hair. i started to cry because i felt everyone staring at me and no one said anything :/ only my little cousins came to my aid and helped me rinse my hair with the cemetarys water hose. family told me it was good luck but i didnt feel lucky at all.

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Sugar bee

It was the early-mid 90s and I (and every woman I knew) had a chic Halle Berry haircut. Well I was trying to grow mine out and it’s a BITCH to grow out the shaved part so after it got about two inches, I got long, glamorous glue-in hair extensions. On my bday, a bunch of co-workers took me out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. All was well until they came out singing with the little dessert – I hate being the center of attention but I said ok, just a few minutes or whatever, grin and bear it. Well they had this GINORMOUS sombrero they put on me. Then, as they started singing the song, they started spinning the damned thing around on my head. You know what happened, right? They took it off and it had a track of hair stuck in it. No more weaves for me! I still get teased about that.

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Helper bee
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At a new job I ended up having to take over running a meeting for my boss at the last minute. This was a meeting with outside clients, and I didn’t know anyone, so I was pretty nervous. We had a giant conference room with all glass walls at the bottom of a flight of fancy open spiral stairs in our lobby, where all of the clients were waiting. I ran up to my desk to grab some last minute materials and on the way down to the meeting I tripped on the stairs, tumbled the whole way down in front of everyone in the conference room, and scraped up my hands and face. Then I proceeded to try and host the meeting while dabbing blood off of myself.

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I have a good one. 

I was trying desperately to get a commuter rail train out of Boston to make it to a funeral, but it was during finals in college so I was cutting it close. Rush hour. The T was running like a grandma and service stopped one station before I needed and as I said I was already running late. So I get off this train and I RUN. Like I’ve never run before in my life. Like I’m Carl Fucking Lewis. 

And there’s a guy in front of me running too. 

Now this was a decade ago when Boston was changing from turnstiles and tokens to the Charlie Card and those fancy black automated doors. 

Now I’m keeping up with this guy and he gets to the new turnstile and I’m POSITIVE that that I can make it through the doors right behind him and not have to slow down for them to close and reopen for me. So I go FASTER. Nobody’s legs have ever moved this fast in the history of the world. 

And I slam directly into the doors as they close at full fucking cheetah speed  and ricochet off and land on my back. Rush hour. South station. I hop up as quickly as I hit the ground and try to make eye contact with someone to laugh it off… and I swear to god everybody had just stopped to stare at me and looked at me like they were horrified. 

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I had gone to a restaurant with Darling Husband (before he was DH) and his parents, and it was very busy. We all ordered a drink and sat at the bar to wait, but because of the crowd, it took a while to get our drinks. When we finally got our drinks, our table was ready, so we had not even taken a sip yet. They walk us through the restaurant, and everyone was looking at us because we were more dressed up than the rest of the crowd (I was nervous about being with DH’s folks, so I wore a dress). My sandal caught on a step up and I landed right. on. my. face. My drink went flying, and I have no idea where it landed, and I did a belly flop onto the floor. I am sure everyone thought I was wasted, when in fact I hadn’t had anything to drink at all. And worst of all was that we were arriving instead of leaving, so I couldn’t even just sneak out of there and hope to never see any of them again; I had to sit and have dinner after that. Ugh. 

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