Just for fun: Does your SO help to make you a better person?

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He absolutely does.

He’s been incredibly supportive of my weight loss (50 lbs down, 20 to go!) and encouraged me to sign up for my first half-marathon in September. 

We both always encourage each other to grow and reach our goals. I would say we make each other better.

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Yep, he does.

Always supportive, comforting, encouraging, the list goes on.

Kind of like PP he’s been supportive of me trying to lose weight/be healthier in general. He’s never been into working out but started going with me as a way to help me get motivated to go. Shortly after we started dating I agreed to do a half marathon with a friend and he signed up with me so we could train together.

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YES! its one of the reasons I am marrying him 🙂

He fundamentally accepts me as I am and praises me in lots of ways. But he also supports me bettering myself. Im training for a half marathon and puruing additional higher education.

He also pushed back on the negative traits I have in a helpful way. I have a shitty family and was alone for a long time so I can be kind of obtuse and selfish (not intentionally). Men in the past have taken it as me being cold and just given up. He doesnt. He will call it out, but he asks for the connection he needs or whatever it is. I love that he pushes me to be a better person. He also does that for our kids. He has such a strong presence in that classic “quiet but strong” way

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Yassss he does 😭❤️

FH keeps me grounded. He has taught me how to keep things in perspective. He has also helped me become more empathetic. He’s my biggest cheerleader but isn’t afraid to bring me back to earth. 

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Yup. It’s the main reason I wanna marry the dude. I feel like I’m the best version of myself with him. And I think he’s better with me too. We balance each other’s weaknesses and strengths very well and we both encourage the other to keep striving for more. 

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sharpshooter :  Yes, yes and yes. 

One of the first big things he did for me when we first started dating was buy my cap and gown to walk in graduation.

I was strapped for cash and it being my AA, i didn’t think it was that big of a deal. He told me it was a big deal and he was proud of me. He drove hours to see me walk and because i never went on to get my bachelors, i am SO grateful he made that moment possible for me. 

He has been that way with school, my jobs, my dancing, my family. 

Neither of us run anymore, but he always did when i met him and a few years ago, i trained for a 10k. We dont run “together” because he was much faster than me lol. But i remember as i was nearing the end and just getting SO tired, like “meh I can walk from here” I got a text on my phone. He had just reached the finish line and sent me the most encouraging, loving text that i needed right at the moment. And i sprinted to the finish line….ok well, maybe not sprinted but i kept running haha. 

He helps me be more grounded and see other perspectives that i sometimes might overlook. He is always looking at the other side of things (ex: While we are reading an article about a young man being arrested for car jacking and everyone is saying “Great’! He comments on how sad this boys life must have been growing up for him to turn to that. )  It isn’t always the case, but i appreciate his different outlook and makes me think. Just reminds me to look at both sides of the story sometimes, i guess. 

I am very lucky. 

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Bumble bee

I can’t even count all the ways my SO supports me as a person and our relationship as a whole. 

He is such a steadying force for me when I’m consumed by my anxiety. I’ve been through a career change and am about to sell and buy a house. There hasnt been a moment he hasn’t been fully supportive, honest, or invested in helping me get through the tough parts. 

I am sometimes so overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have found him. He complements me and walks alongside me all at once, and it’s the very best relationship I’ve ever had.

Gah, I’m gushing with giddiness over here. And smiling just thinking about how much more I could say. 😁

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100%. I am an alcoholic in recovery (just celebrated a year) and he has been by my side from day one. Encouraging me, loving me and advising me. Now I am on my weight loss journey to lose about 25 pounds and again he is doing the samething. I really wouldn’t be here without his encouragment and love. He is my best friend and the love I have longed for.

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Absolutely!  I’m cleaner, more selfless, He helped me triple my 401K contribution over 3 years and I’m almost debt free just from his tips and tricks and frugal spending.  He’s inspired me to be adventurous and think a lot more about the future.  I love that guy!!!!

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Oh definitely. He’s very kind and I think I’m a lot nicer around him. It’s nice to have a warm fuzzy home environment. Supporting each other and cheering each other on goes with the territory from the small stuff to the bigger things. I sincerely dread the dentist because I have a lot of nerve pain in my mouth. After I go, he brings me home a cheering up card and a bottle of bubbly. 

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Without doubt he has made me a better person. He has made me calmer and more patient. He is a rock which has helped me take a lot more risks in life knowing that he is always there to support me no matter what.

He has encouraged my creativity and broadened my horizons. One example of that is he motivated me to take my hobby of painting to the next level and turned a spare room into a studio for me. I now have a few pieces hanging in nearby coffee shops and a couple of big canvases in a local hotel which never would have happened without his encouragement.

He challenges my thinking but has never, ever denigrated my opinions. He does point out when he thinks that I need to reconsider a plan or idea without any derision. 

I could not have picked a better partner to go through life with. I count my self lucky every day.

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Lol absolutely not.

But that’s okay!

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