Just for FUN: what’s you biggest turn off?

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Helper bee
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Not being able to call body parts by their names. You are a grown ass man you do not have a fuckin weiner, you have a penis. You are a grown ass woman, you do not have a lady garden or kitty cat, you have a vulva. And yes, it is vulva, not vagina. The vagina is inside and you do not shave it. You would die if you tried. 

Also, if you poke the glass when you’re getting food made at like Subway or something, I can’t fuck with you. Use your words not your greasy figertips. 

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Sugar bee
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somathemagical :  Lack of manners is a big no-no for me, too! My husband got a little comfortable and stopped excusing himself after burping and I trained him back into it by reminding him that he was in the presence of a lady. One thing that does bother me is either cockiness or total lack of confidence in men. I can’t tolerate either! And also sometimes values that are too far off from my own. I was out to dinner with a guy I had been seeing on and off for a month or so(nothing serious at all) and we were talking about dating someone with kids, which we both had done before. He then mentioned that he’d be okay with having a child before marriage, which is a total deal breaker for me! So I didn’t see him again after that. 

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Helper bee
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I have a number of things I find unattractive in a person (rudeness, being overly sarcastic, having no ambition, dishonesty, lack of respect…), but one that is coming to mind for an actual pet peeve is littering. I was once on a date where the guy flicked the trash he was holding out of the car window (we were driving) and onto the road. Wish I could have picked him up right there and done the same to him.

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Bumble bee

People who are disrespectful to waiters, flight attendants, receptionist, etc.  Also, bad smells are a huge turn off for me – body odor, breath, grungy clothing, anything like that and I’m out.

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Helper bee

somathemagical :  My SO does the talking and burp thing….nearly drives me insane. I don’t know how to politely tell him to be more conscious of doing it! It’s so gross!! He recently did it while having a conversation with my grandparents. I wanted to crawl under the table from embarrassment. 

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Busy bee

Most of mine are normal.  One that drives me crazy that doesn’t seem to bother others is unclean/untrimmed fingernails. If I can see the white part of a man’s nails growing out even a little bit, it distracts me entirely from conversation. I’ve chased people down with nail clippers before.

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Buzzing bee
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Men with no manners

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Bumble bee
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somathemagical :  bad breath. So much so that I will not kiss with Darling Husband if one of us still has morning breath or some other nasty smell like onion breath. Just nope. Gag.

When i was still dating:

Bad breath, bad BO, awful nails, high pitched voice, participation in “fantasy”football or some other similar nonsense, dislike of animals (dogs especially), religious, strong conservative poltical views, amti-feminist,anti choice, total slacker,substance abuse, and being one of my people, Im Russian/Ukranian you couldn’t pay me enough to date one of our men and dealing with inlaws. No thanks. I grew up mostly in Canada but every time I am exposed to our people here or when I visit back home… I’m like Im never marrying one of you, our culture is still way too pateiarchal, mysoginistic and sexist. 

Oh and last but not least: if a man is anti-cunnilingus but pro felation. Bye boy.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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somathemagical :  

Bad hygiene.  You will not have me at “hello” if you don’t shower, wash your hair and brush your teeth, all on the regular.  Oh, and clothes need to be clean.

Unkempt, poor hygiene; don’t even waste my time.  Just go home, call ServPro to clean your apartment and take a very long shower.

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Bumble bee

It seems like common sense, but when someone is vulgar, I will pretty much cut them off immediately. A friends wife is the most vulgar human being I’ve ever met. The first night I met her she shared that she once got urine in her husbands mouth doing a golden shower and she has stuck a perfume bottle up his butt. While she had her 2 young kids at my house. I refuse to be in the same building as her. 

Nope. Can’t tolerate it. Why can’t people filter themselves? 

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Busy bee

rheedic :  hahaha lady garden. 

I dont like excessive swearing. 

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Busy bee

Smoking. Hard pass.

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Honey bee
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somathemagical :  Claw feet, cracked heels and funky untrimmed toenails. I hate summer as a result of so many men with crusty feet wearing thongs. 😨😨

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