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He’s been calling me wifey lately and telling me how he always knew we’d get married (high school sweet hearts) well he made a statement about being his “wifey” and “forever something” in the car the other week and I just remember saying yeah not quite yet. 

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Blushing bee

I can’t count or properly recall the amount of crzy thing’s I’ve said/done in the past year lol, but this thread is awesome.  Like a few of the PPs on here, I’ve learned to stay away from alcohol for the time being so I don’t let the crazy out

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Buzzing bee

Omg! Too many things to count. His brother got engaged to this girl everyone in his family was not a big fan of. So sometimes I would joke to him about his great future sister in law. He would always comment back like she is going to be your sister in law too and I would always respond, nope I can get out of this nothing is official. He would just roll his eyes. 

He would also bring up plans in the future and I would just very meanily say, “we will see if I’m even still around then. ” 

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Today was our anniversary and I realized he had the ring on him (in his coat pocket).  I also realized, as the day went on, that he was chickening out of using it (or overthinking it or not thinking the timing was special enough or whatever).  I was THIS CLOSE to casually putting on his coat (when we were inside and he wasn’t wearing it), claiming I was cold or whatever, and then putting my hand in the pocket and being like, “Oh, what’s this?”

I have no idea how he would have reacted to something like that, haha.  I don’t know if he would have freaked out and tried to hide it or renege on the whole thing, or if it’d be a sort of relief for him, to be able to just confess and have it be a really casual, almost accidental proposal, but I guess I won’t find out now!  

Anyway, I’m not sure if this quite qualifies, since I didn’t actually do it — also, I’d debate how “crazy” it would have been, after the way he’s been dragging his feet for seven years (and had the ring for like two months now), haha, but that’s beside the point.  I thought it was a funny anecdote anyway. 🙂

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Busy bee

Ohh girls this has made me laugh! Also kind of makes me want to cry too though…

My latest one (at least I think it was, he may be able to think of others) was I told him that I didn’t even want him to propose to me anymore, it was ‘too late’.Of cause he then looked all heart broken, like I had kicked his puppy…

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Oh my gosh, I was a nightmare while waiting! haha. I definitely would make snarky comments like if a jewelry commercial of a couple getting engaged came on, I would say “Must be nice…” And two days before he proposed (he had had the ring for two weeks at that point, but I had no idea), I had a meltdown at home where I told him “If you don’t want to marry me, just break up with me!” and “You haven’t even asked me what my ring size is!”  It’s amazing he still wanted to marry me, lol. 

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Worker bee

I would be such a brat… He would say something sweet about how he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Instead of saying something nice back, I would hold up my left hand, point at my naked finger, and change the subject. That was almost a year ago- thankfully that has passed. 

I have been very relaxed these last few months but recently, a girl I went to school with got engaged and I was so pissed off that I ripped my Dammit Doll in half. I need one of those signs that says ‘I have gone _ days without freaking out over a stupid engagement’ 😛

I’m still waiting, but my time will come!

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Busy bee
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i made an email address with my future name just in case it got snapped up!! 

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Helper bee

Well it used to all come out if I drank too much …I’m better about that now haha! Def have made comments like some of you mentioned ….I have a pic of a ring saved on my tablet and I’m hoping maybe he’ll see it and it’ll speed up the process if he has an idea of what to get? Haha idk. I’ve liked pics and posts related to engagement …and my latest …I searched our bedroom whwn he wasn’t home looking for any signs of a ring even though I knew there wouldn’t be …but I’ve gotten less outward with my crazy and just do things to make myself feel better now. Haha 

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Busy bee

Ha.  This is a good one.

Had been together 4 years. My now husband suprised me with an amazing ski trip to our favorite resort. Just the two of us. I was SURE he was going to propose. Nope. I was pouting the entire flight home.

Two weeks later, I call him from work in a private conference room (I sit in an open office) bawling my eyes out. I told him I didn’t feel worth enough to be proposed to, he didn’t want to marry me… blah blah blah. It really was how I felt! At the same time, he also just dished out like 5K for a ski trip and all the bells and whistles.

We got engaged 30 days later. Only after I promised I wouldn’t call him from work crying!


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this is my favorite thread! 


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poppy77:  i thought this was a really good idea so i went to grab mine and it’s gone! at least i had the foresight to use my first and middle but now i’m upset 

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Busy bee

Well we ordered a ring already on etsy and it was supposed to be finished in a week, but instead took a month! I told SO that the etsy seller said he wasn’t going to make us pay the second installment (aka half off!!) and later I told him I felt a little guilty for not paying the second half. SO said “well he did cause unneeded stress on the bride” to which I responded “I don’t see any brides in here.” UGH I hope he asks me soon!! I hate that he’s allowed to talk about it, but if I do all hell breaks loose. 

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