Just for fun…things your parents do that make you go huh?

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Blushing bee

My dad likes to wash and detail cars. Not just his car, but anyone that visits the house. So if a friend of my parents visits, the person will chitchat with my mom and my dad will be outside washing/detailing their car. He even buys special materials and cleaning products for it. 

To be fair, this is a new quirk that has come with old age. It’s just so strange.

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Honey bee
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lula0508 :  I’m guessing your mother in law wants to clean out her house.  Yeah it’s junk, but it isn’t her responsibility to store his stuff from years past.

For me, my dad is…eccentric.  He’s a good guy, truly, and it all comes from love, but he’s borderline bananas sometimes.  For example, he and my mom are talking about building a new house and he thinks it will help make their lives “simple”.  As if building a house is ever simple.  He also needs back up plans for his back up plans before making a plan and if he doesn’t have a plan A, B, C, D, E, F, and G he won’t go ahead with it.  He needs to flush out literally every option before getting stuff done.  Which is great because he is meticulous about things but he also keeps talking about “moving forward” and he can’t because he doesn’t have backup plans for his backup plans and he gets bogged down and doesn’t do anything.  It’s hard to explain.

He also worries about the oddest things, so much so that they will keep him up at night and he will only get 3-4 hours of sleep.  Like when we were planning our wedding he kept on coming up with more ideas for us.  Examples: he said we should have a “water” theme solely because my husband was active duty Navy for 6 years.  He wanted to incorporate that theme by printing labels with our faces on them and putting them on the water bottles.  He also was adament that save the dates NEEDED to be sent out, despite everyone already knowing our date due to us spreading the word.  He insisted that we come to my parents’ house and take “engagement pictures” (he took them) and then we create a save the date card.  Our engagement was 8 months long and we did not want to spend money on postage and printing the cards but he insisted and he said he would pay for it so we ended up having them.

My brother in law the day of the wedding turned to me and said “ljm, you are just a sea of calm, but your dad is full of all sorts of crazy today”.  I’m pretty sure I had the only dadzilla on the planet haha.  I have so many dad wedding stories but I don’t want this to be a novel hah.

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Sugar bee
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My MIL and Step-MIL are both obsessed with putting all bread and bread like products in the freezer. Like whenever they visit we continually have to hide our bread in the back of he pantry so they won’t stick it in the freezer. They claim freezing it “makes it fresh” but isn’t frozen the opposite of fresh? Ugh. 

My Dad and my FIL break all of our stuff being the proverbial bulls in a china shop and claim it’s the item’s fault for being too fragile/poorly made. I’m at the point now where I give my Dad plastic picnicware to eat off of because I’m tired of him smashing my glasses and chipping my plates. FIL is more of a menace with fabrics and furniture. He has gotten bleach on the carpets and my nice tea towels (WTF were you even doing with bleach?!), ruined tables by refusing to use coasters, and stank up our entire guest bedroom with eucalyptus essential oil. I haven’t been able to get the stench out after months and when I complained he literally told me that it was because my house was poorly made. Rude! 

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Honey bee
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lula0508 :  In all honesty next time you’re there, go through his stuff that remains at her house and pack it up in bags to take to Goodwill.  Cleans out her house and also prevents her from bringing stuff to your house.  I know it’s a pain for you guys, but obviously she isn’t going to donate this stuff unless someone does it for her.

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Helper bee
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My father grows the pointer fingernail on his right hand so he can scratch his head when he’s thinking. My oldest sister cut it one day when he was sleeping and he went crazy. He did not know how to scratch his head to think without his nail… He has Aspergers so…

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Buzzing bee
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My mom likes to file her nails while we are out places. One time I finally asked her to stop at a restaurant and she was so embarrassed because she never realized it was weird (and unsanitary).

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Bumble bee
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lula0508 :  my dad doesn’t care who he passes gas in front of and I HATE IT! My mom tells people I am embarrassed by daily bodily functions, so you can imagine how this bothers me. I mean seriosuly, you can not try to hold it in, or at least go to the bedroom or bathroom?

Really, I do not even like discussing with my kids what is going on with them, it is a very painstaking experience for me when they are having some kind of health problem and I have to talk to them about it. Thankfully (and surprisingly) my girls do not mind talking about their issues, the oldest even acts like a boy about it. While my son goes to either my FI or ex husband when he has personal issues, he is a lot like me when it comes to talking about these things. 

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Buzzing bee

My dad is obsessed with being the “cool guy”. He uses all the new lingo he can get his hands on but then overdoes it so badly.. “that is whack” & “cray cray” are 2 of his most favorite ones lol. I dont even use them!! My step-mom is so squirrely & anxious around people that you cant really have a decent conversation with her. She’s too busy trying to think of things to talk about that she doesnt really listen when you respond and ends up asking the same question 4-5 times! 

My mom is the sweetest lady, but forgetful as all getout. She repeats the same stories 3 or 4 times. Finally after the 3rd time I’ll politely tell her that shes told me that one already haha. My step-dad has the weirdest way of putting things in the fridge/cupboards.. anything to be put away gets stacked on top of whats already in there. It doesnt matter what’s already there – the size, the shape, the stability, whether its spilly or not… all irrilelvant. His new item just gets plunked right on top. Honest to god, I have seen a bowl of soup balancing on top of a cheeseball… Whyyyyyyyyyyy

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Honey bee
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My parents have a habit of putting paper towels in the sink and it drives me insane. Like they’ll wipe down the counter and then just throw the paper towel in the sink. People put other stuff in the sink and then I have to fish out soggy dirty paper towels to throw away when I do the dishes. My parents are going to be staying with us for a few months this fall and they’ve already been warned about putting paper towels in the sink.

My mother also has an obsession with doing her feet. Like she’s always filing the nails, painting the nails, sanding down her heels (making foot skin dust) and she always does it out in the open, not in a bathroom or over a tub or anything. It grosses me out so bad. 

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Bumble bee
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My mom also repeats the same stories every time I talk to her. 

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Sugar bee
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I love this thread so much.

My step father is from another country and has a very noticeable accent. After several years together, my mother picked up some of his accent and strange little phrases so when I was in college, people who met her were always asking me, “Where’s your mother from?” and then they looked confused when I was like “Wisconsin.”

My father has a thing about all of the light switches going the same direction. We tease him because he’ll run up and down the stairs in the house, flipping switches to make sure they’re properly aligned.

My step-mother randomly puts things in the wrong place in the house. We’ve found her glasses in the freezer, milk in the cabinet, odd things in the linen closets. She’s done it for years so we now have a word in our family for the action of making bizarre and funny mistakes.

My MIL likes to garden in the nude (I’ve been told) and also has this amazing and fascinating ability to connect with wild animals (I have witnessed). I think she might secretly be a Senior Disney Princess.

One of my FILs has a magnificently loud voice- He’s a performer and plays the role of the MC a lot because of his volume. Only thing is that he projects whether he’s outside performing for a crowd or in the house in the kitchen . . . in the morning. Sometimes my MIL just puts her hands over her ears and walks away while he’s talking. Wherever she’s going, she’s still going to hear him. It’s pretty hilarious.

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Bumble Beekeeper

My mom gives me a crazy amount of clothes that are too big and aren’t my style. I have boxes and boxes of things she’s given me over the years. 

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