Just for fun: Stupidest argument you and your SO have ever had?

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ReallyaReeves :  this one tops the list as dumbest because of the consequences(I’ll describe below), but I’m sure we’ve had dumber haha.

On our honeymoon, we got into a debate at the fancy dinner table. We were debating which one of us are better genetic candidates for off spring(like “no YOU’RE lucky I choose you for our future children” lmao). That stayed light and funny, but we started debating about whether or not personality traits count in genetics (nurture v. nature). We rushed to a tablet once we got to our room to prove each other wrong… When Darling Husband jumped around on the bed in excitement the the tablet on his lap flew up and knocked out half of a front tooth ๐Ÿ˜‚ 

And that’s how we spent our day in Naples, Italy at the dentist.

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peachykeen83 :  Omg i relate to this one! When we moved in together he refused to pay for half of my chia seeds because he insisted he’d never use them, we fought for hours! Guess who eats my chia seeds now?? LOL. Grocery store trips and moving in together are a recipe for disaster

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We once had an argument about the proper way to form a burger patty. I didn’t want to use my hands to touch the raw meat since I’m pregnant, so I used a spoon to form it. He told me the grain of the meat was too large and that I needed to squish it more. I was very agitated that he was criticizing my cooking skills (he doesn’t cook) and I made him make the rest of the patties. I served him one of each and guess what? He couldn’t tell the difference. Super frustrating ๐Ÿ™‚

We also had a few arguments early on about the “right” kind of pickles to buy. Apparently the refrigerated kosher dill spears are different than the ones on the shelf (never mind that they have the same ingredients). Oh, and apparently whole pickles are for sociopaths. It literally took at least 3 shopping trips for me to get the “right” pickles. It’s fine though because I happily ate his reject pickles and didn’t have to share ๐Ÿ™‚ For the record, they taste almost exactly the same. 

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ReallyaReeves :  whether time travel is immoral. It included the use of a wite board and a diagram of me in a tardis….

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We argued, and still argue about whether or not Darling Husband likes black olives. 

Darling Husband has always said he hated olives, and I eat them all the time.  The first night of our honeymoon, we went to some fancy restaurant and they brought out this free thing of breads and different things to dip/put on the bread.  One of those things was basically finely minced black olives in olive oil.  DH was eating it saying “This is so good, what is this?”  I told him I thought it was olives.  Then an argument ensued because he doesn’t like olives and it must be something else, as we were in a different country and is probably some kind of odd food they have on the island.  I kept insisting they were black olives…I eat them all the time, I know what they taste like. lol 

We finally asked our waitress, and big surprise, it was black olives.  

We still argue about it because whenever I am eating something with olives on it, he still turns up his nose and says something like “ew, olives are gross” and I remind him that he was eating the mess out of them with that bread on our honeymoon, so he must really like olives and doesn’t want to admit it. lol 

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Fiance just took a road trip to a wedding over the weekend. We got into an argument over me flipping radio stations and stopping to sing a song’s chorus before flipping the station again. It lasted about 10 minutes, I sulked because he “totally ruined the vibe”, I made him apologize and it didn’t sound genuine enough so I cried. He genuinely apologized and we went right back to singing whatever song was on.  Big surprise, aunt flo’s in town! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Side note, I’d be annoyed if he kept flipping the stations, too! 

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Honestly I’m embarrassed to admit we had a full on screaming match in which I ended up crying over freaking marbles for the wedding centerpieces. We had decided awhile ago we were going to go with liliac colored marbles. Well then when I saw the color of the orchids we were putting in the vases with them I thought the colors didn’t mesh well so I brought this up to him AND HE AGREED. We decided to go with amethyst colored marbles. The amethyst marbles arrived in the mail and he goes “these are way too dark I thought we were getting liliac” And I just lost my shit. I was like, what do you think the entire point of that conversation we had was. I started the convo by saying I didn’t want to go with the liliac color so how do you think we ended with going with the liliac color. We ended up returning the amethyst marbles and going with a more in between color but that was definitely the biggest fight we had all of wedding planning lol

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Once, around 10:30pm on a work night we decided to watch a movie. After flipping through a bunch, we FINALLY agreed on one. BUT! We could stream it for like $5 (I wanted). OR we could drive down to Redbox, about 5 minute drive, and get it for $1 (he wanted)

Now I’m not opposed to getting it cheaper, but but it’s pushing 11pm now. I don’t want to spend the extra 20+ minutes to go back and forth to redbox, thus starting the movie at 11:30 on a weeknight, and he refused to spend the extra $4 as it’d be a waste.

We argued over it until it was too late to start a movie and we just went to bed instead, still irritated at each other. We never did see that movie.


Oh another? We wanted to go out to dinner on a Friday night. He wanted to try an Ethiopian restaurant that had mediocre reviews on yelp, all which said the place smelled. I wanted to go somewhere nicer and have a decent meal, and he said I wasn’t adventurous enough. We argued, pouted, then refused to go anywhere for like 2 hours. Then around 9pm I was starving, so I told him I was leaving to find dinner. He said “FINE I’LL COME WITH YOU”. By then we’re hangry and irritated and still wouldn’t agree. So…. We end up at a mediocre tex mex place at the nearby mall that we’d normally never go to but hey, it’s open and nearby.


Told my friend about our stupid fight the next day and she was like “He wanted to go to that place? I’ve been, and it smells like pee in there!” 


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my husband and i argue about food all the time. i am very indecisive and always have a hard time decising where or what to eat. so i look to my husband for a decision but his answer is always “i’m ok with whatever you want to it”. also sometimes i wake up my husband super early in the morning because i wanna go for pancakes (my husband works night shifts). so he usually says that we’ll go out later because he needs more sleep. that usually causes a fight because i want my pancake right now. hahahha i know food is a very silly reason to fight about and i also know that i can be quite bratty about it. but i love my food ๐Ÿ˜€

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sassybeee :  I had an ex who used to go through every item on the grocery bill and deduct the cost of ‘my’ items from his half of the bill, eg tampons, my shampoo, etc. It used to drive me INSANE because technically, he ate more than me so should I be paying for 20% less of our food?

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Probably our stupidest argument happened in the grocery store the other day because my husband makes these ground turkey meatloaf muffins every week for his lunches, and he wanted to buy disposable muffin tins just because he hates washing the muffin tin every week. I was like… you’re going to spend five dollars on disposable muffin tins every week now because your ass is too lazy to wash a pan?!

Yes, apparently, is the answer. Yes he is. Oh, I’m sorry, did I say stupidest argument? I meant most reasonable thing said by me that went totally ignored.

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It was about whether to keep or get rid of the creepy bear cookie jar in this picture. It was a legit argument that actually escalated to yelling. 

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