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Honey bee
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It’s a hostel what do you expect.  Every hostel I’ve stayed at w/ shared dorm is a horror story.  people having sex, left and right, drunkenness, unlclenliness, that’s a hostel, not really the fault of the place, but the nature of such a place.

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Honey bee
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I contribute to tripadvisor as much as possible and this is by far my worst hotel review, in western AU near shark bay.  i even posted real pics which usually can’t be bothered with but I had to for this one:

Old tattered cottages which were dirty and old. I stayed in a “one bedroom” cottage which technically wasn’t one bedroom but just one room since there wasn’t a door between the bedroom and the
“living room.” Everything was worn and dirty and I felt gross just being there. The windows were so dirty I couldn’t see through them. The beds were all children sized so we barely even fit. It’s definitely not worth the 100 dollars a night! Absolutely terrible.

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Busy bee
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being sent to a double booked room in a $100 a night hotel!! we got to our room, our key worked walked in (me my mom and daughter) and there were several people…umm…ya oin the room…not just one or 2 but likea lot…we got a comped up grade and free breakfast lol

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Darling Husband and I stayed at a Best Western nearing Fallingwater in PA. While we overheard the maids talking about looking through peoples stuff to steal cash, saw a woman who had been beat by her boyfriend/husband (she had a black eye and brusies all over her arms/upper chest and she looked defeated and scared when walking with the man she was with), saw several people that were probably doing meth or had just done meth and to top it off, the room was dirty.

We were only there for one night and we were only staying there because it was the cheapest option, but it was pretty bad.

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My sister and I went on a road trip after I graduated high school. Our first night we didn’t plan anything, we thought we’d drive until we were too tired and just stop. So it was late, we were in the middle of nowhere, and we found a hotel. We were in line to check in, and we overhear the guy working there talking about how someone was shot there the other night. We just looked at each other and walked out, no words needed.

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Before we got engaged, Darling Husband and I went on a trip to Cabo over thanksgiving adn stayed at two different hotels, thinking it would be fun to change it up. The first hotel was amazing (the hilton), we were treated like royalty, everything was pristine and better than expected. Then we went to the Westin which we were super excited about because (and this will sound stupid) their website was super impressive.

Well it was more than a total letdown. The grounds were not kept well at all and the entire thing was designed in such a strange way, totally uninviting and scary, like a big concrete prison. They did not inform us ahead of time about the construction that was happening literally right above our heads. When we called the front desk immediately upon figuring out about it, they assured us it would only take place from 10-5 adn wouldn’t disturb us. Well, they totally lied, the construction started at 6am the next day and didn’t stop until about 11pm. We were exhausted and couldn’t sleep at all during the day. On top of that our bathroom was totally moldy and smelled horrible. Half of the restaurants advertised on the website weren’t even open that week since the hotel was only at 50% occupancy. And the wait staff at the pool were horribly rude, we practically had to throw a bottle of sunblock at them to order a drink then it would take an hour. We paid extra and booked a room with breakfast included (as we always do) and the hotel manager acted like he had no idea what that was. It was an option with a full description on their website!!! He was just playing dumb so we would have to pay for all of our meals. They did eventually change our room after we complained at the front desk for 3 straight hours, and they agreed to pay for our breakfast aftere we yelled and yelled but at that point it was too late, we were already so distraught.

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Busy bee
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Coming back from our honeymoon, we had an overnight layover in Cleveland (Dayton has a very small airport, so it was either overnight in Cleveland or spend $1000 extra to stay in Antigua an extra day and leave the next morning on a more expensive flight).  I actually have a very strong brand preference with hotels, but my husband booked the whole honeymoon himself, and went with a more economy chain that had a free shuttle to/from the airport. 

It was horrendous.  Our flight was delayed, so we got in around 2am.  The shuttle was pretty quick in picking us up, but that is the only thing they did right.  Although we had booked a non-smoking room about 3 months ahead, they put us in a smoking room.  When my husband went down to complain (he is allergic to smoke), they gave him a bottle of air freshener and took $20 off the room rate, because apparently they had already given out all of the non-smoking rooms.  I am extremely paranoid about bed bugs, so I always check really carefully.  The bed didn’t have bugs, but it did have Cheeto crumbs under the sheets, and a pubic hair right in the middle of the bed.  The toilet had very clearly NOT been cleaned.  If it wasn’t after 2am when we arrived, we probably would have just left and found another hotel, but our next flight was in 6 hours, and we just wanted to sleep for a little while. 

Well, we didn’t sleep.  Apparently our room was next to a group of high schoolers who rented a hotel room after prom (at least that was our guess).  Screaming, doors banging, more screaming, all. night. long.  We called the front desk to complain multiple times.  They sent up security once, who told the kids to be quiet.  And that was it, they never kicked them out or anything.  It was so bad, it just kept getting louder because the other guests in our hallway started screaming at them to shut up, and then they would scream back. 

The moral of the story: never cheap out at the end of a luxury vacation.  Our honeymoon up until that point was perfect, but that night put such a damper on it for me. 

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Helper bee
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Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Masters Inn Economy.  Perhaps I should have known by the name alone, but we were desperate.  My sister and I were driving back to Texas from New Jersey in our dad’s old truck.  Of course, the truck broke down around 10pm just outside Tuscaloosa.  A nice police officer took us to the closest hotel.

One threadbare towel, complete with pubes.  Beds with hair in them.  Remote control with cigarette burn attached to the nightstand – it did, however, change the 3 channels available to us.  The whole place just FELT so dirty.

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My worst hotel experience is from when I was a kid.  My family of 5 was driving down to FL for spring break.  We got caught in some horrible traffic and were very delayed to where by 1am in the morning, my parents decided that they were not going to be able to stay awake to make it all the way to our destination so we would stop at a hotel for the night.

Since it is Spring Break, it took a while to find somewhere that even had any rooms.  They finally found a Holiday Inn (I think that is what it was), checked in, and woke us kids up to load into the room.  We get in there and crawl into bed and there are stains all over the sheets.  So my parents stripped them off the beds and we were just going to use blankets we’d had in the car.

But then 2 cockraoches ran accross the floor.  My parents immeadiately loaded us kids back into the car and kept driving.  There was no way we were staying there and me and my parents have refused to use the “budget” hotel chains ever since.

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