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Him: (creepy nice voice) Hey sweetheart! You’re looking fine tonight. Want to come home with me?
Me: No thank you.
Him: (creepy mean voice) I aint giving you a choice! I’m going to take you home whether you like it or not b*tch! Show you who’s boss!


Him: Hi!
Me: Hi.
Him: I want to do so many nasty things to you.

Him: Hey there!
Me: Hi.
Him: Ooo that ass!
Woman next to him: Whoa!


And men wonder why women are so stand offish at first..

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somathemagical :  We had just moved into our town and we were having a BBQ to celebrate our new house. Fiance dropped me off at the meat market to get Brats while he grabbed buns at the grocery store. This guy walked up to me as I was browsing the brat selection (ridiculously huge, over 100 flavors)

he says “hey Baby, you here alone?”.

I ignored him and acted like I didnt hear him.

He says “Aw come on baby, I’m just trying to help you find some sausage

(I can tell at this time that the huy is very obviously either drunk or high)”.

I turn to him and say, I’m sorry sir, thats quite inapropriate, *hold up hand*, I am engaged and I am going to go buy my food now.

He then responds “Awww come on baby, he dont mean nothing to you! You know you want some of this!”

I then give a desperate look to the nice man behind the meat counter who quickly pulls me to a register and rings up my food. I beelined for the door and went straight to Fiance waiting in the truck. CREEP.

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So far, these are examples of blatant sexism  and sexual harassment that are deeply ingrained in our culture.

Not sure what’s “just for fun” about that.

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Omg. I was on a cruise with my cousin, and we were hanging out at a bar and these two guys came over.

Guy #1: Hey, want to dance? 

My cousin: Sorry. I’m married, but thanks! 

Guy #1: I have a goldfish.

My cousin: …what? 

Guy #1: I thought we were talking about things that didn’t matter.

Me: …. does that ever work for you? 

Guy #2: Wanna hear mine? 

Me: …. ok

Guy #2: I have a math test coming up.

Me: What? 

Guy #2: I thought we were listing things we were cheating on.

Us: We’re… gonna go. 

I have more examples of blatant sexism and harassment – but this was one of those “just for fun” instances where the guys just went their own ways and left us alone. My cousin is a black belt, so if they came after us I’d have loved to see the result of that. We ended up seeing them again later in the cruise and they just happily waved at us and went on with whatever drunkin business they had. 

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lol so sad. A guy I knew in high school asked me out a few years afterwards. I was skeptical but went out with him a couple times anyway. After a few dates, I let him know that I didn’t think it was going anywhere and I wasn’t really interested in hanging out again. Then he asked if I was a lesbian… lol as if that’s the only possible reason I wouldn’t be interested in you!

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I have a really terribly dark example. But because this post is for fun: someone actually said “Excuse you?!” to me after I turned him down. Physically taken aback and everything, hand on chest, just aghast. He also called me a faggot, which was just as amusing after that performance.  

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I was on a winter ski trip with a bunch of people from my college campus. Place had an indoor water park. Bestie and I were chilling in the bar upstairs in the waterpark and these guys buy us jello shots, then we all go to the jacuzzi where there’s like 8 other people. We weren’t being flirty, nor were the guys. Then AFTER we had our drinks and were about to leave the guy that bought mine suggested I go back to his room with him. I obviously said no thanks, and he pushed about it and asked why (imagine a pouty kid…yeah). I asked him what my name was (I had told him several times in the past hour or so) and he pretended he knew but wouldn’t answer. I turned to walk away and the douchebag GRABS my arm, pulls me back and said something along the lines of, ‘well you owe me’…..

Haha, yeah no. I yanked my arm back and walked off without a word with my friend.

Guys can be such morons.

 Wasn’t the worst, but it was the most memorable. I always attract creeps. I got super lucky with my hubs lol!

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I was in college and at a bar one night with a couple of my girlfriends.  This guy, who was completely drunk, came up to me and said “My friend and I have a bet.  He thinks they’re real and I think they’re fake.”  I said “Do you really think I’m going to answer that?” and he leaned forward like he was going to touch my chest.  I jumped back and started yelling at him, but the bar was so loud that hardly anyone noticed, except one guy that came to my rescue.  The drunk guy got really mad and went off on some rant on how women are b*tches and about a minute later he was being escorted out by two security guards.

On a nicer note, the guy that came to help me lived in the guys dorm across from mine.  We became friends and eventually dated for 6 years.

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Yea- these are frustrating and they’re also a reminder of why I tell my husband that in a post appocalyptic world, the first thing to do would be to cull the global male population by a good 30%.

I’ve been called all kinds of names. My personal favorite was the guy that tried to talk to me shortly after I shaved my head. He was very interested until I said no and then suddenly I was a bald headed bitch.

Men can be so fucking stupid and ridiculous.

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I developed early and was sexually abused as a child by both family and a stranger.  So it took awhile for me to see the humor in unwanted male advances.

My first experience of being actually hit on by a guy that was quasi age appropriate was when I was eleven.  He was high school age.  The whole thing freaked me out–I had no idea how to handle it.  And it wasn’t as if I had a normal mom I could talk to.

The next major uncomfortable stranger incident I recall was when I was fourteen.  A much older man came on very strong in a place in which I couldn’t easily get away.

Well, that certainly turned out to be more triggering than I thought it would be.

Even many years and lots of experience later, I must admit, I don’t handle male advances well.  Inevitably, I’m drawn to more reserved men.  My Dh courted me for eight months before he made a move in the direction of breaking the platonic barrier.

Sorry.  I don’t mean to darken the mood.

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It didn’t happen to me, but it happened to a friend while I was present. It was at a mutual friend’s bachelorette and a (much older) man comes around and tries to chat up my friend by talking about how overweight she was and how she shouldn’t feel badly about it because “fat chicks are hot, too”.

I was too shocked to say anything. Fortunately, the bride’s sister was a trained psychologist/social worker and started asking him really personal, revealing questions that he tried to ignore at first, but eventually got to him, so he left. Thank god she was able to put the focus on his shitty behaviour, or I don’t know if he ever would have left.

I felt bad for not speaking up and apologized to my friend later, but she didn’t blame any of us, she was as shocked as we were. Though we did have a laugh, saying it was too bad the bride hadn’t invited her four older brothers along, they would have taken that guy out back for a much deserved beating.

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somathemagical :  

Oh, no apology needed!  You’re fine.  Men can be dolts and certainly deserving of ridicule when they behave like boors.  Nothing wrong with sharing a good laugh over it!

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