Just for fun…things your parents do that make you go huh?

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eeniebeans :  my mil starts every text with your first name and a comma me she’s writing a letter 

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I have a few other gems from my father bless his heart. Whenever my father is doing something strenuous like fixing some appliance or putting together a piece or furniture he will always such his tongue out to the right side. None of my siblings do this but somehow my oldest niece inherited this trait because she does the exact same thing lol.

Now this one really baffles me, my father will hum a very specific the when he’s petting a dog or trying to play with a child (he doesn’t really know how to interact with them) the brother right after me hums the same tune when petting dogs and one day I swear I heard SO hum the same tune and it made me pause because I was so afraid that I somehow found someone like my father. 

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lula0508 :  My mother was just a busy body with no respect for my stuff. When I moved into my first apartment with two roommates, we didn’t share food or cook together- we just bought our own stuff. So we had three shelves in the pantry and we each kept our stuff on our own shelves. The first time mom came to visit I realized she’d been in the kitchen a while and when I went in, she was rearranging the shelves so they “made more sense”. I explained that only the middle shelf was my stuff and she couldn’t just put all the pasta together because it wasn’t all mine. I gave her permission to organize my shelf if she wanted, but said very clearly that she could NOT move stuff from any other shelf onto mine. I walked away and when I came back she was pouring my roommate’s elbow macaroni into my macaroni bag. SIGH. She just refused to listen so I had to banish her from the kitchen. Later, my roommate and I had to try to remember who bought what toothpaste because she went to the bathroom and decided to rearrange everything in there too. 

She also used to turn the lights off on me. Like, if we were both in the living room watching tv and she decided to go to bed, she’d go over and turn off the light, even though I was still in the room and not leaving. My husband recently did this and it totally freaked me out. But then, I knew I married someone a lot like my mom… I just thought he only had the good traits until that moment.  

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lula0508 :  my parents aren’t too bad but I suspect that is because I’m used to the weirdos!!!

My dad has a huge backyard and grows loads of fruit and vegetables. He hates to waste anything which is understandable as he grew up post ww2 and was a migrant child but he takes it to the extreme. His fruit trees are huge and plentiful and produce more than our family and friends can eat. If the tree drops a fruit he had to eat that not to waste it so he is basically forever eating dropped fruit whilst in the meantime the good fruit stays on the tree. He can’t understand that in the mean time the good fruit drops so he might as well eat that instead of the half splattered ones!!!

My in-laws are pretty funny. My Mil is a gift giver and a bit of a hoarder too. Some of the gifts we get are super hilarious. The best ones was on our last visit my Mother-In-Law gave my hubby like twenty TShirts. They must of been from the early 90s judging by the insignia, fabric and shape. They were really boxy t-shirts, these days t-shirts are more fitted. Hubby took them home because they could be used as his messy car fixing clothes. They look ridiculous on and he has fun wearing them around the house and always belts out some early 90s song whilst wearing them! She also gave us some old used 70s sheets and used towels with bleach marks on them when she came to visit. We just say thanks and giggle.

She slso send her old clothes and stuff back home to her family overseas.. The funny thing is that her family dont share her size and the clothes would swim on them because they dont eat like we do in the west. The boxes are heavy and cost like 150 bucks to send. We tell her just send them the 150bucks instead as they would be able to eat for a month on that literally. Nope she still sends the boxes. She means well….

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This thread is awesome. Fiance keeps glancing at me wondering whats so funny. Whew, ok here goes.

My dad bless his heart is hard of hearing but refuses to admit it or get checked for a hearing aid. Because of this he accuses everyone he speaks to of mumbling or talking low and at least five times during a convo you’ll see him cock his head to the side and yell out ‘PARDON?!’ Fiance thinks its the most hilarious thing ever and has started doing it around the house. 😂

My mom won’t visit from TN without packing food. I don’t mean one or two of her favorite items I’m talking about a grocery list. Man I opened up a suitcase this woman had corn stalks, grits, eggs, sausage, crab legs, seasonings, biscuit mix, peppers, onions, rice and on the list goes. I sat on the floor and laughed myself silly. I’m like mom there’s a Safeway no more than 2 miles from here what is all this?! “Prices are outrageous here. $5 for a dozen eggs? Chile I don’t think so.” Parents 🤗 I love them so much. 

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heavenlyflower :  Whenever my mom stays overnight, she brings her own peanut butter and bread. Like mom, we have food here LOL

Also, Darling Husband accuses me of mumbling or whispering rather than admit his hearing isn’t the best, we have so much in common haha

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My future father in law….omg…I would be with my SO at their house and he and my future mother in law will CONSTANTLY argue about the dumbest things. Then Father-In-Law constantly threatens to leave her and always tells her to ‘go back to North Carolina’.  Yeah, kinda awkward.

He also talks about the same story over and over again…like, each time I visit, I hear about his growing up on a farm days.

He has also worn the same pair of sneakers for 20 years and refuses to wear a new pair.  So imagine what those sneakers look and smell like…yeah, exactly. The only exception is when he goes to church (thank God for that small piece of grace).

My mom is obsessed with cleaning.  As soon as she visits, she heads straight for it. I think she has undiagnosed OCD.

My dad knows EVERYONE….when I walk down the street with him, he will literally have to stop every block or so to have a conversation with ‘someone he just ran into’…super annoying.

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My Future Mother-In-Law is early to everything. And not like 5 minutes early, HOURS early. When we were wedding dress shopping, I told her to be at my house for 11:30 am and she showed up at *8:00 AM* and I was still in bed sleeping. This happenes EVERY time we make plans with her

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My mom lives with me. She “cooks” dinner for the dogs every night. Usually it’s doggy crunch, baked sweet potatoes and peas or string beans. Well somehow one night she managed to burn the string beans.

She goes to me and says, can you taste one of these string beans to see if it’s OK to feed to the dogs?

Like, it’s OK for me to eat the burnt beans, but possible not good enough for the dogs. 

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mrsMAC77 :  My Brother-In-Law and Father-In-Law does this! We’ll say lunch is at 2pm. They’ll show up at 10 then complain they’re hungry by 11. Every. Damn. Time. 

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On what seeme to be the common topic of mom sending you stuff that is stored at her house….

My sister and I are both guilty of storing things at our mom’s house – old year books, inherited fancy china, things like that.  Yes, we are little brats!  Ha!

Like many of the other mom’s on this board, she’ll sometimes randomy send us (litterally by UPS) or bring us items that we have stored at her house.  On the one hand, fair enough, we really have no right to keep it there. But she has an UNCANNY way of choosing the most organized, labeled, box with everythign stored just so and wanting to get rid of THAT one instead of some disorganized heap of junk right next to it.  It’s like she’s allergic to organization!


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Petals2002 :  You’re the winner so far, this is so funny!

For the rest of you: THANK YOU, I am the Parent and this has been so much fun.  My kids (daughter and son, and daughter-in-law) always talk about us and it gives me so much pleasure because at this age, its all good.  And it is what it is, you know?

Well, back to being weird, lol.  Have a great night ladies

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