Just embarrassed myself in public….what's your most embarrassing story?

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One I wont ever forget was years ago in high school. I was a varsity basketball player as a freshman in a smallish high school. It was one of those places almost everyone had gone to and known each other since elementry school so I was already this novelty that had moved in as the new girl and then I was the only freshman on the varsity team (what happens when you have your growth spurt early!) So pretty much the entire school knew who I was and especially the guys basketball team. I had started dating this guy who was like…. last string of the junior varsity team but he SO wanted me to come to his game, and finally one week I didnt have a game and the guys had one at our school. So of course, I went.

We had those pull out plastic bleachers that amplify any noise on them, and I was trying to walk up to where some friends were sitting. I somehow managed to slip on the bleachers, fall down 4 or 5 of them on my butt making this horrible, loud banging sound. Everyone, like 250 people, stop and stare at me. Including all the players on the court. We had this fantastic guys coach who was also one of my teachers who just started laughing at me, like full, nearly rolling on the ground laughing at me. I nearly died of embarresment. For weeks and weeks after when we played against the varsiry guys for fun at the end of practice, all they did was ask me how the new legs were working out and making sure to point out things I might trip over. This was nearly as horrifying to the awkward freshman gir as the actual fall. l I seriously didnt live that down for like 2 years, until most of the other guys graduated. 

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sarahparkview :  

This is gold. Full fucking cheetah speed.

These are great ladies, I really needed a good laugh. You certainly do not disappointment.


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smalltownbigworld :  Haha! Your Fiance is a good guy. 

I farted at home a couple of months ago and it was a bad one. I blamed our pug but then Pugsley jumped onto the couch and started frantically trying to sniff my butt. Busted ๐Ÿ™

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The tap water where I live tastes nasty so we drink well water (we filter it whether it’s tap or well).

Anyway, where I work there’s a well at the house next door. About two years ago I went to the well, filled a 15litre bucket and was carrying it back to the office. The house has a ramp up to the door on the outside, so I was walking down this ramp.

I still have no idea whether I tripped or slipped or what but suddenly I was on the ground, the water was everywhere and the bucket was cracked. And there were at least 6 people at the neigbbour”s house watching. 

Made even worse by the fact that my 3 colleagues and I are the only white people who go to this neigbbourhood so our local neighbours were also mortified that one of us had injured themselves on their property.

Our cleaner now does most of the well trips…

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A few years ago I stepped onto a moving treadmill at the gym and went flying (some idiot left it on!). I still cringe about it now, I don’t know how I didn’t notice it was moving but I guess it isn’t something you expect! Luckilly the gym was super quiet. I still wonder if the person who left it on saw what happened and felt bad?!!

I actually made a post about it on here like you’ve done and also asked people to share there stories to make me feel better! : )

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smalltownbigworld :  i got a fart story of my own….although i wasn’t embarrassed by it..

we were at the beach 2 years ago.  it was ridiculously hot.  we were planning to see the blue angels but the thought of standing outside in the heat with all the people was not appealing so we went to the movies instead to see jurassic world.

the movie theater had those leather reclining seats.  the entire movie was LOUD.  there was one quiet moment and in that second a fart slipped out.  it reverberated off the leather.  i learned over to my husband and asked him if he thought anyone heard it.

he replied, the people at the boardwalk over the blue angels heard it. but good news for you, they probably will assume it’s me.


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I have a falling story too – I was running in my very busy neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon, so prime outside time for all. My neighborhood is historic and the sidewalks are pretty jagged. So I’m running and my foot catches on a crack and I went flying through the air, face planted on the ground several feet away. I jumped right back up and looked around to make sure no one had seen (they had). Worst part is I was too embarrassed to turn right around and go home so I just started running again. By the time I finished my run I was sooo sore and had blood all down one arm and knee. 

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ajillity81 :  It’s always the movie dates that get you! Lol. My guy is pretty burly so I can always count on everyone just assuming he was at fault for any remotely gross thing that I do! 

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I have another falling story. Why is falling so embarrassing anyway??

So I almost always wear really comfy clothes when I’m flying somewhere, except, this one time when I was in my undergrad I had to take a 1 hour flight, and I was excited because I thought “here’s the chance to wear something really nice in the airport and look fancy” (for a 1 hour flight I didn’t mind if my clothes weren’t comfortable). So I wore a new dress and these awesome (and high!!) heels.

I have Nexus, so I was feeling pretty smug as I skipped the regular customs line and b-lined through the Nexus line. After I talked with the border guard, I confidently walked past him, tripped on my high heels, and went FLYING. All of my customs papers, my passport, my phone, my bag, everything was everywhere and I was lying face down on the floor. I had about 10 people rush towards me offering to help but I was so embarassed so I just grabbed all my stuff in a hurry and ran off as fast as I could. That’s the last time I wear heels at an airport!

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