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Gimmie some good retorts, please! About to head to a function at my old church (parents still attend) and i KNOW exactly how the conversations will go: “are you still with that boyfriend of yours? how long has it been? wow SEVEN years?? when are you getting married hahahah” UGH please share your snark

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Busy bee

RobynEileen:  I HATE those comments. I get them daily from family and friends. My sister’s Future Mother-In-Law asked me “So, are you going to get engaged while your sister is? That would sure be a mess..” WTF lol

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RobynEileen:  7 years is a long time. Not gonna lie, I’d be long gone. As far as retorts, I would Just be honest and say something along the line that I wish I knew too, and to ask him, because he’s the holdup. 

I’m not sure why people ask the women in these cases, most people know already that its the guy dragging his feet. (not every single case of course)! They should just ask him directly!

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Ugh. The day before my Darling Husband proposed, we were on a two week vacation in California and having a really lovely, romantic dinner at a bar. For whatever reason, I started to get pissy because we STILL weren’t engaged, and so I brought it up and sulked about him not asking when this (a bar) was the perfect place to ask (I wasn’t in the right state of mind with a couple of drinks in my system)! He laughed at me…because he knew he was going to propose the next day, and I had no clue and was being a bit of a brat. I’d even TOLD myself to have patience and get through the entire two weeks before complaining, but no…I didn’t even last 4 days in. I really wanted to get engaged.

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 is made so much worse by the fact that  hate surprises and now only have a month and a half left on the timeline…

i tried talking to him about it and he started joking saying “what if I proposed when we go snowboarding, on the ski lift and drop the ring? Would you get mad?”


I dont know if he generally thinks he’s being cute or trying to wind me up… I told him if that were  happen the ring wouldn’t be the only thing falling from the ski lift…

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Worker bee

I screamed at him for ruining my birthday surprises and told him he was weak for never really surprising me (HE IS BAD at surprises!) and told him to grow up and learn to handle situations. Even though it was in the context of Birthdays, I was jsut more upset that he hadnt proposed before my birthday.We didn’t talk for 2 days (the longest we have gone without talking in our 4.5y relationship). I ended up apologizing. 

I also went on rants about how he loves his Xbox more than me. Heehee

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Blushing bee

I’ve been waiting for a good couple years now. My friend (who had only dated her now husband MAYBE a year) got married in October. Stupid things like her engagement pictures, NON stop wedding talk (even long after the fact), and EVEN HER CHRISTMAS card just made me burst into tears! SO ENVIOUS! I just feel like she’s rubbing it in my face and my SO would see how I reacted and would just laugh. Which makes it worse! ha.

It’s hard when you want something so bad to watch other’s (especially that have barely waited) get to experience that. I’m happy for her sure, but there comes a point where you just want to say okay, stop already!

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OMG! I’m soo happy i discovered this post! SO and I have been dating for almost 3 years (March is our anniversary *fingers crossed*). I had a breakdown yesterday while at work lol, cried at my desk like three times and was very snarky when on the phone with him. This post has given me a good laugh today and lets me know that I’m not the only one who gets a little crazy sometimes!

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When I was a Waiting Bee last Christmas it felt like I couldn’t sit in front of the TV and chill without being bombarded with engagement ring commercials. And Kurt & Blane got engaged on Glee. And every chick flick and holiday movie seemed to have someone proposing or getting married. I sucked it up and tried not to let it visibly affect me (though of course I was pouting on the inside). So anyhow, we settle in for a Walking Dead marathon- sigh of relief- and I figure I’ll get a break from all the ‘engagement season’ mushiness…so  doesn’t Glenn propose to Maggie?!?! lol I actually yelled at the TV screen “Seriously?! In the middle of a freaking zombie apocalypse?!?!” then turned to my SO & glared at him because here’s Glenn proposing in the middle of a freaking zombie apocalypse and my ass-dragging SO hasn’t proposed even under vastly more favourable conditions. lol I then proceeded to go on a rant about SO’s ass-dragging as well as the entire TV industry’s conspiracy to add to my Waiting misery.  He’s my Fiance now but we still occasionally tease each other about stuff like this 🙂

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Blushing bee
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oh my gosh, this is my new favorite thread!


Also, poppy77:  I definitely just registered that email address…

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This is hilarious. My new favorite thread 😀

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Omg too many times I have gone crazy and ranted..Always with to many whiskeys.  Always feel horible afterwards and think I can’t believe he is still with me lol.  

My more passive aggressive ways right now is my phones screen saver – its a picture quote that says You are more than,”Wifey material”. You are more than potential. You are a beautiful bride who ought to be waiting on her groom. Only a man willing to fulfill that position in your life deserves you. 

A while back I use to play Dr Laura and make sure the ones about dating long term or shacking up would play. (She’s very against living together before marriage or dating long term with out a ring)

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Blushing bee

When that show Fit to Fat to Fit was on A&E I remember joking with my SO that I could be fit, fat and fit again 10 times before I’d need to be fit for our wedding! He didn’t find it so funny. LOL

Then the other night we were watching The Bachelorette and I said “If this B gets engaged before I do I’m gonna lose it”. This time he actually laughed.

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Blushing bee

Aside from bawling randomly and getting really sad when anyone brings up anything wedding/engagement related, I once said, “I don’t even CARE anymore about what kind of ring it is!” This made SO very upset since I then found out he’d been pouring over the details, trying to make it as perfect as possible.

OH! And I almost forgot… sometimes as a joke I’ll just start searching his pockets and climbing all over him asking “what about here? is it in here? Over here? Where is it? Where where where???”

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Sugar bee
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I definitely have snooped through my Bf’s apartment. I felt so sneaky and I felt kind of bad. I think I knew I wouldn’t be able to find it anyways, I just was curious. I told my boyfriend about it the next day and he said I’ll never find it because he hid it really well. That makes me feel even crazier!!! I just want to know where he hides it! I think that’s the craziest thing I’ve done so far. Apart from watching Pride and Prejudice at least once a month haha.

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