(Closed) Just for fun: What's the most selfless thing your SO has done for you?

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Busy bee
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About once or twice a year I get a flare-up that I believe is related to lyme… anyway, I get these hives all over my body, my joints swell (so much that I can hardly bend my fingers), and I get so itchy I am constantly trying to itch myself every second – but it’s insatiable.  I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

One time I was visiting him and I flared up… I was itching all night and crying because I kept on tossing and turning, and he got up at 4am with me and held me, and then got up and went to Walmart for antihistamines and itch cream.  It was so sweet.

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Sugar bee
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He works a crappy paying job that he hates at a private university because they cover tuition for employees’ spouses 100%.  Essentially, he put his own career on hold so I could go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree.  

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Helper bee
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i was pregnant with our daughter and could not see my vajayjay so my then SO went ahead and shaved it for me since i had a series of dr vists coming up

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Buzzing bee
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I woke up with the worst bladder infection of my life once. I was in so much pain. My dog innocently jumped onto my lap and i screamed and flung her off the couch. He scolded her. I then got mad at him for scolding the dog and told him I f***kng hate him.  ( I didnt’ mean it, I was just in really bad pain.) Anyway, he still went to the pharmacy and picked up my antibiotics and took care of me.  We still laugh at the time I told him I f**king hated him.

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Buzzing bee
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Awww I like this thread! 

My Fiance and I were having the biggest fight we had ever had- we didn’t talk to each other for over a day (we NEVER do that) & were both super upset at the other.

I went to the dr because I had a UTI and TERRIBLE back pain, which ended up being a kidney infection too. I was at the dr and then Walgreens for SEVERAL hours. Fiance texted me asking where I was (he didn’t know about UTI or kidney infection). I told him what was going on, that I was at Walgreens & would be home later. 10 minutes later he walked into Walgreens, sat down in the waiting room next to me & just held my hand. 

I loved that he was able to look past the fight & see the big picture and come and be there for me. 

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Bumble bee
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He made us, my daughters and I, his beneficiaries before we were even engaged or living together.   He wanted to make sure we were taken care of if something happened to him.  

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Bumble Beekeeper

When we were dating, I once had to work a series of night shifts, so it was difficult to see each other during that stint because he works during the day. Fiance came over one night before I had to go to work just so we could spend 30 minutes together. There are so many stories of how wonderful he is.

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Bee Keeper
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This has been a really rough year for us, so there’s been a lot of things. But him, just giving up everything to be there for me after I lost my only living relative the day after we got engaged. He didn’t know what to do or say, but he was there and that’s all that matters! I had to do the same thing for him a short 2 months later. 

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Helper bee
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MechEBee:  My period came a week early when we were on vacation. I’m at the hotel room trying to clean the stains, and SO walks into the nearest CVS and walks out with pantyliners and tampons. 

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Busy bee
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Fiance isn’t a huge animal fan and doesn’t get attached to them (thanks to his mum and her ‘disposable pets’) but I’m the opposite. I work in a pet shop and study animals. He puts ups with my 2 dogs who were badly trained. He deals with escaping crickets and woodies when I’m feeding my lizards , even though he hates bugs. He puts up with frozen mice for my snake which he finds gross. He is just amazing with my zoo because of how important it is to me.

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Busy bee
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Around 10 months of dating, I remember then-bf (now FI) calling me one evening after school, and I just couldn’t talk to him cause I was crying over the phone, upset about some award I didn’t win and worked so hard for (ahhh the teenage years), my SO just hung up and showed up 5 mins later at my door, asking me what was wrong and holding me even though it was clear he thought I was being silly xD (of course I didn’t win this award but I won an even bigger one later on). 8 years together now!! I think that’s the moment I knew I could count on him for anything, even stupid breakdowns : )

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Sugar bee
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When I first met my Fiance, I was dating another man who was borderline abusive. I tried to end the relationship multiple times, but he kept sucking me back into it. I ended up kissing my now Fiance while I was still technically dating this other guy. When I came clean with him, he freaked out. He threw me on the ground, stole my phone, threatened to hit me with a chair and then called my now Fiance. I was sobbing so hard my Fiance could hear me through the receiver and as my then boyfriend was screaming at him all I heard him say was, “Stop! Look at your girlfriend, she is crying, take care of her!” I couldn’t believe he wasn’t thinking about himself at all, all he cared about was that I was upset. I fell in love with him right then.

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Blushing bee
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The other morning I had to wake up at 3am for work (as usual). On that morning, I was exhausted, so upset that I had to get up, and about to cry. He was still asleep but he must have sensed something was off because his hand slipped into mine and held so tight. It was something so small but it made me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

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Busy bee

There are so many wonderful things that he has done for me that make me fall in love over and over again.


One time I was having the worst cramps and pain due to my period. I took a pill for the pain but still couldn’t sleep so I decided to sleep on the floor. Fiance joined me right away because he didn’t want me to feel cold or lonely and wanted to keep me company.



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