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I have one big one that gets me every time. It’s minor, but he drips water all over the bathroom floor!! We always shower together, so when I come out next I have to walk reallyl funny so I don’t slip!

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there are a few things!

  1. He loves buying battery operated utensils for the kitchen which always break down or run out of battery. I went crazy cos I was trying to cook dinner one night and I had to open a can and of course the only can opener we had was a battery one and it was flat! So I had to use a steak knife and jimmy the can open. He’s so sweet though, he does it because “I thought it’d be nice for you to have it a little easier when trying to do stuff.”
  2. If I go out and leave him to his own devices, he goes food crazy! He once bought 3 pizzas while I was out volunteering. And another night he’d bought himself a whole family fish and chip pack. he then sends me guilty and cute msg’s how he doesn’t feel well cos he ate too much. I feel like he needs constant supervision!
  3. He’s always bringing home chocolate and if I weren’t trying to look nice in my dress I wouldn’t care..

He’s so amazing though..

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She’s messy but she thinks that she’s not. Agh so frustrating. But I love her.

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Hm… My biggest bugbear is that he gets dead grumpy when he’s hungry. Our weekends have to be built around his meal times or he’ll get really crabby.

Also, when he tidies, he doesn’t tidy. He moves things into piles on the floor, and then declares the room ‘done’. When I tell him it isn’t, he tells me he doesn’t know where any of it goes. Just MAKE a place for it to go, that looks neat and isn’t the floor! And most of it is common sense, like – books go on the book case, paper can be tidied onto the desk etc. etc.

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@lanalnoco:  My Dad has a bad memory, which mostly resulted in him calling me on my mobile on a Sunday morning playing hell that I didn’t tell him I was staying at my friend’s house (when I was 18-19), and he’d been up all night worrying.  I actually started writing down something like this:

I Cariad’s Dad,

Have been informed by Cariad on Day/Month/Year that she will be staying over at Cariad’s friend’s house.


Cariad’s Dad


Independent Witness (Mum or Brothers)


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@Cariad:  hahah I LOVE IT! 

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@crookedframe:  Are you my FI? haha, I know that’s what he would say about me!


If I don’t do the dishes, they don’t get done. If I don’t cook, we don’t eat. 

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He grew up with the couch decor pillows being put on the floor whenever he or his family sat on the couch. So now whenever I walk into the room, the pillows are always on the floor since he doesn’t put them back. It drives me insane! & he always pushes the coffee table within 5 inches of the couch so he can eat & never puts it back where it goes.

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@meg.miles:  Oh my gosh, I can completely relate to the coffee table thing!  It drives me bonkers when I come into the living room and the table is right up against the couch – he never moves it back.

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@MissGreenBean:  Oh lord, when SO is drinking from a glass he takes like a MILLION small ‘slurps’ back-to-back instead of just one normal sized sip. It makes me want to punch him in the throat.

Mine will take one large slurp, filling up his whole mouth, and will then drip out!  I’m trying to teach him to drink coffee right – he says his lip isn’t the right shape.  Ugh.

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My Fiance is laid-back. Normally, this is a good thing, but so am I. So while deciding what to do or what to eat or WHATEVER, sometimes we go back and forth with “What do you want to do/eat/whatever?” “It’s up to you” “Well I don’t really care, what do you want?” “I don’t really care either”.

When it comes down to it…I’m usually the one to make the decision haha. I don’t mind usually but sometimes it gets annoying.

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Hmmm I have a few… 

1. He can’t sleep with a top sheet – it ends up in a ball at the end of the bed every time. I gave up that battle years ago and we just sleep with a duvet… but damnit – I miss my top sheet 🙁

2. He doesn’t shake out or rinse our shared (different heads) electric toothbrush enough and it leaves a pool of nasty toothpaste water on the charger.

3. He’s pretty good with dishes but TERRIBLE with putting away his clothes. And then when I pick up after him and throw things in his laundry basket, he informs me that there were clean clothes in there from the laundry he did several days ago. At least he does his own laundry!

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He snorts, rather than blowing his nose.  It’s revolting!

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He smokes like a chimney, spends tooo much money and has no idea how to save. urgh and i hate it when he has a few too many drinks and im sober, (but i think i hate all drunk ppl)

OH and he wont huck anything out EVER!!!!!!!!! ok not ever but he hates it.. frustrating!

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Mine is an introvert. Which is, I suppose, inseparable from who he is and G-d knows I love him for it. At the same time, I’m an extroverted chatterbox and it drives me nuts that he can just…. sit there?! Not talking! HOW????

It has actually been at the root of some miscommunication recently (his introspective, distant moods get understandably worse when he’s stressed out) that had me seriously stressed and anxious about the propsects of our relationship. Thinking about it, though, (and in part thanks to this thread) I’m relieve to see that it’s not really a problem: just part of what makes us – us. We’re a classic case of opposites attracting!

On the flip side, I do appreciate that he doesn’t seem to find me annoying when I prattle away for hours at a time : even I get sick of the sound of my own voice 🙂

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