(Closed) Just for fun: does your voice get higher?!

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Honey bee
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Whoa, I do this too!!  When talking to people I’m not that familiar with, I also go a little higher.  It’s my “girly voice” because normally my voice is reeeeally low!

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Honey bee
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Yep! I think it’s fairly normal. I notice that my friends and I all use a higher pitched phone voice. Oftentimes if we lie, it goes higher too!

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Busy bee
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I do too!  Least I am not alone!

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Sugar bee
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I do this too. I think I’ve always been scared that my voice will sound too deep over the phone. This probably stems from when my uncle called and I answered the phone and he mentioned that my voice sounded deep…not a cool thing to say to a young teenage girl!!

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Honey bee
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I totally do all of that too! That’s why I hate talking on the phone sometimes because I have to put on my “polite” voice and it’s just so exhasting sometimes! Lol

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Bumble bee
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YES. Darling Husband makes SO much fun of me. It’s why I hate making phonecalls for work and try to do all my business over email when possible, haha

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Helper bee
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Haha yep! I worked at a call center and even after months of being on the phone all day, I still couldn’t talk “normal” on the phone. 

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Bee Keeper

No, but I used to do it and I’ve seen other people (women) do it.

I used to do it in my teens without really thinking about it. And then I read about how much voice pitch, and whether our voice goes up at the end of a sentence as if it is a question, affects how seriously others take us? Especially men? And it was one of the reason why men didn’t take women seriously in general? I also learned from what I read that I asked too many questions that didn’t need to be questions and could have just been statements, you know? And tittered too much, hehehehe.

Ever since then I started speaking a little lower than felt natural at the time, and no longer raising my pitch near the end of of sentence. It now feels natural to talk this low. It has been hugely advantageous in the work world and men do tend to respect me and take me seriously, compared to other women, though not compared to men. It is possible that I can be the informally-selected “leader” in a group even where I am the only female in the group, and that makes me feel good, because that’s rare in our society in general. I think my more male-like way of speaking has even psyched me myself into believing I can be more of a leader, be stronger, face more criticism without breaking, and so on. And of course as I would take on those challenges and succeed that would become more certain in my mind.

I was a bit self-conscious that I sounded too much like an adolescent boy, but Fiance has told me several times that one of the things that attracted him so much to me is my “feminine voice,” and he will occasionally point out a woman’s voice he doesn’t like and tell me “it’s not feminine, like yours.” (usually it’s a variation of the smoker voice he doesn’t like, although he is also perturbed by squeaky voices).

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Busy bee
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@imsandradee:  Yup, super high and very perky. I used to work front desk at a hotel and if Fiance or my parents would call they’d get the phone voice. Fiance liked to laugh at me for it. I also do it while going through drive-thrus, one time I ordering coffee with my mom and as we pulled away from the speaker she said “I bet they’re wondering why a 12 year girl is ordering coffee” so I guess I also sound like a kid in addition to going up.

Edit: I forgot to add that the only woman I know who doesn’t do this is my mother. She is constantly mistaken for a man on the phone/drive-thrus because she doesn’t use feminine intonations (her pitch doesn’t rise at the end of her sentence.) I feel bad because people often mistake her for being cold because she doesn’t sound “friendly.” To be fair, most of the time I don’t raise my pitch at the end of my sentences but it’s higher the whole way through, I just feel this sounds more professional and friendly than someone who speaks flatly.

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Helper bee
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My voice is naturally pretty high and girly umless I’m upset. Then it gets all flat low and dangerous haha. I have noticed the tone speed and timbre of my voice changes on the phone. I call it my big girl customer service voice. I actually like it! Its gotten me a job a time or two!

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Busy bee
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I sure do. We call it my “Wendy’s” voice since I first noticed it when I started working at Wendy’s after high school and was taking orders through the drive thru. People at work will also ask me to “Wendy” something up for them when they want me to make something more PC or formal.I always get a good chuckle out of it.

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Buzzing bee
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Umm, I have a “sexy” phone voice… does that count? 

I’ve had offers for lunch, dinner, gourmet chocolates, and even a trip to Las Vegas from some of the male vendors I’ve worked with.

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Bee Keeper

@chouette: I totally agree that a downside to habitual low-talking is that I appear less friendly (especially to other women). It doesn’t help that I’m introverted and also have resting bitchface.

I speak very politely to people I don’t know, but women who don’t already know me well will still find it distant (not rude, but aloof) unless I intentionally force extra energy into it, which feels fake and effortful, so I don’t pull out my “soooo chipper!!!” efforts unless I really am trying to make new friends.

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